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The Be Lives! 52

An anonymous reader submits: "As reported on the OS News: BeOS 5 PE Max Edition is based on the original BeOS 5 PE with an additional number of drivers, add-ons, AthlonXP/Pentium4 patches and more software. It includes new development tools from the OpenBeOS team but you will also be able to select the old tools. This is an ideal way to install BeOS 5 off a bootable CD image, for all those who wanted to try out BeOS but they were unable to do so because of the bugs/drivers and patches BeOS 5 PE needs to have applied into it before it successfully run on or support most modern PCs. BeBits has an overview of the files included in the package, and downloads for the Be Max in parts or as a whole (all 213MB). Enjoy!"
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The Be Lives!

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  • Um (Score:4, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday November 25, 2002 @06:34PM (#4754578)
    Why the fuck is this in the BSD section? BSD is only dying, it's not totally dead like BeOS is.
  • Awesome! (Score:4, Funny)

    by I Am The Owl ( 531076 ) on Monday November 25, 2002 @06:35PM (#4754582) Homepage Journal
    Now, if I'm lucky, I can get half the hardware on my machine working under BeOS and enjoy the dozens of applications available for it! I cannot express the sheer joy of being able to use something considerably less functional than even Linux.
    • BeOS is a much more polished product than Linux in many ways - you could say BeOS is to Linux what MacOS is to Windows. It has different design goals, and it achieves them well. Its very sad that it has been scuttled by corporate vandalism.
  • a) Why is this on the BSD section? Is it some joke on the "BSD is dying?" troll?

    b) Where was it reported on OSNews? Can't find the article anywhere
  • i'm actually quite interested by this release, though the speed i'm experiancing in getting it downloaded seems to imply it'd be faster to get a plane ticket and fly to the sourceforge server as a faster means. oh well so much for a 155Mbitpersecond mega link. i never got to use BeOS, and now maybe i have a chance to experiance a well and truely object oriented OS. and it's free!!
  • by CableModemSniper ( 556285 ) <.moc.liamg. .ta. .odlapacnagol.> on Monday November 25, 2002 @06:46PM (#4754663) Homepage Journal
    who should be more offended, BeOS zealots, or BSD zealots?
  • ...that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous bloatware or to use an obsolete OS that won't run any new games...
  • by Twirlip of the Mists ( 615030 ) <> on Monday November 25, 2002 @06:49PM (#4754678)
    God, I feel like a complete idiot. All this time I thought this was the "BSD" section, not the "BeSD" section.

    (-1, redundant, offtopic, whatever, whatever)
  • The "personal edition" of BeOS was essentially crippleware designed to encourage you to buy the "professional edition." It had to be installed under Windows and booted from a disk image limited to 512 MB. If there were a free version of Be without such limitations, THAT would be news. It's too late for my money to help Be, Inc.
    • The differences between PE and pro are about the same as the differences between Windows XP home and Windows XP Pro - basically PE is "good enough", and pro is just a little better.

      If you want to install PE on a partition, you just load your windows-based PE installation, format the partition, run the installer, intall the bootmanager, then reboot. Full details can be found using google. If you want to install it under linux -
      has the disk image and the image for the floppy bootloader.

      If you want to make a bootable cd, search for bootable be cd at (which contains an el-torito cd track image of the above floppy bootloader) and follow the instructions found there.
    • FYI: It never was crippleware in how you described it. You could format a partition on your harddisk for BeFS, install the OS there (there was an installer binary in the 512MB HD image partition). Even the HD image booted nicely without Windows or Linux, you just had to put the image file to some ext2/fat partition where the bootdisk could find it. The only things missing from the personal edition was the lack of licensed MP3 codec and SSL-support for NetPositive.
      • I used the HDImage-mounted-on-FAT32 to set up a Be partition, and ran the installer to install the OS there. Then I used the cool BeOS boot menu to go between BeOS, FreeBSD, and Windeews.

        I never had any problem getting MP3s to play. They just worked... very Mac like... moreso than OS-X even.

        I never held out for SSL in NetPositive. I thought the Mozilla people would blow it away eventually.

        I still find that I wish MacOSX could do some BeOS things... like the fluid abstraction of any audio type in the Finder.. and burning CDs more like BeOS...

        All BeOS would have needed was good hardware accelerated OpenGL drivers and it would have become a preferred gaming platform. I would have rebooted into BeOS just to play games. The game IDE would have followed very quickly...
  • Eh, for what it's worth, here's the OSNews link. []
  • by mcelrath ( 8027 ) on Monday November 25, 2002 @08:34PM (#4755397) Homepage
    I wonder what it would take to ransom the source for BeOS. I can think of no single thing I would rather have the source for. Palm owns it now, right? Do they have any plans for it? What happened to BeIA? I haven't heard a peep from the BeOS community in...years...

    Who is making releases anyway? Who has their paws on the source? Surely not Palm?

    -- Bob

    • After aquiring Be, Palmsource now owns the BeOS source, but says "noone has made a sufficient offer" to buy it
    • by Anonymous Coward on Monday November 25, 2002 @09:55PM (#4755865)
      Palm has their paws on the source. But they didn't make the changes. The changes were made either by editing the binaries (adding support for Athlons), producing new code (development tools), or editing what little source was released by Be, Inc. (the GUI file manager).

      Palm is planning on using Be-style technology in an upcoming update to PalmOS, according to The Register []. I believe a lot of Be's old workers work for Palm now.

    • The answer is $2 million.

      Palm has apparently said they will sell the BeOS source code for 2 million dollars. Anyone know a generous benefactor?
      • Palm has apparently said they will sell the BeOS source code for 2 million dollars.

        Got links?
      • Surely there is someone out there with a mere 2 million to start an Amiga-style resurrection project to take over the world. If they get going soon, they might even be able to catch up with current technology. But I guess if Be couldn't profit from it, no one else could either. A shame.
  • I'd love to try this out, but I have more than 1GB of RAM in my system, so the old BeOS won't even boot completely. Does anyone know if this has been fixed in this version?

  • by kyhwana ( 18093 )
    Anyone know if this includes BONE, the more BSD-like network sockets update?
  • And this is not a troll. Why is the article under the BSD section of slashdot?
  • I tried this after I read the article on OSNews. It wasn't much use for me though, as the desktop keptcrashing (Said something about illegal opcode). I blame it on my CPU, but isn't BeOS supposed to run on Pentium MMX? Or did they raise the bar for this edition?
  • Et tu, Slashdot? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by edhall ( 10025 ) <> on Tuesday November 26, 2002 @06:54AM (#4757626) Homepage

    If someone posted this in the Slashdot Linux section (if it had one -- it doesn't need one, for reasons that are pretty obvious to all), we'd be virtually buried under a blizzard of "Be isn't Free Software/Be isn't Linux/How dare you compare Be with Linux" postings. Think about it& -- you know it's true. Of course, I'm going to get hammered with negative moderations for suggesting that Slashdot itself has joined with the BSD Is Dying troll in wanton BSD-bashing, but how else can we interpret this?

    I try to be impartial; hell, I've run Linux since Yggsadril, and the computer nearest my left foot is running RedHat 7.2 (plus a customized kernel and security patches) while the one nearest my right foot runs FreeBSD 4.6-RELEASE. I read the LKML and a few freebsd-* mailing lists. My Alpha runs Linux, since Linux supports it better than any flavor of BSD. And I firmly believe that Linux is the best shot the free software community has against Microsoft. And, of course, Linux != Slashdot, so I'll continue to use and support it as much as I always have.

    But now I have to say that the anti-BSD bias on Slashdot, which has been strongly hinted at before, has become starkly obvious. The mentality of many Slashdotters -- that Linux and BSD are somehow in competition rather than allies in the battle against Redmond -- seems to be infiltrating Slashdot itself. It's been subtle in the past, evidenced when major BSD events are simply ignored while random fluff gets reported. Now, it comes right out in the open.

    I guess I've been in denial.

    None of this is to be taken as slander against Be, which is about as fine a closed-source, not-really-free product as I've ever seen. It doesn't belong in the BSD section, however, and putting it here should be as much an insult against Be as it is against BSD.

    • Give 'em a break!

      Surely, this wasn't front-page material, and decided to stuff it in to a section somewhere. But since there's no "Exotic operating systems" or BeOS section in the section list, they decided to stuff it in the BSD section, because they didn't know where else to stuff it.

      I myself would have put it in the Developers section, or the Apple section (Since Mr. Gossee used to work at Apple). I don't blame them.

      Be glad that they compare Be to the mighty fine BSD line of OSes. Heck, Be's in our camp. Yaay.

  • I'm really glad to see this, as it proves that the BeOS community hasn't given up hope yet.

    I'm one of them, and I don't want to think I'm the only one. Open source is good, but as far as Closed-source OS's go, there was none better than BeOS, and I doubt there ever will be. OS X might be it's sucessor, but fine as it is, it's raw speed is but a pale shadow of what Be Inc. Achieved several years before. I won't bitch about OS X, or praise Be for all it had that was good...

    I'll just say again I'm glad to see the BeOS community alive and well.

    Keep on coding, guys... I'm with ya.
  • About BeOS Max Edition:
    BeOS 5 PE Max Edition is Based on BeOS 5 PE with a number of drivers, add-ons, Athlon XP Patch , P4 Boot img , software. It includes new development tools from the OpenBeOS team Web site, but you will also be able to select the old tools. And contains only freeware and shareware demos. All code it contains is legal under the MIT, GPL, or LGPL licenses.

    Not even any mention of BSD licensed code? Well just what is this doing in teh BSD section? Silly editors...
  • I am sick and tired of seeing BeOS 5 PE "Max Edition" mentioned so much in geek news sites. All it is is BeOS 5 Personal Edition with a bunch of crappy icons (look at the screenshots page, they totally screwed the folders and the BeOS menu icon) and broken stuff. All it is is some kid trying to make a name for himself by packaging a bunch of software that he's probably never used in his life.

    The default resolution has been moved from 640x480x60hz to 1024x768. WHY?! It was originally that way because not all monitors can do 1024x768! UGH.

    What's more, it probably has a bunch of driver conflicts, since all he's doing is supplying the patches to the drivers, so any PCI IDs that were removed from the original driver won't be in the new drivers and the hardware won't be detected.

    This is not a troll! I'm just stating all that Max Edition really is -- a dumb modification anyone could've made.

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