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Comment Well, we have to understand first the reason... (Score 1) 315

QWERTY and AZERTY have been created to minimize the possible jam of dactylo, around 1872, not to be fast but to prevent jamming. If letters were presented in alphabetical order, we would have "ST" for example offen used and would create dactily jam. Now that dactylo era is over, some alternatives exists like "Dvorak Bépo".

Comment Re:Cause/effect doesn't matter. (Score 0, Troll) 438

Hi girintraining

I did drink some scotch, but I hope moderators will raise you, since what you just said is absolutly right. I mean, everything have a causality, and if this lead to not put in prison people that does did offence to what we consider ok, everything will find a causality to people behavior and this will lead total collapse. We cannot accept "as superior knowledge people" the behaviour of inferior one because they did have a physical excuse or pre-adult bad learning experience.

I'll change subject a little bit, but since we are overpopulated, why not sent to forced labor for life everything that is now > 2 years in prison offence, and never include excuses for lower sentences?

Comment Re:I have a problem with human global warming (Score 1) 791

"- Finally the point that wake me up to the possibility global warming is maybe political / taxation propaganda : ALL other planets got temperature increase.


Since you are really defending antropogenic global warming, you surely know that all other measure got temperature increase, as planet earth, do you?

Comment I have a problem with human global warming (Score 1) 791

In fact, I have some problems, but let's have some here :

- Artic ice cap, as antartic ice cap, melt and reform each year : something I didn't knew before doing my own research. Artic ice cap size reduce something like 5% per year in the last 20-30 years and the antartic ice cap size is GROWING, slower but growing each year.
- The growth in temperature for more than a century is less than a celcius degree (0.76 if I remember well). Half of this increase happen if I well remember before WWII.
- In recent years there have been no increase in temperature, even if co2 incresed
- Temperature measure are often done in inner city, where temperature is effectively slighthly greater
- Finally the point that wake me up to the possibility global warming is maybe political / taxation propaganda : ALL other planets got temperature increase.

So yes maybe a majority of climatologist could agree that global warming got a human original, but I'm not buying that. I could agree maybe for a point around 20% of global warming is human origin, but absolutly no more than that.

This being said, I'm very ecologic and I make a distinction between pollution and global warming.

Comment Handwritting (Score 1) 921

This story really make me think that handwritting *will* one day not be teached. We have to assume that one day when full portable computer will be around 20$, there will be absolutly no need to ever try to write anything, except small note where anyone can write in it's own cursive or simply full letters. Speech recognition with search capability would also nearly remove the need to ever write something. For my part, I've been using computer since 7 yo and I'm now 34, and I can tell you that I'm writing probably 4-5 times faster with a keyboard than with a pencil, and it's 10 times more easy to re-read myself (this is when I'm able read back what I've written, but that's another story).

Comment Re:Oh? (Score 1, Troll) 317

If you think that 9/11 was an inside job (as most people that seriously analyse all the aspect of the 9/11 facts, as most of the close familly of the lost ones), then patriot acts and all other mesure to try to keep us far from terrorist is only a mirage, a way to get more control over american citizen.

Comment Re:Human limits (Score 1) 911

To answer your question, I seriously think a pilot cannot estimate correctly his speed at this altitude. BUT, in regards with the power sent to the engine (thrust), you know thrusts must not be at maximum since you will overspeed, nor too little or you will stall. If you take flight simulator for example, putting thrust at 30% of maximum thrust will give you a decent speed. A professional pilot will be able to roughly guess his speed from power sent to engines, if his altitude is stable. For that, if your altitude gives you something very imprecise or simply wrong, you simply need to stay nose on the horizon (in night at this altitude you would normally be able to see stars and horizon, or you simply keep your eyes on the gyroscope in the cockpit that give plane situation in space. There is some possibility you will slowly climb or going down, but from 35000 feets you have time to make emergency calls. So with many alerts of false speed and false altitude, an human override reaction would be in my opinion simply to put thrust at something known for a decent speed, and keep nose at horizon. Having a gps on board for altitude (even a portable one) would give enough precision to keep going up to europe. Knowing roughly wind speed from air traffic controler for a specific altitude, and speed given from a gps, pilot have enough information to stay in a safe zone (speed/altitude) to be able to finish his route to europe and/or goes back to bresil. The flight could have taken twice the normal time, but alive maybe...

In my opinion, pitot tube slowly get stuck with ice, autopilot push thruster more and more to get the right indicated speed, and the plane overspeed. Probably both pilots didn't disengage autopilot since they were in turbulence and the overspeed vibration was tought as normal turbulence. Normal behaviour is, especially at night, to beleive your instruments. Then overspeed comes and the wings breaks or some part of the place breaks and the plane went into a fatal 35000 feet plunge.

I wonder if overspeed near sound speed would make the front window to explode first, explaining no emergency calls.

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