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Sequel to Ghost In The Shell 95

News for nerds writes "Innocence: Ghost In The Shell as the sequel to Ghost In The Shell, anime film directed by Mamoru Oshii, has been announced. Due out in spring of 2004 in Japan, with Mamoru Oshii as screenplay/director, produced by Mitsuhisa Ishikawa of Production I.G, and co-produced by(!) Studio GHIBLI."
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Sequel to Ghost In The Shell

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  • The Ghost In The Shell sequels you!
  • That movie was the closest to Akira-dom levels of incredibleness of any I've seen. This one I'll actually buy before I rip n crunch.
    • Re:Sweet! (Score:2, Insightful)

      by Peterus7 ( 607982 )
      Ghost in a shell was an awesome, but to bring it to the level of Akira-dom is kinda crazy... It's a great anime, but if you think about the time it was made vs. the time Akira was made, the similarity just isn't there.

      Also, I'm glad they're finally coming out with a sequel, the first one just leaves you hanging and cussing out the tv/vcr/dvd for ending just when it was getting interesting. I'm suprised that they havn't done a sequel already.

      Studio Ghibli, eh? Those are those great people who did Princess Mononoke, Kiki's delievery service, and Spirited away (which was taken and released here by Disney...) I wonder if Mirimax (which is part of Disney) will be behind the release on our coasts.

      Of course that would all depend on how successful Spirited away was. Anyone know when it's coming here?

      • Ghost in a shell was an awesome, but to bring it to the level of Akira-dom is kinda crazy... It's a great anime, but if you think about the time it was made vs. the time Akira was made, the similarity just isn't there.

        I personally found Ghost in the Shell to be a much higher-quality piece of work than Akira and the depth of the movie far surpasses that of Akira. Better animation, better soundtrack, better plot...yes, it was made lter, but I still don't think you can say GitS is a lesser-quality piece of work.

        Oh, and Spirited Away's already out in theaters in the US.
        • Well, I think Akira had just a better flow. Ghost in a shell just didn't have the detail or the direction. Plus, the characters were kinda boring and didn't have the debth of the ones in Akira.

          Although Ghost in a shell's plot was pretty interesting, it didn't have the cool ultra violence that Akira had, hehe.

          Yes, I know spirited away is out. I saw it on the theater... But I'm still not sure on how it did, I kinda havn't checked.

          Also, imoho Akira's soundtrack was far superior. It had a certain power that Ghost in a Shell's st didn't have... Both ones worked, but I think Akira's music is far more powerful. imoho.

      • In our world of sequels, the sequel that I'm looking forward to the most is Tron 2.0.

        Takes place on the web.

        Also, anybody know any blurbs about the GiaS sequel?

  • Boooring (Score:3, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday December 14, 2002 @09:56AM (#4886732)
    I thought Linux users were supposed to be hyper-rational, science-minded logicians. So why do I find them creaming their genes about a haunted Bash script? It's ridiculous. Furthermore, the proof that the spirits really exist is dubious AT BEST because the whole thing is animated--they can draw whatever fanciful creatures they want.
    • Re:Boooring (Score:1, Interesting)

      by Anonymous Coward
      the movie is about an AI that becomes sentient. It's also a love story, and designed to make you question, if there really is nothing special about the body, and there is no soul, when what is it that makes you who you are? In the movie people are being stripped of all that makes them human, and yet claiming to still be alive. It's a movie about the social and philisophical consiquences(sp?) of living in a world where the lines between human and machine have been blurred.

      Since it's obvious you didn't see the film, I suggest you go out and rent it.
  • Right on! (Score:4, Funny)

    by Rhinobird ( 151521 ) on Saturday December 14, 2002 @09:59AM (#4886743) Homepage
    A sequel! The last one had some naked robot action, but in the ssequel, I wan't some hot robot on robot that Bjork video.

    huh.. I just like saying Bjork...
  • by mikecheng ( 3359 ) on Saturday December 14, 2002 @10:02AM (#4886748) Homepage Journal
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    "Innocence: Ghost In The Shell as the sequel to Ghost In The Shell, anime film directed by Mamoru Oshii, has been announced [G] []. Due out in spring of 2004 in Japan, with Mamoru Oshii as screenplay/director, produced by Mitsuhisa Ishikawa of Production I.G [G] [], and co-produced by(!) Studio GHIBLI [G] []."

  • More info... (Score:3, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday December 14, 2002 @10:02AM (#4886751)

    More info on the sequel:

    Dark Horse Comics []

    Anime Review []


  • About the director (Score:5, Informative)

    by SteweyGriffin ( 634046 ) on Saturday December 14, 2002 @10:11AM (#4886776)
    Mamoru Oshii is the director of Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer [], Angel's Egg [], both Patlabor [] movies, and Ghost in the Shell [] and its sequel (mentioned in this article).

    He was born in the early 1950s and Oshii is considered one of the leading directors of the younger generation.

    I personally feel that Oshii's movies are darker and more cynical than Miyazaki's, yet Oshii and Miyazaki are good friends. Oshii has been offered a director's job at Ghibli several times, but the projects were never realized.

  • by Freston Youseff ( 628628 ) on Saturday December 14, 2002 @10:22AM (#4886798) Homepage Journal
    For some time now! Behold and drool over another preview/interview. []
  • by SteweyGriffin ( 634046 ) on Saturday December 14, 2002 @10:27AM (#4886808)
    "In the Japanese animation industry, there are three types of producers: (1) the executive producer, who collects funds for the production; (2) the line producer, who manages the production; and (3) the producer who plans the production. I do all three of those roles. I try to train the young people at I.G. who want to become producers in the same way: to manage all three categories. This production method is one strong point about Production I.G., and helps explain why we have been able to last this long while targeting solely the Japanese market."

    Ishikawa's production company: [link] []

    "I definitely see the American market as part of my future. The Japanese animated films that are most commercially successful are the ones that are targeted toward the U.S. and other English-speaking territories. Seventy to eighty percent of non-Japanese profit comes from English language sales."

    Ishikawa's "Blood: The Last Vampire", which would've won an award but wasn't longer than the required 70 minutes, so it was ineligible. [link] []

    From a question & answer session:
    Q: Would it be a fair prediction that your next feature will be 70 minutes or longer?
    A: (laughing) Yes. The Academy, you know...
  • by Anonymous Coward
    cartoons that matter
  • by ultrapenguin ( 2643 ) on Saturday December 14, 2002 @10:34AM (#4886827)
    in japan currently on PPV for 800 yen for 2 episodes monthly.
    Not too many japs are paying for it, but at least good old koreans capture the stuff for free so fansub crowds can enjoy it...
  • GITS (Score:2, Insightful)

    The original Ghost in the Shell was probably one of my favorite anime movies, period. The art, the soundtrack, the story were all masterfully created. The producer is going to have a tough time topping it! I sure hope they pull it off well though, as I'd be the first in line to see it.

    Maybe if we're lucky we'll get to see it in the theater here in the US. I'd hate to have to fly all the way to Japan to see it in a real theater! ;-)
    • The original GiTS was released worldwide at the theaters. The DVD is one of the few non-bootleg anime no css/region dvds ever produced. I won't hold my breath thinking the next one will be the same.
  • i do hope.. (Score:5, Interesting)

    by mj_sf ( 585835 ) on Saturday December 14, 2002 @10:45AM (#4886860)
    I do hope they include or make references to the Fuchikoma's (robotic support vehicles similar in appearence to spiders with a semi-collective AI for those who havent read the manga) in this sequel, as for someone who has read the manga cover to cover, GITS was, although extremely impressive in a technical sence, a slight let down that certain key features of the original storyline had been cut / significantly altered for the anime. I have not read any of GITS 2 - Man Machine Interface, so this may be incorrect (ie. fuchikomas not featuring in it atall) but even if it is just a small reference, it would add a certain character that the first GITS anime significantly lacked.

    For me, the only characters with even the slightest hint of depth were kusanagi and Batou. The other characters just seemed fairly hollow, which was unfortunate. Personally i would have loved to have seen the original manga turned into a series (even if it had to be as short as Macross Plus 1-3) first as apposed to a fairly mixed up film. As /. reported quite a while back, GITS is being made into a series by the same production house as this release.

    Heres hoping its worth it!
    • May I suggest going online and searching out Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. It's a TV series based on the GitS manga that includes the Fuchikomas (though they get translated as Tachikomas), and more character development all around. At least 4 episodes are currently available through your regular fansub channels.
      • The use of tachikoma appears to be correct - the TV series uses it in Japanese instead of fuchikoma (for what reason, I don't know).
    • The little robots do appear and have a reasonably good role in the currently-airing TV series "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex". The fansubs I've seen generally render the name as "tachikoma", though, and I'm not sure which is correct, nor what the term might actually mean.

      In any case, they are a highlight of the show, in my opinion... robot spider-tanks with the personality of an enthusiastic puppy. A nice bit of minor comic relief and a heavier bit of thinking when you go back and ponder: well, if you're going to be giving guns to the AIs, what sort of personality would you want them to have?

      • "Tachikoma" doesn't mean anything; however, it appears that for the TV series, the Japanese name for the AIs was changed to tachikoma from fuchikoma, which is probably why the fansubs are using it ;)

        Fuchikoma is certainly not a common word (although it is a very old one); it measn something like 'dappled horse', as in a horse with a spotted or patchy coat.
  • Damn this is old news. This was announced like 2-3 months ago.
  • by krray ( 605395 ) on Saturday December 14, 2002 @10:59AM (#4886880)
    I'm sitting here initially thinking, "Ghost in Shell" -- hhmmm view a PDF in tcsh?

    News for Nerds. Stuff that matters...
  • by Anonymous Coward
    The English-speaking employee at Production I.G, Justin Leach, who does 3-D design, has very interesting journal describing his 2 years in Japan. It's so exciting that we can look inside the production process and everyday Japan.
    Ongoing: The Samurai from NYC []
    Old entries: ( here [])
  • It's high time (Score:3, Interesting)

    by stratjakt ( 596332 ) on Saturday December 14, 2002 @11:11AM (#4886910) Journal
    For this incredible artform to realize its true zenith. The faustian undertones omnipresent in Anime, the razor wit, the breathtaking artwork. Not since Voltron has there been an Anime franchise as deeply motivating and skillfully executed.
  • and here I thought (Score:4, Interesting)

    by The FooMiester ( 466716 ) <[goimir] [at] []> on Saturday December 14, 2002 @11:12AM (#4886911) Homepage Journal
    When I read the headline, I thought it was yet another backdoor []in login, like the one Ken Thompson put there in the early days of UNIX.
  • by Seth Able ( 607310 ) on Saturday December 14, 2002 @11:35AM (#4887021)
    Well this made my day! Until I first saw GiTS in 1997, "Willow" was my favorite movie of all time. I saw that movie three, maybe four times over the years. When I saw GiTS I fell in love with it and have probably seen in close to thirty times in the last five years. It's only partially the story - more it's akin to Gibson's books - atmosphere baby! Slashdot readers are the dreamers of our culture, the ones who create the future. GiTS along with other classics like Star Trek, Virtual Light, Blade Runner, I Robot, et. al paint a world we want to live in and motivate this group to create. Ghost in the Shell was all about atmosphere and philosophy. Like it or not we'll be faced with the questions Motoko contemplated. Personally I think GiTS rivals any other classic out there and I can't wait for this sequal and for Stand Alone Complex to reach this side of the pond. Seth PS - FWIW, On my 25th birthday (this Dec. 28) I'm getting the pattern you see on Motoko's upper back in the opening sequence tattooed.
    • > GiTS [...] Virtual Light, Blade Runner [...] paint a world we want to live in [...]

      It may be just me, but I considered the above creations (manga/books/films) as slightly distopian. Not in the "Orson Wells" sense, but more in a "grand-pa" sense. It is a future, where we probably are the grand-pas saying, "In the old times, everything was better", but everything is just different.

      Or do you consider a future, where people are subject to the whim of large companies (Blade Runner/Do Androids Dream of Electronic Sheeps), surveillable by miniature implants (Stand Alone Complex), hackable like MS Brain '98 (GitS),
      or the total fragmentation of the US and commercialisation of the national and regional goverments (Virtual Light) as desirable futures?

      They are trying to paint a more or less realistic image of the future (Well, maybe except "Virtual Light"), without judging it.
    • The darkness you talk about is akin to "mainstream" movies. Using these movies as a reflection of current society would lead one to hit the hills and become a monk - what's the ratio of current-day feel good movies to "sh!t-hits-the-fan" movies out there?

      The actual stories and plots are a vehicle for the technology that geeks love. Aside from that how is GiTS (the first movie, I can't speak of the others yet) much different from what really is happening today? Governments are making back-room deals that cost people their lives then mutually covering the tracks of each other's screw ups. The only difference in GiTS is that a) their toys are much cooler and b) it broaches both an age old and inevitable question of what does it mean to be aware.

  • by satsuke ( 263225 ) on Saturday December 14, 2002 @11:43AM (#4887048)
    Don't forget about the currently running TV show. Good show, basically picks up and follows the manga rather than the Movie. Several groups have been subbing it and posted to alt.binaries.anime & alt.binaries.multimedia.anime .. haven't looked in alt.binaries.multimedia.anime.reposts .. but you get the idea. []
  • I LOVED Ghost in the Shell. I only hope they do the first one justice. I DID wonder what was going to happen at the end of the movie and kind of expected that it was going to become a series. Did anyone else ever hear about a GITS series?
  • Trailers & Desktops (Score:2, Informative)

    by kmfdmk ( 577142 )
    Here are some Scans from Man Machine Interface manga: [] Google's Cache: [] And Links to the entire un-translated GitS 2 Manga [], scanned, HI-Res 3000x2000 dpi, it's about 300 jpgs, and 337MB zip file. [] Googles Cache: -8 [] Ghost in the Shell desktops []
  • Armitage 3 is a somewhat similar movie that has a different idea: instead of machines having souls, it's more like machines giving birth/having emotions. They came out with a sequel to that as well, and frankly, the sequel sucked. Of course Armitage 3 didn't leave off at a cliffhanger, which Ghost in a shell kinda did.

    Movie that I would like to see another visit to is Metropolis. except get rid of the silly character animation, they look too childish.

    • robots can give birth already, if you consider a mechanised assembly line. the idea of 'soul' in mechanisms is nothing new. many far eastern religions append a spiritual value to things, like rocks, sand, water, metals. and in fiction, robots have had personalites since, oh - frankenstein or talos (of greek fable) or maybe even earlier. Metropolis: the character designs and story were based around Miyazaki's original manga characters, (except for Rock), and as such they tried to remain faithful. after all, he's they guy that made 'the mighty atom'... in other words, the daddy. i think it works overall. but then i saw the subbed version. You just have to take the film out of a modern context (a world where the matrix, ghost in the shell, star wars, and akira haven't happened), and it works.
      • I'm not saying Metropolis is a bad movie at all. I loved metropolis, and after watching it a few times I was able to block out the child like characters, but it was still hard to look at. But I understand how it is. Another thing is when you look at Akira and Metropolis you see a lot of similarities... Katsushiro Otomo wrote both scripts. And both are brilliant masterpieces, different in many ways but with many similarities.

        I still think Tetsuo mutating is cooler than Tima blowing up the ziggerat, but that's just my own humble opinion.

        One thing that was great about both animes was the fantastic music. While Metropolis had swing/jazz, and it worked very well, Akira had a beautiful mix of all sorts of stuff, from traditional japanese choir to african drums... Ok, I'll shut up now.

      • That's Osamu Tezuka you are referring to, not Hayao Miyazaki. But you are right he is the creator of 'Mighty Atom' and the recognized daddy or 'God of Manga'.
  • yeah, toren smith of studio proteus has said MMI is delayed due to bad copy from Japan.

    th reason the sequel has been so long in the making is that shirow said he wouldnt release it until it he had completed it: in other words, only when it was possible to collect it in one graphic novel.

    fair enough policy, but if thats the case, why didnt he stipulate graphic novel release over serialisation?

    i hate it when they try and drag not just money (which i dont mind so much) but Time out of us as well.

    and also, if they are not going to release Stand Alone Complex overseas NOW, then they shouldnt be surprised that SAC fansubs are floating around on the net.

    I worry a little over the blurb for Innocence - to my mind its not a topic that Shirow concerned himself with.

    One things for sure, it looks like more than just -gratuitous- nudity this time 'round.. they making a whole film about it /:\
    (ie, i don't remember the need for kusanagi to get nude to use opto-cam in the manga)

    i'm getting a little bit worried and wonder if Shirow should exercise a little bit of creative control to protect his name.
    not that i'm a prude, but thats not what GITS was about in the first place. honestly.
  • by Hast ( 24833 ) on Saturday December 14, 2002 @05:48PM (#4888629)
    The article talks about the problem of westernizing the manga. Why don't they just avoid the problem like Tokyopop has? Personally I actually prefer the back to front way of reading to a psuedocorrected format.

    Eg in the editorial notes to the manga "Blade - of the immortal" the problem is discussed. Here they also comment (brag) about how detailed their transition has been. They have tried not to mirror the images and instead swap places of the comic squares within the page so that they are read left to right. Naturally this means additional work as some parts can't be manupulated like this, and likewize can't simply be mirrored. Instead those parts have to be redrawn.

    But I still managed to find places where a person suddenly was sitting on the left side of the main character instead of the right. It just seems like a waste of time to me.
  • Ghosts is great, but there are other classics that need sequals just as bad. They include:

    Ninja Scroll

    Vampire Slayer D

    The Professional These movies help laid the foundation for Ghost to come out and be the cult classic it is today.

  • Ohh i love The Ghost In The Shell, looking forward to the new one.
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