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Comment Closed (Score 1) 87

So, on one side, you have the game program converting conceptual objects from a database to 3D images, using a powerful GPU in the process.

And in the other side you have the AI program taking that 3D image and converting it to a conceptual object, and putting it in a database, using a powerful GPU in the process.

And then you wonder about global warming.

Comment Growing pains (Score 3, Insightful) 135

It's curious how many big companies, when they reach a certain age, think that it's a good idea to take whatever make them big, and change it. It's probably the human instinctive rejection of simple inaction.

Twitter is famous because it forces people to be concise. Tweets are cited in news outlets because they are concise and so provide the short text bite that is easy to digest by the public. Nobody is going to cite a tweet that is longer than the article.

So basically, what they are doing is giving a step to get closer to a mailing list service. Way to go!

Comment You can explain it like you want... (Score 2) 761

You can give it the spin you want, but what you cannot say is that the earphones plug has fallen into disuse. I think it's the single most used phone accessory nowadays, with no second competitor in sight.

So you remove a widely used feature, and you provide a worse alternative, or rather, you simply point out that an alternative has always existed. The glaring fact that practically nobody used that existing alternative is gloriously lost on you. Or rather, you don't care.

So basically you are doing something to screw your users, thinking that it will improve your company. Again the glaring fact that your company is nothing without your clients, is lost in the glare of your new shiny state-of-the-art office.

Let's see how it plays out. People can be really dumb that way, and certainly that's not a deal breaker. Also, there is always the possibility of backtracking. Never underestimate the marketing department ingenuity of selling an Apple 7 Super Plus "With earphones plug!!!", only for 100$ more. But IMHO, Apple is accumulating small mistakes with a sore lack of the former big hits that could ,in past times, have covered them.

Comment Some things are unavoidable. (Score 1) 367

First they will edit the genes of embryos with a high risk of some terrible sickness. That will be accepted because poor kids.

Then they will edit some less terrible sicknesses. That will generate a heated debate, with stern posturing and unbreakable red lines.

Then the Chinese will start editing their embryos massively for higher intelligence and all kind of sickness resistance, and everybody will panic.

Some things are meant to be, and this is one of this. There is no sense in arguing about it, when the tech is ready, the people will follow the tech, or follow the Neanderthal.

Comment Sure (Score 1) 470

We are interfering with Nature in all ways every day. Species are disappearing because some assholes want to cut some square miles of woods for small gain. I say, if we can, sure we should go full genocidal on the mosquitoes. Sure it will have unintended consequences, but if it has only a few of the intended ones, I'm IN.

Comment In related news... (Score 1, Insightful) 271

Good thing that the article states that "American officials say Mr. Assange and WikiLeaks probably have no direct ties to Russian intelligence services." In the same spirit I can also state that probably, Glenn Beck didn't rape and murder a young girl In 1990.

Anybody else has the impression that the Slashdot editors are trolling us?

Comment Technical solution (Score 4, Interesting) 96

Better use emule to share, with Kad network if all emule servers are down. You don't have URLs to block there.

I know that the issue here is the outrageous punishment of the law, but the situation here is asymmetrical in that the content creators have all the financial incentive to fight legally, and the content sharers very little of it. However, the asymmetry is reversed on the technical side, so that's where you can play your cards.

Comment Tell me about the public, again. (Score 1) 125

Please tell me which kind of general public will download and open any kind of leaked information from Wikileaks, and then I'll worry.

On second thoughts, if that happened, it would mean that the public had started going to the source of the news to build their own opinions. So a couple of viruses would be a small price to pay for such a positive development.

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