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Journal Journal: Meta-Moderating

I remember reading once in cmdrtaco's journal about people not metamodding "funny" mods.

I was thinking, perhaps it is because "funny" doesn't do anything anymore, except waste a mod point.

You don't gain karma from it, in fact, you can lose karma from it. Someone mods you up "funny" then mods you down "overrated".

Maybe over/underrated shouldn't affect karma.

The Courts

Journal Journal: the great IP debate 3

I'm really getting tired of reading articles about people who think intellectual property isn't property. I have had a hard time believing people could be so pig headed about the issue until today, when riding my bike home, it hit me like a 30 mph headwind.

People who don't think intellectual property is property never created any. Or perhaps they never created any worthwhile.

Of course there are exceptions to this, like RMS, but what did he create, EMACS? Is that really valid? Or does that fall under the heading of "not worthwhile", because EMACS is already fading from popularity and vi is still going strong. Or, perhaps, I'm missing the point on this one, that RMS does believe in IP, but belives it should be free for people to use, advancement of the greater good, standing on the shoulders of giants and all that.


United States

Journal Journal: A matter of national security

Us geeks have been going about this all wrong. There's no reason for all theses worms to be going around. They're costing the economy millions upon millions of dollars, and costing the american people many hours that cannot be replaced. This is more debilitating than a terrorist attack. While microsoft is no more responsible for the worms than the airline industry is for 9/11, it doesn't mean changes can't take place.

After 9/11, airline security was severly stepped up. What has happened to microsoft products since ILOVEYOU? Not much. Still the masses are forced to suffer thru these outbreaks, some of which disable high-priority institutions such as power plants.


That's right, pull the plug. Cut the cat5. When the security issues are solved, then they can be allowed back on the net.

The American people have suffered long enough. As has the rest of the world.

Journal Journal: Funny mods

So VA is attempting to crack down on the jokers on slashdot. No more karma for funny mods. But you still lose karma when your +5 funny gets modded down overrated.

There still is no metamod for overrated.

I've given up on posting anymore, not going to feed this hellhole. The trolls are the most interesting, it seems.

Slashdot, what have you become?

User Journal

Journal Journal: Did I ever score

Someone asked me if I ever scored with my ex-girlfriend. I wasn't planning on answering this. Some anonymous coward asked this question, however.

I never really planned on scoring with her. Yeah, she looks like she'd be a good deal of fun in the sack. Yeah, she's not bad looking. Yeah, she can look me in the eyes and turn my insides to mush. But then again, so can any woman with a comliness higher than 12.

I've never come out and propositioned her. And she's not forward to the point to ask a guy anything.

I guess that answers that question.


Journal Journal: Overrated! 1

So I post a comment and it gets modded down overrated either 3 or 4 times. I don't remember now. Of course it was to avoid metamoderation. Such COWARDS!

Granted, it wasn't my best work, and probably deserved to be scored a 1.

That's actually an idea! Allow overrated to be used only on posts that are +3 or above. This would stop people from modding every comment a user posts as overrated. The comment would have to be moderated UP first. (Quite a bit for you bargain basment folk, 3 times for trolls, twice for average lusers, and once for supergeeks) Ok, so Taco and co could be modded overrated right out of the box, but they have lots of karma, because they got their accounts before the cap went into place. =)

User Journal

Journal Journal: Trolls

I was at Barnes & Noble in Wilkes-Barre. Went into the mens room, and saw something that made me proud written on the wall. It simply read:

First Post

User Journal

Journal Journal: Am I a loser? 2

It's my ex-girlfriend's 21st birthday in 2 weeks. She's in school, and can't have any alcohol in her system during pledge week on campus. So I invited her up. Nothing much is going to happen, we'll all get drunk, sing bad folk songs. I doubt there'll be any three-way action. She's got a boyfriend(who's not coming up).

All this from a girl who used to be against alcohol and a devout christian. Now she's neither. And the end of the latter is why she broke up with me, for I was quite the altar boy at the time. Things have changed, yes they have.

Why am I posting this in my /. journal? Nobody reads my diaryland thing, and I never liked livejournal. This just seems . . . natural to me.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: CSMs strike again 1

Again, they strike. I really figured this would get trampled down as troll. I was certainly less funny than my last ill marked troll comment.

And personally, I think that user mods should use overrated and underrated exclusevly. If the system is designed not to review these, then ABUSE it. Maybe they'll fix it then.

NOTE: What's this for? Turn on comments and we'll show you, my friend =)

Journal Journal: Lovely moderators

This sort of comment astounds me. I don't see how that's a troll. It's so obviously wrong. Embrace and extend doesn't do anything like that. So good job on that one, buddy. Mark down interesting convo to troll.

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