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Comment Re:Fever? (Score 0) 692

You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, and are just ranting through your Apple hatred glasses. I have an iPad and I get real work done on it every day. For example just today, I gave a 50 page presentation using my iPad. And a few weeks ago, I was giving a presentation to about 100 people. and right before I went on, I was still editing my presentation, right on my iPad.
I am also able to get my work email and calendar, so, I have the ability to do most communication tasks I would do on my desktop. Plus, in a pinch, I can turn on VPN in to the work network, and run VNC, and do some tasks there.
Also, since the iPad is so small I take it everywhere, and I have the 3G model, so I can almost do all of my work from anywhere at anytime. Recently there was an issue with one of the applications I manage, and I wasn't home, and all I had to do was take out my iPad, connect, and I was able to fix the issue with just the iPad.


Submission + - No more PHP exploits because of Anti-Hacking laws (

juct writes: "The German security expert Stefan Esser, who declared March to be the Month of PHP Bugs resigns to the new Anti-Hacking laws in Germany and removes all demo exploits from the MoPB pages. In his PHP security blog he explains: "This new law renders the creation and distribution of software illegal that could be used by someone to break into a computer system"."

First Third-party Native iPhone Application Released 192

An anonymous reader writes "A third-party native application for the iPhone is now available. Gizmodo discusses the real full-fledged iPhone application with a graphic user interface and its own icon in the iPhone home screen. It is not a Web 2.0 app but the real thing. What is it? Ironically enough, MobileTerminal, 'a terminal emulator application for the iPhone. is NOT an SSH client, nor Telnet for that matter. It can however be used to execute a console ssh-client application.' The iPhone dev revolution has just started."

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