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Comment Concentrating on the needy. (Score 1) 1127

Focusing efforts on the neediest is exactly what it's being done nowadays. It isn't working so swell, and that's the reason the Universal Basic Income idea is floating.

The truth is that nobody knows how UBI is going to work out, it would be an experiment. So this kind of "studies" are just adding some numbers and pretending that they tell you something. Nobody will know anything till it's tried in some country, and we are not there yet.

The real reason why UBI is being talked about is not the present, but the future. If and when robots take the jobs of half the people in a country, you have to be ready for it or face social unrest. For that situation, where the 1% could have the 99% of the rents, you need UBI or other similar redistribution mechanism, or face revolt and people with torches in the streets.

Comment Another uncheckable study (Score 1) 75

You cannot check this for causation. Does the habit cause later protection, or does per-existing protection cause the habit? No way of doing a controlled study, as feeding nails to random children (even own nails) can be frowned upon.

Anyway, if it can help reduce the all-encompassing parent anxiety about anything their precious child does, it's welcome.

Comment What's the present situation? (Score 2) 364

I'd say that in any discussion of this kind, you should first have a very clear idea of what is the situation now. What does the current driver do in these situations. Which are the outcomes.

I'd say the best defense for any algorithm would be that, in all (or most) situations, saves more pedestrian lives AND more passenger lives than the current situation.

That's the only way, I think, of reconciling people with the worst user-wise handicap for these technologies, that is the loss-of-control sensation.

Comment Re:BBC (Score 1) 693

There are to many individual member states that have specific industrial relationships who would quietly support generally good trade terms with UK out of their own self interest.

That's the exact same reason given to explay why sanctions to Russia were a non-starter. And see what? They got approved, later made stronger, and still keep.

Comment Well, if that's so... (Score 1) 595

If that's so, people won't like the new "feature" and won't buy un-jacked phones. If they buy them, then it's not such a big problem. As long as there is competition, natural selection should take care of the problem, if there is a problem. I, for myself, welcome our... I mean I'll add the "having a 3.5mm jack" to the list of things my phones must have.

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