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Comment Re:Wish list (Score 1) 220

I'm on a roll...

- If the phone part is too difficult, how about making a phone that can be inserted into the expansion bay, and then share everything with the laptop, like converting notifications to emails, etc. The screen of the phone could be seen from the outside even with the laptop closed, and could be used.

- I personally couldn't care less about the laptop being thin and stylish, and light as a feather.

Comment Wish list (Score 1) 220

- A physical switch that cuts power to the camera and microphone.
- Another one for WiFi
- Lots of ports. If it's a Linux laptop must be mainly for nerds, and we have lots of equipment and move in lots of different environments. I want to be able to connect to an old monitor if needed. How many ports? Start adding and when you reach the eSATA, you may stop.
- It should be a phone, with SIM and all that, and should run Android in parallel with Linux, for phone apps. Good integration would be nice.
-GPS, Bluetooth. I'ts a phone too, right?
- I should have control of the phone part, like being able to trick the phone part into thinking that it's in another location, things like that.
- Multi purpose dock with possible extra battery, extra disk, DVD, or more ports.
- Many possible disk, M.2, SATA, etc.
- Docking station connection.
- 8 cores, virtual machines are all the rage now, and they like cores.
- Lots of memory, see above.
- I personally couldn't care less about graphic performance, or graphic pixel density, as long as it's reasonable for working.

Comment The problem is not big enough for most people (Score 1) 301

Most people may not like having their phones perused, but they also don't mind terribly, and don't travel so often.

If you do mind, you already have two phones, one for home and one for traveling. That's a safer solution, even if you have to keep both updated.

The real problem will come when not having a Facebook account will make you lose your flight, marking you as a suspect element.

Comment Re:oracle all over again (Score 2) 123

Well, if you are operating in twenty different countries, SAP will keep your accounting rules adapted to the intricacies of each one, yearly as rules change in every contry. And then offer you a consolidated view of all your financials.

It's in fact the only solid reason I know for going SAP, but, as the decision makers are usually financial people, it works mightily.

Comment A robot tax is mainly unworkable (Score 1) 72

How do you calculate a tax rate for robots? Does a completely integrated robotic factory (in essence just a robot with thousands of actuators) pay the same tax than a kitchen aid? What about vehicles? If they are AI driven then it's a robot and must pay taxes? Will you have to pay taxes for your Roomba? What if the robot is controlled remotely by a powerful CPU? What if it's not a remote CPU but a cloud of processing power, and more power is used if the robot's decisions are harder to make? The list is endless.

If a transport company fires all drivers and substitutes them by robotic vehicles, it will make a lot more profits (presumably), and so pay a lot more taxes (presumably). It's simpler and more efficient to tax these extra profits than any robot tax you could devise.

Comment Re:0.4 of a phone (Score 1) 91

t doesn't matter that Android completely dominates in the poorer parts of Africa, India, and China

Right, but only up to a point. If you have to travel to Africa and live there for some time, and the local apps (informing of the danger of crocodile infestation, for example) are only developed for Android, then it matters a bit for you that you only have an iOS device (that bit being perhaps the hand lost to a crocodile's bite).

Market share is always important, and one platform tends to push others out, as the cost of developing for more than one platform is always bigger than developing for just one. In the long run, "there can be only one".

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