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The Internet

Journal Journal: What to do...what to do indeed.

It would seem that the internet in general is losing its appeal. I used to spend roughly 14 hours a day online. I've gotten sick of playing CounterStrike. New video games seem to bore me. Computer games with an animé theme only seem to keep my attention lately. What was a high level of interest in reading online news and participating in scoop and slash forums has degenerated into a lackluster interest. Perhaps it's normal. Perhaps I'm burnt out for a while. It could have to do with my new online stalker. Who knows. I could just be feeling moody at the moment. We'll see.
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Journal Journal: I am calling you out, "gazbo" 1

It started off civilly, gazbo, you called my house after I gave you my number on AIM. I wanted to try and set things right after our earlier conflict. Yes, I know the discussion got a little heated, but that is *NO* excuse for hanging up the phone abruptly, only to call back at *2AM* later and scream into the phone at me! My parents are totally furious with me now! I've lost telephone privileges for two weeks, you bastard. I swear, if you call back again without my consent, I'm going to e-mail the FBI. I fear you may have crossed the point of no return if you don't apologise. Admit you're wrong and you'll be right as rain. I will not be harrassed by somebody I barely know.

Update: I'm back home from university; the semester has ended.
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Journal Journal: Live By My Motto 1

"Nothing comes between a man and his cartoons."

So my father gave me my own credit card linked to the family's credit account in September, and I havn't ever used it.... until today. I was at the mall and there was this collection of person-sized Dragonball Z cardboard cutouts. I *HAD* to buy them all. They were $50 a piece, but it was worth it. I ran up a total of $2500 and know I'll probably get in trouble, but there's no way I'm taking these babies back. They're all set up around my dorm room in a semi-circle; I LOVE having Goku, Gohan, Trunks, Freiza and Master Piccolo staring at me while I study. I think I'll go watch episode #50 again...studying can wait until Sunday evening. =)~~
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Journal Journal: Oh no!!! 1

I can't believe I just did this! I spent all last night watching Princess Mononoke, and today I had my Bio final! I failed it so bad! I even fell asleep during the test! :-( If there's one thing I could go back in time for, it would be right before I started to watch that damned movie. I think animé is ruining my life! :-(
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Journal Journal: **Sigh** 6

Sometimes I think that the world just doesn't like me. I got a B on my chemistry quiz today and am none too happy. Then I get home and somebody adds me as a foe! What did I do to deserve a freak?! People seem to like me on slashdot, I don't know why gazbo doesn't? Maybe he hates animé, well I won't appease you sir. Nothing comes between a man and his cartoons. So whatever your malfunction is, I'd be interested in hearing it, cause I hate to be in the wrong with anybody. :`(
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Journal Journal: Pretty good day today.

I got some good studying done for my Anatomy class today; I'm going to ACE the final for sure. Biology as a major is turning out to be pure cake, so I get to spend more time on the computer doing my 'thing'.
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Journal Journal: Thanksgiving!

So, Thanksgiving has arrived! To those not of the United States, this is the day when Americans generally pig out [more than normally!] with their families. This is a favourite holiday of mine. It had also ocurred to me that today is a big red wine-consumption day, so I've added the Latin quote "In Vino Veritas" - From Wine Comes Truth, as my comment signature.


Before I go help with the Thanksgiving dinner, I decided to search for more ethnic alcohol quotes and found this strange German poem:
Jawohl, jawohl, jawohl ich liebe Alkohol.
Ich liebe dich und andra hål.
Ich liebe Alkohol.
Jawohl, jawohl, jawohl ich liebe Alkohol.
Ich trinke keine Wasser,
Ich trinke Alkohol.

Enjoy the translated text courtesy of google.
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Journal Journal: **SIGH**

Man, I had a terrible day. I got my ass kicked at school today, the day before Thanksgiving! The guy called me an "animé cartoon weirdo blowhard" then kicked me in the balls. The Dean of the Biology department didn't even do anything about it!!! :(
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Journal Journal: First Journal

So I saw the Metroid Prime commercial for GameCube. Man that looks SWEET. I can't wait until it comes out. On the note of games, LikSang is unfortunately being sued by Nintendo, Sony AND Microsoft. Incredible. LikSang was/is great, I bought my Docter Game Menace Junior from them. Phew, good thing I got it in time.
On the music front, I'm addicted to that new Taproot song. I don't know the name, but it sure is catchy.

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