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Tenchi 3rd Season Confirmed 70

Bonker writes: "Anime News Network Says: The Tenchi Muyo! Galaxy Police TV/OVA series (also known as Tenchi Muyo! GXP) as well as the first episode of the third Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki OVA series are scheduled to be released in Spring, 2002 in Japan." Both very exciting bits of news for anyone who happens to be a fan of Tenchi and the gals. I'm especially excited to see another OVA since those are far superior to the television shows.
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Tenchi 3rd Season Confirmed

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    Why does it have to be realistic? *Everything* that's drawn is just an abstraction of the reality, and does not have to be exactly like reality.
    Look at Star Wars: people who can jump 10 meters with ease? Lightswords?
    Not realistic: there's nothing on earth that even comes close to those things, yet Star Wars is very popular.
    Not to mention American cartoons either.
    Ever seen Dexter's Lab, Cow & Chicken and Jonny Bravo?
    A 5 feet tall little boy who has a secret lab, an insane sister with long thin arms and legs and a small body, people who have a talking cow and chicken as their daughters, a dumb macho with oversized body, they aren't realistic either are they?

    But anime is different. If you says "oversized body", then you've obviously never watched anything but DragonBall Z.
    And there are lots of anime out there with "normal" eyes: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Rurouni Kenshin, Akira.

    Dude, obviously you're trying to insult anime.
    But why do you even try? People won't automatically dislike anime just because you say so.
    And why do you even care about what *other people* like?
    It's *their* choice to watch anime, not yours. And their choises won't make you lose your job or anything.
    So why not respect our choices and leave us alone, while you go watch whatever you like?
  • Not sure if this is a troll or just someone with bad luck.

    Anyway, what attracts people is the great variety, engaging storylines and likeable characters. If you've only ever seen tentacle rape stuff, then you must have looked only at pr0n sites.

    "Most of this Hollywood crap I've stumbled across the web is something along the lines of a blonde with a boob job who is supposedly a housewife being penetrated in turn in the majority of her orifices by a guy who is supposedly a postman. Can someone explain to me the attraction of Hollywood movies?"

    How about starting an exploration of what Anime is really like at the Anime Turnpike []?

  • Evangelion at least has the excuse of being sci-fi and metaphysical. You just can't avoid applying the phrase "mega galatic babes" to Tenchi and at that point you've lost the battle.

  • Fushigi Yuugi: new title, very well-executed by Pioneer, very very big in Japan and a big fan favorite. Slayers TV: somewhat of a smaller budget/less popular series, back catalog title, mediocre video, phase-inverted audio. Pioneer's back catalogue stuff is usually pretty cheap--Moldiver for $20? Yes, this release will be expensive. It's a brand-new show, continuing a fan favorite series, and it's an OAV (always more expensive than TV). Pioneer will probably do their usual excellent job of mastering it, as well. Does that make it overpriced? Nope.
  • Better yet, when will it hit scandinavia?

    We seem to be a little backwards as far as animes concerned.

    At least "Sailor moon" and "pokemon" got here

    // yendor
    It could be coffe.... or it could just be some warm brown liquid containing lots of caffeen.
  • You were right the first time. AIC is coming out with two things: the Galaxy Police series and a new OVA. So, it's either a third *series* or a third *OVA*, but not a third *season*. Season would imply an ongoing series, which isn't happening to my knowledge.

    I'm sure the /. editors are just as tired as you are.

  • The OVAs have the benefit of better animation (due to budgetary reasons, no doubt) and spend a great deal of time building up the characters. The only downside is that the dramatic elements suffer from a lack of screen time - they tend to appear midway through each relatively short series.

    Universe gets a nice 26 episodes to work with and the result is a more satisfying overall storyline. However, there's a lot fewer risque elements, a lot more stand-alone episodes (with some filler episodes, particularly in the second half of the show) and the big cast isn't always used to its fullest potential.

    That said, I like both for different reasons. But after the catastrophic end to the Universe continuity (with the woefully unpopular "Tenchi Forever" movie), I'm looking forward to a more enjoyable end to the OVAs.

  • It is still possible that Pioneer may be the US rights holder for Tenchi.

    That's almost certain. Here's a link [] straight from the Pioneer website touting the new OVAs from AIC. The situation in Japan might be quite different, of course, but I don't think that'll affect the region 1 folks at all.

  • that can only survive out in the public under the unassumingly cute and innocent disguise that is the world of anime. I'm so glad I'm over this phase. When will the rest of you?
  • Wrong on 3 out of 4.



    Evangelion: "In End of Eva", Shinji gets Rei, Asuka, AND Misato, at one point or another. Dig.

    Trigun: Wolfwood gets Millie.

    Cowboy Bebop: You're right on this one. Fae bows to no man.

    Bubblegum Crisis: Leon gets Priss (in Tokyo 2040). It's a classic tale of "Good cop meets punk singing biker chick who is a member of a secret vigilante group that has more technology than nasa could shake a stick at."



  • True. I do generally agree with what you're saying. I think the directors just love messing with our minds by saving any hint of romantic resolution for the last minute. And even then a hint is sometimes all we get, like with Tenchi that has been released thus far. Oh well.. I guess it's that kind of thing that makes it worth watching ep after ep after ep to get to the end.
  • Yeah.. see, it's this show about a guy named Ranma.. and he .. uh .. has this curse where he turns into girl when splashed with cold water.. and he's got this fiance who's sister's think she should mary him because she hates guys and he's only one half the time.. and uh, there is this chick named Shampoo who turns into a cat which is bad because Ranma hates cats and... Huh? Why would I need a new white coat? Wha-- What are you doing? *AHH* NOOOOO Not the muzzle!! *mmph* *mnph* *mnnnpphh* .... *halled to funny farm*
  • If you'd been paying attention to the OVA series you will have noticed that the King of Jyurai is supposed to have two wives. One who is also Jyurai and one who isn't.

    Clearly Tenchi gets both Ayeka AND Ryoko.
  • What are you talking about? The original Tenchi Muyo OVA set can be found for about $89 for the full 6 eps. set in a real nice box. AND a whole separate multimedia online encyclopedia disc of all things Tenchi. This box set the standard for Very Cool in the DVD anime world!
  • Why does it cost close to 30$ for a 30 minute disc? Isn't that a bit much?
  • All of this is my speculation, nothing but
    my speculation, but I think the theory fits:

    Quickie Lession: Pioneer "owned" Tenchi.
    While AIC came up with the idea, the storyboards,
    the animation etc, Pioneer fronted the money, and
    got most of the revenue (AFAIK) from Tenchi.

    About two or three years ago, Rumours leaked
    that Tenchi was in litigation between AIC and

    MY _guess_ is that AIC now owns the rights
    to Tenchi, given that Pioneer is _not_ involved
    (AFAICT) with the new series at all.

    VAP is taking Pioneer's role, at least in Japan.

    AIC has stated publically at cons, that Pioneer
    controlled what Tenchi was released and when,
    and honestly, if you look at it from Pioneer's
    point of view, a new OVA series does them
    little good. Something more toned down, ala
    TV series would be good for them, because
    they might be able to get it on TV.

    VAP is now the production house for Tenchi,
    I don't think that this means anything too huge
    (for instance, I don't think anything like VA's,
    will change, since there has already been at least
    one Tenchi series by Kadokawa). I imagine
    that they will have more freedom with VAP,
    but I don't know.

    Interestingly enough, VAP seems to be one of the
    few Japanese production houses that does not
    have some sort of relationship with an american
    distro. I think AnimeWorks, Media Blasters,
    TSRI, ADV and Bandai all release some of their

    VAP, of course, was the production house (not the
    studio) behind Dirty Pair, Gunsmith Cats, Breserk, Zone of Enders, etc.

    Just looking at the titles, I wonder if VAP is owned, in bed with Bandai, since they tend to grab whatever Sunrise Titles Bandai Video doesn't release.

    It is still possible that Pioneer may be the US rights holder for Tenchi.

  • Something like Pioneer's Tenchi OVA box set, which runs just over $100. That DVD set is, by the way, one of the highest quality image transfer's I've ever seen. The colors are bright and vivid, there are no annoying menu quirks, and even the mandatory FBI warning is only 3 seconds long.
  • What's the relation between the two new products being released and the six that have been released in the US? (Tenchi OVA, Tenchi Universe, Tenchi in Tokyo, and the three movies.) It sounds like at least one other OVA hasn't made it here to the US; is Tenchi GXP the third TV series?

  • The thought of being able to penetrate a boob job blonde is much more appealing than a stupid arse lookin cartoon....even tho I may never do either
  • Have you seen all of Trigun? If you have you would see you are wrong.
  • by DeadSea ( 69598 ) on Tuesday July 24, 2001 @04:46AM (#65802) Homepage Journal
    The Open Directory Project [] has a category for Tenchi []. It seems to be fairly well maintained and it has a listed editor, but there are many other Anime titles [], many of which are quite good, that are not so lucky.

    I urge you to look through, find an series that you like and apply to be an editor.

  • This has been floating around for awhile. A Kajishima (the guy who originally came up with Tenchi) interview put up on AIC's web page [] a while ago said in not so offical words that he was ready and wanted to do a 3rd OAV. This is just the offical icing on the cake. ^_^

    In any events here is a little run down on why a 3rd OAV is need to tie up loose ends in OAV lines.

    - Who are these 3 Goddess: Washu, Tsunami, and Tokimi? Why are they so interesting in our universe?

    - Obviously Tenchi and Ryoko are special and critical to what ever is to come. They can generate LHW(Light Hawk Wings...what a bizzare term that just can't be translated ^_^) because Tsuanmi and Washu gave them that ability. Where is Tokimi's "avatar"?
    *picks up the Magic 8 Ball(tm)* Tokimi's choosen is probably a girl. I'm sure that will make Tenchi nervious. ^_^

    - Either Mihoshi is the luckiest person in the universe or the smartest. Which one is it? ^_^ There is something paculiar about her past...hurm...

    - What is in store for Sasami? What is Tsunami's true modivations? Washu isn't so covert but then again it appears she might be missing some memories or something.

    - Will Ryo-ohki like sauteed carrots? Okay this one isn't so critical but it might turn out to be. ^_^

    Some people may think "Whoppie...what the world needs now is another Tenchi series?" Yes it does! The story was designed to leave elements open and mysteries to be solved later. A 3rd OAV if done with Kajishima's touch will bring back the wonder in the 1st OAV with a sane conclusion (hopefully ^_^).
  • It says it'll be released in Japan... when will we see a version for us over here in the New World?
  • Great, this will just be the same old tenchi stories retold yet again it seems. If it's not another Tenchi, it's another El Hazard/Love Hina. Just saw an episode of "Dual" at Comic Con on Saturday. Can you say Tenchi meet Evangelion? I'm really getting tired of the "guy gets swarmed by 4 or 5 annoying girls that he's just too nice to tell to get the heck away from him" genre of anime. Come on, it was ok at first, but like the "teen mech pilot" genre, it's been beaten to death.

    Thankfully we have Sunrise, who seem to be the only innovative studio in the anime industry.
  • You mean that piece of shit called Trigun? I tried hard as hell to like it - So many people raved about it that I kept on buying DVDs thinking that it had to get better. It got worse, so I stopped at the fourth DVD. I'll probably dump them on ebay.

    As far as ADV, other than Eva on DVD (where I think that Gainmax may have charged them out the wazzo for it), all of their recent series have been 6 DVDs for 26 episodes, vs 8 DVDs for 26 episodes from Pioneer.

    Speaking of ADV, have you seen the Original Dirty Pair DVD that just came out? They did a nice job with the alternate camera angles, so you can have either the English or Japanese episode titling. While ADV made quite a few mistakes when they first started with DVDs, they have really listened - especially David Williams.

  • >But give the fans something, anything, a little cheaper, and they immediately start whining about how "grossly overpriced" everything else is.

    No, it's when *everybody else* has dropped their prices. And, since I've got 5 complete series from Pioneer (BAV, FY1, FY2, TiT, TU), plus a crapload of other Pioneer DVDs, I guess I've earned the right to whine :).

  • Well, I got mine back when the e-tailers were busy trying to burn their VC money as fast as possible. $35 for the OVA set, including shipping. And I paid $57 for FY1 (list: $200). But sadly, those days are gone.

    And the OVAs have 13 episodes, not 6.

  • Undoubtably it will be released in the US by Pioneer, and grossly overpriced. The TV show will be released as a 3 episode/disk, and the OAVs will be listed at 50% higher cost per episode than other OAVs. This has been Pioneers track record.

    Compare Pioneer's box sets to other companies:
    FY (season 1 and 2): $200
    Other companies usually charged around 130-140. (Tylor, Slayers, ROLW, etc).

    And Pioneer has really lagged in the DVD extras - considering their premium pricing, they are the worst in the industry (some have fewer extras, but they are *much* cheaper).

    Considering that Pioneer electronics are only a step above Emerson in quality, it's hard to feel good about spending so much on their DVD releases.

  • I'd say that you'll learn next to nothing from watching anime, except for a few phrases and fragments which you won't know how to apply properly.

    On the other hand, it's not a bad way to train Japanese skills acquired through real, solid lessons. But you have to be pretty good to really benefit from it.

  • For such a long-awaited title, the delay should be small, about half a year.
  • The new series will follow the OAV storyline, that's been known for months. Read the interview [].
  • Actually, Pioneer was the first company to release more than 2 episodes per tape. 1 or two episodes for $30 used to be the norm, and some other companies still do that. Think Viz or ADV.

    But give the fans something, anything, a little cheaper, and they immediately start whining about how "grossly overpriced" everything else is.

  • I really hope the new series picks up from the OVA, which ended with "Here comes Jurai".

    Well, if you read carefully, it seems that there are two series that will happen next year, and one of them is indeed OVA 3. I have no idea what this "Galaxy Police" TV series is going to be, or more importantly, which contiuum it will belong to.

  • Actually, no, I have never watched it, but I heard that about it once, and I have friends that watch it, so one day, they were like "Oooh, Tenchi's on", so I inquired "Isn't that a show for little girls?" Since they both admitted yes, I didn't feel like I was wrong, and as you didn';t even try to admit it, I don't see exactly why I'm a troll. Well, I do, but I still blame the moderators.
  • Oh wait. Duh. Unmoderate me. I'm an idiot for posting a comment at 2am. I thought you were just talking about the Ryo-ohki OAV series.


  • FLCL is neat. Supposedly a company called Synch Point is going to publish it in the U.S.


  • This isn't really a 3rd "season" since the OAV series isn't a TV series, but a direct to video type release. The release doesn't correspond to any "season" like a TV season.

    It's just a third arc in the OAV series.


  • Well, maybe we'll find out what all that buisiness with Lady Tokeme and the squid-beard guy was all about.

    Or maybe they'll start over again, like they did with Universe and Tokyo, and we'll have Yet Another Incongruous Tenchi Story Arc. That would annoy me, but it would be kind of funny.


  • Have you ever watched Tenchi? If you did, it might occur to you that it has some merit beyond just a show for "little girls." In any event, I beleive that the target audience is 14 year old boys.

    Oh, and there are actually legitamate reasons for liking a show intended for little girls. After all, little girls have reasons to like shuch shows. I, for one, happen to appriciate a lot of the same things my 7 year old step-sister does. Waffles, for instance. Soccer, Mark Twain, Miles Davis and annoyng jokes are also on our mutual lists of things that we like.

    We both think Ryo-Oki is cute and fuzzy, that Mihoshi is insane, and that Ryoko is really funny. So what? They are.

    There are plenty of things that she likes that I can't stand (McDonald's), and plenty of things that I like that she can't stand (The Offspring). What's wrong with a common ground, even if she is a third my age?


  • Hey ! Why didn't you post news that NBC's "Passions" soap also confirmed another season. No doubt that show is better... oh wait, that's right. Never mind.
  • Obviously someone has given some form or method of fuck, since the announcement has appeared on a few websites. You are entitled to your own opinion. Your persuasive arguments and trite use of the word "trite" make me believe you have nothing constructive to say.
  • 4 fps? Someone has either watched some bad anime or is seriously misinformed. Most animation in Japan is 28-30 fps. 4 fps hardly does justice to it.
  • I checked AnimeFu, but there's no mentioning FLCL (or FuriKuri) by Gainax.

    Surely, you must have seen it? In my meaning it's the best series ever, albeit a little short (6 eps) and extremely w3ird.
  • Well you can already order it from Gainax' web page, it's available on DVD with English subtitles. IMHO the best way of viewing Anime, the original Japanese dub usually is so much better than the English Manga Corp. dubbing...

    The Gainax english website is here []
    For the people here's the link in clear text:

    You can find the FuriKuri site under "Works".
  • Since it's much easier for me getting a hold of fansubbed anime instead of real japanese movies, it's great for learning the language too.

    However, one can end up sounding like a 15 year old japanese schoolgirl...
  • amen. 3 fps animation is SOOO cool. Let's watch a camera pan over the same cell for 20 minutes... EVEN COOLER. And Tenchi storylines are SO engrossing. Or maybe just GROSSING. Save the plastic for something more useful, like 2 liter soda bottles...
  • Reminds me of the time I went into a Japanese bookstore and asked if they had the "furikuri manga" (pronounced in my best flcl speak). I believe "furikuri manga" translates roughly to "fondle my private parts comic book" Needless to say, I got a very strange look from the japanese clerk. :)
  • i'd love to get this stuff. if anybody knows where to get some related anime comics, just let me know
  • I really hope the new series picks up from the OVA, which ended with "Here comes Jurai". The character portrayals in the OVA were many times better than Tenchi Universe. TU seems "sanitized" in most areas, with simple relationships and too many "cutesy" scenes. It also never felt connected very from episode to episode.

    The one big hope we know they probably won't anwser is, who gets Tenchi? Does Ryoko (probably the fan favorite - and some would say the animators favorite by the results of the movies), or does Ayeka trap him in a life of Royalty? Then again, perhaps Mihoshi "genius of luck" lands him in her lap, or Washu convinces Tenchi that love is better with "many gadgets" :D

    I'll vote for Ryoko, and wait to see the results.
  • Really, I hope they true to the comment. I am not just concerned about storyline, but character behaviour. Continuing one but not the other can be just as bad as doing neither, maybe worse.
  • by Bonker ( 243350 ) on Tuesday July 24, 2001 @05:35AM (#65832)
    Since Tenchi is such a hot property in the U.S. and Pioneer is probably going to be doing dubbing, licensing for AIC, look for this to be out fairly rapidly. I'd give it 3-6 months after Japanese release... Literally just enough time to get english-language VHS and DVD pressed.
  • Well, considering that the fan subs should happen way before any commercial entity in the US attempts an English translation (and probably mangles it in the process), I'm guessing this is going to lead to another gig of hard drive space being used up. *Sigh* That's the true curse of anime. My old 16 gig hard drive would have been adequit if I only stuck to mp3s, but this anime stuff has my 40 gig running scared.

    Btw, Tenchi isn't the hard one to explain. I agree with the poster who went with Ranma, although, in a pinch, Evangelion sounds totally screwed up too (psychotic angels, anyone?).

    • who gets Tenchi

    I always thought they were setting him up for the mature Susami/Tsunami. After all, he gets on best with Susami, and Tsunami is a hottie. Er, for a cartoon character, I mean. ;)

  • by Rogerborg ( 306625 ) on Tuesday July 24, 2001 @01:56AM (#65835) Homepage

    And curse you, CmdrTaco, for getting me hooked on Tenchi.

    The worst part is trying to describe it to someone without sounding like a geek freak.

    "There's this guy, Tenchi, and he's just this guy, but he lives with all these mega galactic babes, for no real reason, and there's this cat rabbit that turns into a spaceship, and there was this neat arty episode where it's snowing and Tenchi catches a cold and the talking wardrobes show Princes Susami where the magic flower is and she uses it to make him better... no, wait, it's really cool... come back!" ;)

  • > Do it's characters change gender or species when dressed with tempid water?

    Nope, but if you like series like that you
    should watch "Maze: Mega Burst Space" sometime (^_^)
  • > Most anime sucks. It's always the same, big watery eyes and a mouth that moves at about 4 fps.

    Uh, I feel sorry for you.
    Maybe someone forced you to watch Wedding Peach ?
  • that's nice now, but what about the suckers who bought it at one episode per tape when it was first released? I'll admit they've (Pioneer) have gotten better about it, but one ep per tape? They then re-released it at two episodes (OAV) per tape - which is probably where many more people saw it. The DVD was released with lots of cool gizmos - no doubt to draw those hard core fans, or those who just wanted it on DVD (it seems to be targeted at those who already have the series on VHS). Finally the OAV saw yet another incarnation when it was released on TV, which probably generated a lot more revenue for Pioneer. Overall they're marketing has been extremly smart, and has probably been the most profitable anime series Pioneer will ever see.

    Anyway, don't give us the "what are you talking about", when some of us have been into anime for a long time, and many of us are still majorly pissed about getting cornholed on prices for YEARS before 99% of the U.S. even knew what anime was. I can remember pretty clearly the time when it wasn't so much about what was released when; but when you would be able to afford what you wanted.
  • Actually, it is: []

    this .sig was yped manually, for added security
  • by MWLongworth ( 450004 ) on Tuesday July 24, 2001 @02:58AM (#65840)
    Actually, on the topic of learning aids...

    Each of the 6 episodes of FLCL comes on it's own DVD. Unusually, for a Japanese product, it actually has an english subtitle track, except for the first one. Apparently, Gainax discovered after releasing the first DVD, that by adding an english track allowed them to get some tax reduction for producing 'educational' tools for learning english. Of course anyone who watches FLCL is more likely to have their brain melted than learn english - but it is a good trend: Studios get better profit margins, and the fans get to see it as soon as it's released.

    I hope it catches on.

    This .sig was typed manually, for security,

  • I don't really agree with all the people who say they'll kill it... They won't kill it, thay'll do to it what they've done to everything that came before, *edited to protect the insecure*, and leave it in a ditch to die.

    What the hell is the story anyway?? They put it in the midnight run, how many kids are gonna be watching it at midnight?

    Our society fills the airwaves with all this anti-drug, anti-drinking, anti-smoking, anti-damnneareverythingelse, kids aren't stupid, they DO understand these concepts. I have neices and nephews who are thoroughly amused by sillyness like trying to pretend that the characters are drinking TEA when they are OBVIOUSLY loaded. (Tenchi series)

    Or the painstaking task of painting out Heyami's (SP?) cigs in Blue Sub 6 (only to screw it up in silly ways).

    And someone please tell me what is wrong with the concept of death? Why can't they say DIE, DEAD, DEATH or anything like that?? What in the hell?

    No... I'm not going to continue, I fear if I continue, my head will explode. I think I'll go watch FLCL [] (Sorry, Japanese only), something that will NEVER be shown on CN. (Never never never never, if you've seen it you know what I mean. CN's style of editing would leave less than a commercial break left of material for each ep, wait... HA. They'd probably air all 6 eps in a half-hour spot)


    "Look. Endsville is burning." -Mamimi, FLCL
  • D'oh... I don't know how I managed this... But I was supposed to be posting this to the 'Cowboy Bebop on CN' story... -_-;;;;;;;;;


    "Look. Endsville is burning." -Mamimi, FLCL
  • No one. No one /ever/ gets /any/ of the chicks in mainstream anime. Ever seen Evangelion or Trigun? Cowboy Bebop? Bubblegum Crisis? They just tease you with the possibility for many many episodes. *le sigh*
  • S P O L I E R S P A C E O F M Y O W N Eva:Well sort of but they all end up dead. Trigun:Well sort of but Wolfwood ends up dead. I'm talking about Vash and Meryl, you know? :) Cowboy Bebop: I woulda liked to seen that though. Bubblegum Crisis: Watch the original, not 2040 :) I haven't even seen 2040 it's soooo, well, ewww. At least remake my favorite series with characters that look like the old ones, ya know? :) But good points, none the less.
  • I fubar'ed the spoiler space. My bad. Unless you want to learn about the End of Eva and Trigun. Then it's not my fault
  • Yes I have seen all of Trigun. No, I'm not wrong. Wolfwood is a main character but I referred to Vash and Meryl.

  • The annual Fantasia fest in montreal []

  • Actually, Pioneer has done an excellent job with Trigun, especially the DVD releases. Consider this-- Trigun on VHS is set up in the same way that Trigun on DVD is, in a "4 eps first and last, and 6 tapes of three eps"-- standard practice for Pioneer's TV series and a hell of a lot better than thirteen tapes of two eps (ex ADV's original release of Eva-- 13 $25 VHSes is a shitload more than 8 $30 VHSes for a complete series). Trigun's DVDs are comparable in price to VHS-- $25 for VHS, $28 for DVD-- but the bonus is a bit worth it, IMO. Considering that each disk includes a 15+ page "art book" (the special features) and some screen captures that the VHS does not. And that's not counting the fact that the DVD is both the subbed and dubbed versions or the better picture quality.
  • Dont you just love lamers who setup quickie /. accounts just so they can post trolls and flames at score:1 ?
  • I like to see what they have to show for this time. Hopefully this will be worth waitimg for. But I guess there will be some time before we can enjoy it here in Norway

    If it's wet, Drink it! []
  • My first taste of Tenchi was the OVA series, I picked up the series on VHS.
    One episode per tape on at about $24.00 dollars a pop per tape, for the first 7 tapes!
    Ouch, but I was addicted to it, sort of like watching soap's. Buying a new tape to see what would happen next in this anime soap opera.
    I jumped for joy when the second release of the OVA tapes came with two episodes per tape.

    To me Tenchi is like the Charlie Brown of Japanese anime, just like Charlie Brown has Lucy to pull the foot ball way at the last minute. Tenchi has Ryoko to make his life miserable....

    I have seen all the Tenchi movies, but have not watched much of the TV series.
    My only peeve will be if in the third OVA they do not put all the pieces together.

    For the critics, so it may be a bit juvenile in its humor. Least we forget that we where all teens at one time.

    If you want to see the real Tenchi, don't get the Toonanime edited versions of the series. Try to find the Pioneer released tapes.

May all your PUSHes be POPped.