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Comment Re:Step 1, no DRM (Score 1) 360

Curiously enough, you can actually have something a lot like this, right now.

We've stopped subscribing to cable/satellite, and now watch everything on an Apple TV. Through iTunes, you can rent (with a budget of $100/month) 20 movies in HD (at $4.99 each), or buy 30 TV episodes (at $2.99 each in HD, if bought individually); or any combination. You get to pick what you want, and you pay only for what you watch, so in months when you're busy with other things you can pay nothing at all, if you like.

Apple did recently remove the option to rent HD television episodes at $1.99, but you can buy full seasons ("season pass") which typically offer decent savings.

Comment Re:Hidden? (Score 3, Interesting) 116

That directory also houses applications that are not usually directly invoked by the user, but from another event (apps like Installer, Bluetooth Setup Assistant, Keyboard Setup Assistant, and so forth, most of which are started by taking action within the System Preferences app.)

I'm not certain how you'd invoke Wi-Fi diagnostics, but it might be part of the troubleshooting path which also contains the Network Setup Assistant.

Comment Re:This is exactly like Apple (Score 1) 443

They did the exact same thing with iMovie a couple of years ago. They built a completely new product, and let it take over the name of a popular and established but long in the tooth product.

Yes, but they left iMovie HD 6 available for download - for free, if I remember correctly - until the new version of iMovie reached feature parity. The problem here isn't really that FCPX removed features, but that FCP7 is no longer available at all.

Comment Re:"Sure, the selection isn't great yet..." (Score 1) 218

I'd probably pay $50/mo for it as long as I wasn't limited to streaming to ONE device at a time

I agree, I'd pay more for more content. I think most of us would. You can, however, stream to more than one device at a time right now. My wife and I do it all the time, either one Apple TV and a computer, or two Apple TVs.

Comment Re:Pay to play in the garden with millions of user (Score 1) 381

And this why Android will eventually displace IOS as the mobile operating system of choice, those vendors who choose to sell only for Android will be at least 30% less expensive.

I doubt that. Do you actually think that if Amazon sold a book on the iPhone for $10, they'd sell the same book on Android for $7? Why would they give you the three bucks? They'll sell it for the same price on ALL platforms and just keep the extra they make from non-iOS sales.

Comment Re:hack (Score 1) 377

It's like saying that shooting beer cans off a fence is shooting

Actually there happens to be an applicable word for that - it's called "plinking".

Your point is a good one, though. The fight to keep the meaning of the word "hacker" pure is lost, and has been for some time. I think, though, that given context and knowledge of who's using the word about whom, we'll still be able to use it the way we always have ("Put a 3.2 GHz Phenom into your Linksys router? What a hack!") and let the rest of humanity use it however they will.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 2, Insightful) 125

One small issue with moving everything to https is that you need one IP address per domain. That puts a pretty big wrinkle in the many, many servers out there that serve up multiple domains per IP. (Technically, you can do so if you utilize unique ports on the same IP for each served domain, but that breaks the "just works" aspect of port 443).

It's not insurmountable, but it does put more pressure on the already shrinking IPv4 pool. Another reason to hasten the adoption of IPv6, I suppose...

Comment Re:No ABP in OSX? (Score 1) 509

It's just an alternative suggestion. You're obviously free to approach the problem however you like, and as I indicated, I think Click2Flash is a great plugin.

I think you might be surprised, however, how many sites will provide working versions of their sites that don't have Flash elements. Looking at the browser share of all the iOS devices, it's not hard to see why.

Increasing the number of Flash-less browsers will only encourage more web developers to produce sites that don't require Flash, or at minimum, will gracefully degrade when it isn't present.

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