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It's funny.  Laugh.

Attn: Marketing Department 50

Amanda Mahaffey writes: "January 25, 2001 Congratulations! [Inside] magazine?s December 26, 2000 issue highlighted SlashDot.org. Have you considered reprinting the article, ?21 Big Ideas for 2001? on page 40 to take full advantage of your exposure in this highly respected publication? As the exclusive reprint supplier for [Inside], we at RMS are ready to help you design a reprint that will showcase this valuable information. Let us personalize your reprint with your corporate logo, highlighting or your company information. The possibilities are endless! No matter what your current marketing plan, custom reprints enhance your efforts. Among other applications, reprints are excellent tools for marketing presentations, trade shows and media kits, and provide: ü Increased visibility ü Valuable third-party endorsement ü Copyright compliance Additionally, many publishers offer electronic usage of articles through RMS. We?ll be happy to discuss the details on how you may be able to feature this article on your web site. Again, we congratulate you on your recognition in [Inside] and look forward to speaking with you soon. Sincerely, Amanda Mahaffey Reprint Operations Specialist, Extension 155." We regret the two-month delay in posting this interesting submission.
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Attn: Marketing Department

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  • I didn't know that !

  • It's actually a movie quote... and there are reasons why it's my sig. Most assuredly, not a joke anyone outside of those who are close to me would get.
  • When did I try to be funny though? I know I have no sense of humor online. At all. None.

    I know I am not funny online, when I write or anything that involves a keyboard or pen. Jamie has other ideas it seems.

  • After the "OMG We're Being Sued By Microsoft" thing that slashdot and userfriendly did (last year? year before?), I think they may be a little afraid to post anything that isn't blatantly obvious.

    As a side note, why do people bother posting these repetitive and boring "Slashdot sucks!" notes? If you think it sucks, why are you here? What the hell is going on?
  • What's the difference? Suck toadballs!

  • And his drunken spree of senseless postings

    Who the hell went and made him an editor anyway?

  • I really like the fact that when you hover over the image of the "Black Boxes" at this URL [thinkgeek.com], the "Alt Text" Field says "Atari 2600".

    Cool! The monk's black boxen are Ataris!

  • That's the funniest april fools work on any site I've seen yet. But have you checked out The Register [theregister.co.uk] lately? You'll have to go to one of the stories on the main page (try the one about Microsoft no longer being blamed for Foot & Mouth, it's funny) and you'll see their lovely new format!!

  • (Warning: slightly off-topic, but in relation to a statement in the article. Moderators ignore, perhaps?)

    "We regret the two-month delay in posting this interesting submission."

    Are you telling us that you kept this article in queue for two months? Oh, the agony of someone that might have placed any emphasis on acceptance or rejection! I have had one story sit in queue for about thirty-six hours before finally being rejected; otherwise it's usually pretty quick.

    Would I be accurate in guessing that, perhaps, if a submitted article makes it past a certain point (say ... a couple days in the queue, maybe more, maybe less), that it is nearly certain to be accepted? (Not that I have anything worthwhile to contribute - I'm nothing special, only curious.)

  • I thought April fools jokes were suppose to be funny. Stupid humor doesn't count... and that was definatly stupid.

  • I can see why you, Slashdot, posted this story.

    Now you can sell them the right to republish it, so they can show they have been mentioned in Slashdot.

    How clever, my dear Watson.

  • Last year, I believe, they converted all the text on the new articles to Pig Latin. I was a little disappointed that they haven't done anything like that this year.
  • I ran this article through spam mimic [spammimic.com], but it couldn't decode it. Are you sure you posted the whole article?
  • Is that people are actually using their hard earned mod points to mod up/mod down posts in reply to these articles. That's a great April fool's joke!
  • They could use it to impress Microsoft.

    It might make SlashDot look more respectable

    Check out the Vinny the Vampire [eplugz.com] comic strip

  • Is it another way to make publicity of the RFC 3092 (maybe also 1884). I think Falardeau understand what publicity mean.
  • The real irony is that the Lancaster County Linux Users Group [lancaster-linux.org] held our monthly meeting at the RMS office in Lancaster. I almost fell out of my chair when I read Slashdot the next day.

    life is weird
  • Wait, this is a joke, right? Cuz otherwise, it sounds like a ripoff designed to suck money away from unwitting webmasters. Heh.
  • Dear SlashDot,

    Congratulations on making it to the Big Time (tm). Since [Inside] magazine has deemed your magazine worthy of a reprint, we too would like to extend to you the opportunity of getting your company name and logo out to a broader range of internet users. Just think of the possiblilities!

    Act now to reserve your place on the Information Superhighway! Just send us a link to your best articles and we will include them in our next issue of Smartfart's Guide To The Internet. If you are needing help deciding which articles to send us, You might consider some of Anonymous Coward's stuff. His articles on First Posting were inspiring. We would prefer not to post anything on our website concerning goatse.cx, however.

    With regards to payment, we accept PayPal and pizza. Surely, this is a small price to be paid for such a wonderful advertising opportunity for your company!


  • I can't beleive anybody is bothering to post comments anymore (including myself). That's it, I'm just going to have to boycott Slashdot until Tuesday. Reverse DOS as a response to all this pointless nonsense.

    Who's with me? C'mon. It'll be a belated April Fool's.

  • We regret the two-month delay in posting this interesting submission.

    Oh yeah? What about this one:

    2000-12-05 14:55:18 What really goes on at a DSL tech support center (yro,internet) (accepted)

    That one was accepted, and has been delayed for almost four months and counting!

  • They DID post it?!?! Damn, that was during my Internet hiatus, where the only access I had was from the overloaded dual T1's at my college and my mom's 56K on AOL. No wonder I missed it. Thanks.
  • heh, figures.

    Bitching about something that wasn't really worth bitching about.
  • A reverse DOS?

    you sod.
  • I have a box w/ windows 2.03 produced as early as 1987. Wanna buy? It features paint, wordpad and... non-fatal crashes!
  • It is suspected that jamie's on drugs. Probably some of that FreePCP that's been going around.
  • I know it's an AFJ, but I want that caffeinated meatloaf [thinkgeek.com], dammit!

    In related news, I'm getting nervous. With all the other crap posted, I'm wondering if my screed on the advantages if we were to all become hermaphroditic felinoids would be posted today.

  • Like a bet or something.

    "I beat we can fill a day with void content, and they will keep on posting".

    "Sure not, they have better things to do".

    Seem we don't.

    I idly wonder how long they could keep this up. Probably years.


  • Why don't you post something a little more interesting like the story I submitted yesterday?
  • Maaaake ittt stoooooooooppppp!!!!!

    Is it tomorrow yet?
  • Care about karma? Oh my god, just grow up!
  • What a [goatse.cx] ?Loser?
  • Everyone knows the real URL [geocities.com].
  • this is probably the low point of Slashdot. Stop trying to be funny, it's not working. Just post news and stuff, that's what we want. Cut this shit out.
  • What's been around for almost 20 years is the DOS extended ASCII character set, you know, like "embrace and extend?" It does not include "smart quotes"

    Besides, since this is all being displayed in HTML, please indicate where in the HTML standards that "smart quotes" is supported?

  • Word's smart quotes aren't bad. Proudly displaying to the public that your inferior Linux software can't handle them, otoh, is quite pathetic.

    More likely a proud display to the public that Microsoft is incapable of conforming to standards.
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  • Meanwhile, the fate of the employees of Inside.com remains unclear, including those with the thankless job of selling reprint services to featured companies (a retroactive advertising gimmick) ...

    http://www.siliconalleydaily.com/issues/default.ht ml#Headline8110

    Powerful Media Reportedly Selling Out next

    by Dakota Smith

    While Powerful Media, publisher of Inside.com, is under negotiations to be purchased by Primedia and Brill Media Ventures, the Inside.com staff has decamped to a nearby bar to drink their blues away, according to one source.

    According to those familiar with the company, the staff at Inside.com remains largely in the dark, having been told little about the pending acquisition, which was first reported yesterday by the Industry Standard. A morning meeting was held at Inside.com offices, but by afternoon, Inside.com staffers had gathered at Half King, the watering hole founded by journalist Sebastian Junger.

    "People are mostly confused," said a source familiar with Inside.com. "They don't know what's going to happen because the founders haven't made any kind of formal announcement to employees."

    On Thursday, a user named "Brooke" sent a message via Dot Com Scoop subscriber's cell phones that read: "Brill's Content to announce another merger and possibly more layoffs today."

    The deal, which could be announced as early as Monday, would consolidate Brill's Content and Inside magazines, while Inside.com would become part of Media Central, the newly formed subsidiary of Primedia and Brill Media Holdings. Layoffs are expected at both Brill's Content and Powerful Media, according to the reports. Powerful Media has 100-plus employees and offices in Los Angeles and New York.

    In the last two months, a number of published reports have suggested Powerful Media, financed to the tune of $30 million by Flatiron Partners, Standard Media International and Morgan Stanley, was looking for a buyer, and had been in talks with publishers Cahners, Primedia, and VNU.

    The New York Post reported that VNU, owner of The Hollywood Reporter, was the lead contender. But John Babcock, CEO of VNU-owned BPi, told the Daily in a recent interview that no deal was even close to being hammered out between Powerful Media and VNU.

    "To my knowledge, I don't think there has been any offer made," said Babcock. "But its true they [Inside] are out there and that they are very desperate to sell their company."

    Babcock said that Inside.com would be "a cash drain under their current configurations" for any company that purchased it. Still, the CEO was honest in his assessment of Inside.com founders Michael Hirschorn and Kurt Andersen, and the way the two luminaries have handled their company.

    "I've never seen two guys that are better at creating hype," said Babcock.
  • Why the heck has this SPAM been posted to slashdot? Who's approving these lame posts? I'm starting to feel like the trolls are in the right here. Geez.
  • ... for story moderation, this day was it. What a load of crap, all freaking day. Just mod April 1 2001 down to about -6*10^6 and let's move on to tommorow. gah!
  • I have to laugh whenever I get it. It and the "Get out of debt" and the "Swedish schoolgirls with giant hairy eyebrows want to lick your nostrils". But I'll give spammers this much: they're getting a little smarter with their fake subject lines to get me to at least open the mail before it gets dumped to my trash bin.
    John "Dark Paladin" Hummel
  • ... we at RMS are ready ...

    I knew there was a scuzzy underbelly to the Free Software Foundation. This whole Open Source movement wasn't an ideological thing at all, it was a method of collecting email addresses! DAMN YOU!
  • You know, it'd be nice if this horribly formatted and full-of-umlauts submission were, well.. formatted. It's quite sad that /. has to post its spam, to fill up space, now. I'm just waiting for Jon Katz to dispense his April Fool's story... and curious as to what he could possibly parody.
  • Jamie, damn.

    This is just absolute crap. Granted, slashdot has usually sucked on April Fools jokes but this one is going down in the history jokes.

    I can picture the events that lead to this:
    Jamie: Here Rob, let me get you another drink. Rob: Uhh.. *erp* ok *burp*
    Jamie: So, Rob, can I be in charge of April Fools for slashdot?
    Rob: Uhh.. *erp* ok *burp*

    Jamie, repeat after me:
    You are not funny.
    You are not funny.
    You are not funny.
    Some people are, some people aren't. You aren't, please for the love of all that is good in the universe stop attempting to be.

  • by dustman ( 34626 ) <dleary@NOsPAM.ttlc.net> on Sunday April 01, 2001 @02:18PM (#322149)
  • by Fourier ( 60719 ) on Sunday April 01, 2001 @02:52PM (#322150) Journal

    ThinkGeek [thinkgeek.com].

    Somehow I thought /. would be a little more inventive today.
  • by zaius ( 147422 ) <jeff.zaius@dyndns@org> on Sunday April 01, 2001 @01:54PM (#322151)
    Is this the start of a new tradition, that we'll all post our spam for thousands upon thousands of other people to read on April fools' day?

    I can't wait for tomorrow...

  • by nachoworld ( 232276 ) on Sunday April 01, 2001 @02:00PM (#322152) Homepage
    Does anyone remember what happened last year on April fools day on Slashdot? Was it really this bad? For a bunch of nerds (readers included) with nothing better to do, I was hoping for something better than my own lame excuses for April fools jokes.

    By God, even MIT (those nerds) [mit.edu] had pretty funny stuff on their front page. Most hilarious pictures (and article) ever. [mit.edu]

  • by deran9ed ( 300694 ) on Sunday April 01, 2001 @02:01PM (#322153) Homepage
    wow just thought of these for /.

    Lamborghini Diablo with the license plate "dot com "speeding through an S curved mountain at high speeds. In pursuit three cop cars. As they continue chasing the car, it pulls into an Internet cafe bar, out jumps a pencil pouch wearing (IPO rich) geek who runs into the Internet cafe, rents a workstation, quickly types in first post before he gets arrested.

    They Might Be Giants music plays as the screen fades into "Slashdot News For Nerds" yadda yadda yadda...

    Where's my contract for marketing /. now?

    mental deficiency [deficiency.org]

Syntactic sugar causes cancer of the semicolon. -- Epigrams in Programming, ACM SIGPLAN Sept. 1982