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Comment Technical solution (Score 4, Interesting) 95

Better use emule to share, with Kad network if all emule servers are down. You don't have URLs to block there.

I know that the issue here is the outrageous punishment of the law, but the situation here is asymmetrical in that the content creators have all the financial incentive to fight legally, and the content sharers very little of it. However, the asymmetry is reversed on the technical side, so that's where you can play your cards.

Comment Tell me about the public, again. (Score 1) 125

Please tell me which kind of general public will download and open any kind of leaked information from Wikileaks, and then I'll worry.

On second thoughts, if that happened, it would mean that the public had started going to the source of the news to build their own opinions. So a couple of viruses would be a small price to pay for such a positive development.

Comment The law of unintended consequences. (Score 1) 329

Well, you can try to abolish the H-1B Visas, but then, perhaps, American firms will be less competitive. And then, perhaps, the next Google will appear in China. Who knows, after some time of it, perhaps it's the Chinese who will be complaining of all those American cheap programmers that are willing to work for pennies because there is no work in their own country.

You have to recognize that America is now the leader in software services, and I'd guess that the H-1B visa program has helped it getting to that position. Of course the right equilibrium is difficult to get, but you can't have it both ways.

Comment Re:12% is dangerously low (Score 1) 189

True, but that is just one kind of application. You don't need to suddenly lose all developers to slowly drift to irrelevance. What happens when your local bus company only has an Android app? That kind of things move just by percentages. Or when most apps that want to be the next cool thing appear in iOS only six months after getting to be the next cool thing, because if you can develop just for one market, you aren't going for the 12%. Then it's 10%, then 8%, then you die.

Ask Microsoft, they have lived both sides of the story.

Comment Concentrating on the needy. (Score 1) 1145

Focusing efforts on the neediest is exactly what it's being done nowadays. It isn't working so swell, and that's the reason the Universal Basic Income idea is floating.

The truth is that nobody knows how UBI is going to work out, it would be an experiment. So this kind of "studies" are just adding some numbers and pretending that they tell you something. Nobody will know anything till it's tried in some country, and we are not there yet.

The real reason why UBI is being talked about is not the present, but the future. If and when robots take the jobs of half the people in a country, you have to be ready for it or face social unrest. For that situation, where the 1% could have the 99% of the rents, you need UBI or other similar redistribution mechanism, or face revolt and people with torches in the streets.

Comment Another uncheckable study (Score 1) 75

You cannot check this for causation. Does the habit cause later protection, or does per-existing protection cause the habit? No way of doing a controlled study, as feeding nails to random children (even own nails) can be frowned upon.

Anyway, if it can help reduce the all-encompassing parent anxiety about anything their precious child does, it's welcome.

Comment What's the present situation? (Score 2) 364

I'd say that in any discussion of this kind, you should first have a very clear idea of what is the situation now. What does the current driver do in these situations. Which are the outcomes.

I'd say the best defense for any algorithm would be that, in all (or most) situations, saves more pedestrian lives AND more passenger lives than the current situation.

That's the only way, I think, of reconciling people with the worst user-wise handicap for these technologies, that is the loss-of-control sensation.

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