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Comment Worry about QUALCOMM AMSS on your phone! (Score 1) 238

There is a megabyte worth of firmware on your phone on a chip that has access to your camera, the mikes, the flash, virtually everything
on a device such as an "Sprint EVO 4g".

This device has two cores on a SOC, the general application ARM11 core you know about that runs a linux kernel and then there is another ARM9 core that
runs Qualcomm's AMSS software which is a CDMA2000 stack. This radio core has the same access like the general application core
to the camera and the mikes, in fact there is support for the camera in AMSS (aka "multimedia extensions").

The radio is my main worry right now. I've already gotten rid of the smithmicro device management software and all the other HTC agents in the
android environment but I'm seeing that the kernel(!) is maintaining http connections to servers. These I address with iptables right
now. The cameras both the front facing (!) camera and the camera in back are taped over by the way I suggest you do the same.

My impression is this thing is a turd of a mobile tracking bug and I'm thoroughly disgusted with it and the scum that is pushing it.

FYI on Qualcomm AMSS (Advanced Mobile Subscriber Software):

Comment Re:No one should be exempt from organ donation (Score 1) 309

The idea is to discourage you from killing me prematurely just because you consider my life less valuable than that say of a judge or policeman. And then maybe I don't want that life you're about save with my organs to continue, have you thought about that? Do I want to empower a person I would prefer dead?I have a right to dictate what happens with any part of my body, my organs down to my blood and sperm.

Comment Re:Undetectable? (Score 1) 206

Not if you're looking at a ton of encrypted crap coming out of your machines and going to the weirdest of ip addresses. Right now
you can still try to discover some of these things on your own, but once you're on a trusted computing platform you're going to
be completely locked out. That stream of bytes going to wherever might just be law enforcement access on your computer and
you will never know.

Comment Re:Technically this is old news. (Score 1) 321

I would love to see it the same way, why don't we just invite the chinese head honcho say to San Francisco, have him shot in the face by some John Hinckley/Sirhan Sirhan borg we put up to it, put the borg onto death row, apologize profusely and make a big deal out of it and tell the chinese scum elites in private there is more of that coming.

Only this is not how the world works. In reality all governments in the world (possibly with exception of _some_ of the "rogue" nations) work together hand in hand and if you want to hit the chinese communist scum between the teeth you need to go to New York for that. While you're there don't stop hitting.

Comment Re:Not a Reuters story (Score 1) 498

In theory the police is there to help and protect you as well and that too _may_ have been the case in earlier times. Nowadays we know the realities quiet well. As far as journalistic integrity goes, that has been turned and twisted into "resonsible journalism'. I glance through your mainstream shit to know where we are at in the story book but hey I know how this plantation works I've already been here for a whlie.

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