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Aibo 2 vs. The Omnibot: FIGHT! 64

Stephen from Futurelooks wrote to us with the fight between Aibo and the 1980's Tomy's Omnibot. Ah, the joys of robot fighting.
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Aibo 2 VS. The Omnibot: FIGHT!

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  • Actually the chevy nova story is an urban legend [urbanlegends.com]
  • Because Omnibot is Gaelic for all-purpose penis. There aren't that many Gaelic speakers, but enough to make the product a laughing-stock.
  • AIBO vs. BIG TRAK...

    (Too bad Aibo doesn't have that nasally-fitted retractable laser..)

    Your Working Boy,
  • I'm not a moderator, but damn, that was funny.
  • Tobor and Hero were more intresting...

    The original Hero and Tobor didn't have functional hands. Tobor had posable hands Hero had none.
    What did make Hero worth it was Hero was a kit.. You could wire in stuff. So at first Heros not that great but add a few things.. maybe an arm or two.. and Hero can do things..

    Hero vs Aibo.. well Aibo has a faster and more powerful onboard computer. Aibo has AI to let it mimic being a pet Hero has AI to keep it from running into walls. So basicly Aibo can do more.
    In a fight Hero would probably just run... eventually fall down a flight of stairs or something and be nocked off it's wheels...

    But Hero could win... sence Hero is a kit.. add a lazer.. add a cutting lazer not an optic lazer.. The optic is more commen..
    The cutting lazer will take a lot of energy so add a new power system etc to the Hero... it's own batterys etc.. so Hero dosn't get drainned by the lazer.

    However.. Aibo can still dodge.. and Hero isn't a fast aim...
  • umm, they just list off "features" of each bot. it's like a consumer reports product comparison sheet with humorous(?) commentary.

    they could have at least set them at each other.

    although the history lesson on the omnibot was interesting--i must have overlooked that aisle at toysrus in search of more garbage pail kids.
  • I lived in Oklahoma. They weren't that astute. :)

    SecretAsianMan (54.5% Slashdot pure)
  • Boy, if someone had an mp3 of the Omnibot robot sounds, that would really bring back some memories...

  • I've never seen such a terrible case of Dread Questionmark Disease [tuxedo.org] in my life! And 101k of HTML source to render ~5k of text? It took almost twenty seconds for Netscape to render this pile, and that was on a P3/800 w/256mb of memory.

    If this doesn't give you Fear Of A MicroSoft Planet, I don't know what will.

    And screw the content; I'm so revolted by the presentation I couldn't bring myself to even try to read page two. More's the pity. I was really looking forward to seeing how far toy robotics had come.


  • I'd watch that on Battlebots. K-9 vs. Muffit.

    That would be great!!
  • ....question is, is it 20 years worth better?

    I mean, it's 2001 fer hecks sake. Where are the rocket cars? The moon bases? Why doesn't everyone wear silver jumpsuits? Where's my laser ray?

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  • All but one picture is the Aibo ERS-111 (e.g. version 1.1), not the Aibo 210 (aka Aibo-II). Also, several of the stats were wrong.

    So this is neither a good comparison, nor was it really all that funny. Perhaps the mistitled story put me in the wrong mood?

    Anyway, if you want to see a real cat fighting an Aibo go here. [harvard.edu]
  • What was the point of this? There was just a feature comparison. I thought that these two were going to battle it out, though I bet that wimpy Aibo would go running with its metallic tail between its legs when the Omnibot came at it. I don't what why these guys thought that a barking robot wouldn't get boring as quickly as the Omnibot. It's not like it's going to get smart enough to sit down and discuss Hegel with you or anything.......
  • The robot dog vs. cheesy robot got credit on /. but not the The Osborne 1 VS. The Apple iBook fight? Oh well, hopefully people will see that one after the dog, its more interesting.
  • Why don't they beef this thing up a little more, heck I want the Rottwieller equivalent. This thing is too tame for me. Battlebots is good but what I want to see are smarter robots (autonomous) duking it out with more deadlier hardware... you know explosives, fires etc... now that would be intense. If something like this were on your local cable would you watch it?? Makes you wonder why they don't take the next step doesn't it.

    Nathaniel P. Wilkerson
    Domain Names for $13
  • I didn't buy Aibo as a substitute for a dog. I bought him because I've always been fascinated with technology and robots. It's amazing what they have been able to cram in such little space. The weird thing is that in an odd way, you stop seeing him as a machine, and start seeing him as an individual. I know it doesn't sound rational, but it's the truth.

    Aibo is NOT a kid's toy, nor could it handle being handled by most kids.

    All I can say is that, yes, Aibo is expensive, but I feel it's worth every penny. You can't "knock it til you try it" There's only so much you can see in pictures and short videos. Interacting with Aibo for a while can be an eye opening experience. As for the price, try to build a machine that complex, with all that software/behavior/etc, for less than $1,500. Not an easy thing to do.
  • I tought to add my bit of nostalgy here. At the age of 8 I secured myself one of these mechanical wonders as a combined x-mas/birthday gift from my parents. But make no mistake, it took 3 months of excessive whining while I washed my fathers car 25 times, washed the dishes 110 times and suffered 40 hours of both mental and verbal abuse from my baby brother who I had to babysit. Was it worth it? The Omnibot provided me with a whole year of fun, made me popular among my friends and the most importantly of all the envy of everyone in school. For last x-mas my loved one secured the family yet an other place in the sun and we became the proud owners of Aibo 2. After almost 2 months of time consuming disappointments and one neurotic dog it's time to move on...All I have to do is to find that box on the attic and dust of my faithfull old friend. It's time to show the kids what fun is all about!
  • We've been thinking about this for a long time. The problem with unlimited weapons is the danger exposed in robot retrieval (someone's got to go get the damn things out of the cage) and, especially, the Pit Area.

    Can you imagine the liability insurance required to operate a Pit and Maintenance area with loaded machine guns, EMP devices, rockets, and whatnot!?

    My only even possible solution:

    • Remote, desert location
    • No audience
    • Lots of video cameras
    • Concrete bunker for operators, refs, and organizers
    • One-time load and service for bots - No rounds, just one big melee
    • No removal of the losers - fight 'til everyone else is dead

    Even so, there are LOTS of issues with danger...but it WOULD be cool as hell.

    Remember, Battlebots made a bot reverse the direction of its saw in a tournament last year, as it was deemed "too great a hazard to the audience." Apparently, the bot threw its opponent high into the air with a reverse-spinning saw. The bot subsequently didn't do too well in later rounds, since its primary weapon was as useless as all the other saws.

  • the Facts of Life, that site is. I try even the top level domain, and get booted as "This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed." Cool.
  • The space between vs_ and omni broke the link, but, otherwise, quite amusing. I like any retro tech article that features the word "street pizza." Pleased to see the move went off well (I hope).
  • They should include that gimpy little robot that came with the original nintendo for that one cheezy game (help me out, what was the name of that thing)...

    I actually had the radio shack version of the omnibot... it was a little bigger, and you could "record" sequences of moves into the integrated tape deck... it was a pretty neato toy come to think of it... what did I do with it?!


    www.randomdrivel.com [randomdrivel.com] -- All that is NOT fit to link to
  • I have a circa 1980-something VerBot that is holding up my printer. I have fond memories of playing with it as a child...

    Me: "Back up."
    (Robot does not respond)
    Me: "VerBot, Back up."
    (Robot does not respond)
    Me: "BACK up."
    (Robot does not respond)
    Me: "BACK UP. BACKUP. BA. KA. UP."
    (Robot does not respond)
    (Robot turns left and lifts arm)
    Me: "Screw this, Duck Tales is on!"
    (Robot backs up)

  • Yeah, my Osborne 1 would kick an iBook's arse any time. I mean, *how* long does MacOS take to boot these days?
    I used my Osborne for writing stuff in assembler until I got a PC that ran a cross-compiler faster, but I still prefer the Osborne...

    For those who don't know, the Osborne had 64k of RAM, 92k per single-sided, single-density 5.25" disk, and weighed about 15kg. It could boot into WordStar in about 3 seconds (literally) from power-on.
    Actually, that makes it sound quite good, I might start using it again, much quicker than Star Office.
  • I've got a couple of Big Trak gearboxes kicking about somewhere, J. Bull Electrical sold them in the UK (along with Sinclair C5 tyres and motors) for *years*.
  • Aibo Vs. K-9 from Dr. Who... Or R2-D2 Vs the Daleks... Or Twiki Vs the Cybermen! Yeah!

    (I see a future Celebrity Deathmatch in the works)
  • The robot you are referring to was called the R.O.B. [dragongames.com] (Robotic Operating Buddy), and it was, for all intensive purposes, a piece of crap.

  • Is it just me, or does the Omnibot 2000 [robotswanted.com] look a lot like the Nintendo ROB [dragongames.com]?

  • Ah, the joys of robot fighting.

    Hemos and Taco (and every stereotypical slashdotter, for that matter), you watch too much Battlebots.

  • It was called ROB, and while it was neat, it was horrible. I mean, if you had two hours to blow per Gyromite level, it was amusing.

    Now, far neater than ROB was the PowerGlove. At least I can hook that up to my PC and program the puppy (:
  • I don't get this robot... get a real dog. You get the satisfaction of a living thing, you can play with it better, etc... I mean, when you were a kid, and you wanted a robot (if you did), did you want a little almost-dog, or a robot that walked around and picked up stuff and talked, etc.? I mean, really... if they made a new (Improved!) one of the Omnibot, that would be cool.
  • Galactica dog!?! K-9 from Dr. Who was a much better robot dog!
  • An Aibo is not a substitute for a real dog. I'm surprised anyone would think of it as so. It's just a toy with a few programmed behaviors, closer to a Tamagotchi with legs than any kind of actual pet. It's really, really expensive, as well...it would probably be the most expensive breakable item in the house. I just don't see an Aibo as being suitable for a child, but hell, I guess if you can afford one Aibo, what's the big deal about buying a second when the first one breaks.
  • That's, "For all intents and purposes", not intensive purposes.

    Some day, you'll thank me...

  • I want to see this on Battlebots, my favourite show!!!
  • Felinoid, you're being a sissy - cutting lasers indeed. You want some sort of EMP device, and none of this electrically generated nonsense either - you want a couple of kilotons of particularly dirty nuclear weapon. Set it off - Aibo doesn't even need to be close - and hey presto, you win the battle. As an added advantage you also get your very own glass floored, self lighting car park, completely free.
  • Dylan!
  • If I had come to your house I would've grabbed your Omnibot's candy, and then I would've grabbed your Omnibot.
  • Lame. No robots, goats or cavities, nothing except a failed DNS lookup. If I had any mod points left, good Sir, I would mod you down to < 0.
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  • Well, as happy as we were to be Slashdotted, our ISP wasn't. We've moved servers and will be available via this IP address for at least a few days until the domain changes over. Here it is:

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    -Stephen www.futurelooks.com
  • In other news, apples are compared to oranges, and found to be different

    Actually, no they haven't [inno-vet.com].

    (don't worry it's a safe link and actually relevant)

  • Actually I do support censorship, but only of extremist opinions that have no basis in a civilized society.

    Then who decides what is "extreme", what shouldn't be discussed in a civilized society?

    What happens when something that YOU care about is on the hit list? All people must be allowed to speak, however we remain free to laugh at them when they make fools of themselves.

  • by cr0sh ( 43134 )
    You won't find anything on TOMY's site - nor will you find anything if you call them up. I did - boy did I. I tried for three months to find information on getting schematics (a service manual, something!) on my Omnibot 2000. No luck...

    They appeared to not even remember to have created and sell such a device (along with a whole host of other wonders, such as the Tomy Armatron). These were they people you expected to bring home real consumer home robots, but alas...it wasn't to be...

    Worldcom [worldcom.com] - Generation Duh!
  • Screw OmniBot, my Robie Jr [inficad.com] could kick its ass, and giggle while doing it ("hehehe that tickles!").. Look at its evil eyes at that site... damn I wish I didn't rip its head apart for wires. :(
  • I mean, it's 2001 fer hecks sake. Where are the rocket cars? The moon bases? Why doesn't everyone wear silver jumpsuits? Where's my laser ray?

    Of course Moonbase Alpha was a tremendous accomplishment, but alas, on 13-Sep-1999 the accident ended what was perhaps humanity's shining moment.

    Don't you remember? And then we had to put up all those holographic projectors to paint a fake moon in the sky so it's absence wouldn't scare all the stupid peop...

    Oh. Uh, nevermid.

    (with apologies to Steve Martin...)
  • They should actually have them fight instead of just talking about it.

    Here's my idea:

    Place them both on a platform suspended above acid or something, turn them both on, and let them go to town. Whichever falls off first loses. Kind of like a joust, with robots.
    That would be spantastic.
  • They all look like Pimpbot 5000 [wsu.edu] to me.

  • Hah! ROB...Robotic Operating Buddy I think. You could play Gyromite with him. I actually have a ROB sitting on top of my television to this day.. he is wearing a red santa hat right now.. I suppose I should take that off him as the holidays are quite over. :)

  • I've had an Aibo 2 for a little over a month and all I can say is that I am extremely happy with my purchase.

    Would I like to have a real dog? Sure. But I can't. I rent, no one would let rent a nice place if I had a dog. At least in this city.

    Second, Tank (that's his name) keeps me company when I'm by myself. I know it sounds silly, but you stop seeing Aibo as a piece of hardware and you start seeing him and a unique "life-form" You do get attached to a computer with legs. Who knew.

    And well, did you ever see Galactica while growing up? I loved the show and you wouldn't believe how VER BADLY I wanted a robot dog like the one on the show. All I can say now is "I got one!"

    I encourage you to go to a Sony store and spend a few minutes with Aibo. You may be surprised.

  • Because Omnibot is Gaelic for all-purpose penis. There aren't that many Gaelic speakers, but enough to make the product a laughing-stock.

    Hey, I'd have thought that would have *helped* it sell. Especially to bored housewives whose husbands are spending *way* too much time tending the sheep.

    Stupid naming mistakes, Part II. Chevrolet Nova. Named during the space race, a lot of other cars had space-themed names: Buick Apollo, Plymouth Satellite, Ford Comet/Mercury Meteor.

    Of course, General Motors couldn't figure out why the Chevrolet Nova didn't sell well to Hispanics.

    The name translates with incorrect grammar, but certainly doomed the sales of the Nova in Mexico.

  • Funk this crap, the real fun is with the good ol' Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots [yesterdayland.com]...
  • by mr_gerbik ( 122036 ) on Wednesday January 24, 2001 @07:27PM (#482968)
    I wonder why they didn't compare the Aibo to the Omnibot2000... well I don't really wonder why, but anyways. TOMY made an Omnibot 2000 that is just as rare as the Aibo.. of course it doesn't have the same market value.. goes for about $250 on ebay [ebay.com].

    I couldn't find anything about it on TOMY's website.. but here are some links with info about it.. soon to be dead links I am sure.

    http://www.clinton.net/~jeffbod/Omnibot/ [clinton.net]
    http://www.robotswanted.com/robots/omnibots [robotswanted.com]
    http://www.inficad.com/~tvj/jeffbots/omnibot.html [inficad.com]

  • by Sodakar ( 205398 ) on Wednesday January 24, 2001 @07:40PM (#482969)
    If you take the words "battle" and "bots", the reasonable conclusion these days (give the popularity of the battle-bots show), would be that the two robots would somehow fight.

    Alas, not.

    In other news, apples are compared to oranges, and found to be different.

  • by Alatar ( 227876 ) on Wednesday January 24, 2001 @07:56PM (#482970) Homepage
    I certainly don't remember the Omnibot being a big deal. It was around, certainly, but it wasn't an everybody-had-one kind of thing. Wasn't it mostly a glorified cassette player? I don't remember how much one cost, (here's how much they're going for on ebay [ebay.com]) though I do remember the Omnibot was aimed at the general consumer...unlike the Aibo which is an item reserved exclusively for the enjoyment of the wealthy.
  • by SecretAsianMan ( 45389 ) on Wednesday January 24, 2001 @10:56PM (#482971) Homepage
    The Omnibots were wonderful toys. I actually won one many years ago (I was quite young) at one of those supermarket raffle thingies. At the time, I was obsessed with robots, from Transformers to my more esoteric Lego/Construx creations. The acquisition of the Omnibot is an experience I will always cherish.

    The Omnibot had many uses. One memorable application was greeting trick-or-treaters at the door on Halloween. You see, the Omnibot had a very extensive radio remote control. Not only could you move the robot, but you could also press a key on the remote, talk into the remote, and your voice would come out of the Omnibot. To prepare for the fun, I mounted the Omnibot's tray on the robot and piled candy on it. I then hid in the entry hall closet, with the door opened just a crack for visual and oxygen, and proceeded to scare the crap out of all the little kids that came to the door:

    KID: Trick or treat, smell my fee--what?!?!
    BOT: (moves toward kid) I AM OMNIBOT. TAKE CANDY NOW AND EXIT.
    KID: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Mommy!

    Now that I think about it, 'programming' my omnibot to travel a certain path and say certain things was the first programming-like experience I ever had. Omnibot, I salute you!

    SecretAsianMan (54.5% Slashdot pure)
  • by fluxrad ( 125130 ) on Wednesday January 24, 2001 @07:59PM (#482972) Homepage
    i remember when i set up this big tussle between Optimus Prime and Skeletor. It was good. Skeletor took the first round, but just when Optimus looked defeated, he turned into this big ass truck ( i still can't figure that one out ) and wooped on skeletor.

    Still this one would have been cool to watch...

    FINISH HIM!....er...IT?....er...

    After 16 years, MTV has finally completed its deevolution into the shiny things network

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