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Quimby2000 89

cote finally sent us a candidate worth voting for: Joseph Fitzpatrick Fitzgerald Fitzhenry Quimby! He's anti gun control (but pro bullet control) and his tax plan is perfect! (With our first week of election coverage finally wrapped up, I needed the laugh).
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  • Because it's humour is far too referential - every joke in it seems to be a reference to some film/book/famous person/song/whatever, which really gets on my tits.

    I must concur fully! That's what makes the episodes I listed what I would consider to be "classics". No humor that references topics that will come and go in the next 10 years.

    Someone moderate this guy up! :)
  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday October 20, 2000 @04:44PM (#687872)
    The last season, and probably the previous two or three seasons, have seen a precipitous decline in the quality of writing on the simpsons.

    The cause? Ian Maxtone-Graham.

    Ian Maxy-Pad and the other amateur's who've been brought in to write for the Simpsons will gladly destroy characterizations built up over years in pursuit of a few laughs for poor jokes. In a 1998 interview, Graham admitted he didn't even watch the Simpson's before he was brought in to write for it. Perhaps it's worth noting that Graham also wrote for SNL, and left that program in shambles when he left.

    I suggest everyone write to Fox, and demand the ouster of Fagboy-Graham and the current crop of shitty writers. Bring back Conan. Bring back the other decent writers. Even new writers who have at least seen the first four seasons are better than the assholes who are now writing the Simpsons.

  • You forgot to mention:

    "This slashdot posting payed for by the commitee to elect Diamond Joe Quimby."
  • I don't mean to slam anybody or flame anybody...And I may burn a few karma...But enough of the "Why did they post this story vs. my story"...The internet is bigger than 1 site (/.) Start your own site if /. is not covering everything you feel it should be. (I myself love a little humor mixed in with all the geek junk)
  • sounds like providence ri, and our mayer (cianci) ... look up "Plunderdome" on google to see what im talking about :/
  • by pb ( 1020 )
    Even with Quimby being included in this next round of the debates, many candidates are being ignored by the fascist US administration, and I feel the people have the right to know about them!

    BRAK, OOG, and Slashdot Cruiser are all viable candidates for the US Presidency. Personally, I was going to vote Nader, but I would much rather vote BRAK, if only to get funding for the Cartoon Network!

    So, in this election, vote your conscience.

    pb Reply or e-mail; don't vaguely moderate [].
  • um, actually my Karma is frozen at 59.

    (what this means, AC, is that it does not go up when a comment is moderated up. In fact, my posting it twice just increases the likelyhood that one or both will be marked "Redundant", thus reducing my precious, precious karma)

    Repeating an interesting post as a topic that came up inside a thread is a common and accepted practice in usenet, you know.

    The truth is, I really enjoyed the article. It's well-written (it was in the new yorker) and I thought a lot of slashdotters would like it. If you want to know what I think about karma, look at this post I made a while back [].

    so basically, go to hell.

  • I'd disagree with you. As many outside the US [and quite afew within it] know, there's a popular perception that Americans do not have a sense of irony. It might not be accurate, but we Ausssies don't have kangarros in out back yard and haven't heard of anyone called 'Monterey Jack' either.

    The Simpsons goes quite some way to crushing that notion.
  • The biggest problem here is that Quimby doesn't seem to realize that you can't take real money from people who don't have any real money. You might as well launch an assault against Hasbro's printers as steal Canadian dollars.

    (Hasbro owns Parker Brothers, makers of Monopoly. See SatireWire [] for details on Hasbro's new printers.)
  • by Aash ( 130966 ) on Friday October 20, 2000 @07:04PM (#687881) Homepage

    Quimby: Demand? Who are you to demand anything? I run this town. You're just a bunch of low-income nobodies!
    Assistant: Uh, election in November. Election in November...
    Quimby: What? Again!? This stupid country.

  • Futurama is everything the Simpsons used to be and MORE! A geek haven with sublte jokes that your sister "doesn't get". It's great. I love it. Besides, who can beat the _hilarious_ MP3s you can get off Napster featuring Fry, Bender, Leela and the gang. I love it!

    The wheel is turning but the hamster is dead.

  • Did I say that I "loved it"? I do.

    The wheel is turning but the hamster is dead.

  • mmmmmm... poutine...
  • I in fact know people who have completed minor transactions using Canadian Tire money. One of these also wanted to play poker with it...
  • In fact I would go so far as to say it's already over, the show died sometime last season. I've been a loyal fan since '92 but it's painfully obvious that the show has gone down in quality so severely ever since Conan left, that it is now in such a sad state I can barely bring myself to watch an entire episode without cringing. The jokes have become deadpan, predictable and witless. It's time to cancel The Simpsons and put Off to rest.
  • 1961 - Joe Quimby Sr. mysteriously disappears. His body is found a decade later, marooned in a sand trap in the back nine.

    and then...

    1978 - Joe Quimby reluctantly graduates from college, after his father threatens to take away his girlfriend.

    I guess that Joe Quimby Sr. was a very influential man.

    And who says that Joe Sr. is actually Joe Jr.'s dad?
    1950 - On February 9, Joe Jr. "Joe-Joe" is born, his father's first legitimate child. Joe Sr. also has children with Agnes Moorehead and, later, with all of his son's nannies.

    What, you're going to believe a politician's web site?

    Jay (=
  • ... yeah, I agree, a lot of the more recent episodes are not as good ... still, there is a gem here and there ... I hadn't thought about the guest angle aspect, but I think that is a perceptive assessment ... my wife seems to think that the last several years episodes start out fine for the 1st 5-10 minutes and are a hoot, but the remainder of the show sucks ...

    My favorite episodes ... here goes ... not in any particular order ...

    • Bart gets caught shoplifting - Buy me Bonestorm or go to hell.
    • The Pulp Fiction parody - Bart and Milhaus spitting off of the bridge ... tall guy in the VW pulls down Nelson's pants and makes him march ...
    • The Sideshow Bob episode where the Simpsons become the Thompsons and go to Terror Lake ... Check out my new chainsaw and hockey mask ...
    • The Johnny Cash/chilli cookoff/space coyote/soulmate episode ...
    • the 3 segment spin-off parody - love-matic grandpa, wiggum pi, and the variety show knock-off ...
    • any episode with the comic book store guy in it ...
    • the halloween special where the children were being eaten by the teachers - i think another segment was a poe story knockoff, and another had Homer zapping through time ... or was that the attack of the giant marketing statues ...
    • Flanders goes insane when house is destroyed - We don't believe in rules, man. We gave that all up when we stared living like freaky beatniks ...

    Some of the worst episodes have been indeed recent episodes - the one where Homer and Flanders go to Vegas, I can't think of ones right now but there have been more than a few stinkers lately ...

  • Could be the .475 Linebaugh, arguably one of the most powerful handgun cartridges in the world. It's based on a cut-down .45-70. While velocities don't achieve the same level as the 475 Wildey Magnum, it's loaded with much heavier bullets so kinetic energy is comparable.
  • Al Gore may have invented the internet, but "Diamond" Joe Quimby invented the Accu-Grip "personal comfort device", available through mail-order ads in the back of most major adult publications. If elected, Quimby will continue this commitment to high-technology, investing $100 billion to build a satellite based defense system that can also descramble porn.

    hell yeah! hes got my vote! <G>
  • His body is found a decade later, marooned in a sand trap in the back nine.

    Weeeeeeell, it doesn't say his dead body, does it? ;)

  • by 575 ( 195442 )
    Al Gore's a liar!
    The internet's true founder:
    Vote Professor Frink []
  • You can thank Matt Groening for the early simpsons (choking, causing heads to throb, tyrant homer, the bartman, "don't have a cow, man").

    The real genius behind the Simpsons is George Myer and his fellow writers from Harvard's Lampoon and Army Man. I think most of them are gone.

  • by Jonathan ( 5011 ) on Friday October 20, 2000 @05:42PM (#687894) Homepage
    Monty Python is a really bad example for your point. "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" depends completely on references to the King Arthur legend, as "Life of Brian" depends on the Gospel. Come to think about it, all humor is a reference to something else.
  • I know where my vote is going. At least with Diamond Joe, we got an idea on who he's likely to sleep with ;)

    "Hey, who's the chick in the third row?" -- Diamond Joe, speaking on Wacking Day, Springfield

  • Try lynx. It works fine from AIX. You're right about fox being moronic, though.
  • "1) Their references are necessary - if you don't get the reference, you don't get the joke"
    I dont think Simpons is like this at all...One of the large parts of the appeal of the Simpsons seems to be that you can not get the reference at all, and its still funny! That is why kids can enjoy the Simpsons, as well as adults.
  • If bullets are outlawed, only outlaws will have bullets!
  • It would never work anyway. I mean, why steal canadian money? It's not like it's worth anything :-)
  • For those who don't find anyone worth voting for, Quimby could be a good protest vote.
    >br> Seems Mickey Mouse didn't fit the bill.
  • Worst senator ever.
  • If I was an American, I'd vote for Diamond Joe. I agree, forget bullets, club people with your pistols and rifles! Mwahaha!

  • by TheCaptain ( 17554 ) on Friday October 20, 2000 @04:28PM (#687904)
    My idea of gun control is hitting what I intended to.
  • So, in other words, you're saying that the money is more safe in the hands of politicians (ie. the US Gov't) than in the hands of the people who earned the money in the first place ...
  • by Styder ( 246175 ) on Friday October 20, 2000 @04:30PM (#687906) Homepage
    QUIMBY IT IS! I like his "I didn't do it" policy! and he OPENLY womanizes as opposed to other candidates who think they're covering it up.

    You can have Gore's "Fuzzy Math", Bush's "Lock Box" or Quimby's "CHOWDA!"

    If you want a good candidate, Vote Quimby!

  • A simpsons character comes to life! All right!
  • What are you talking about ? Half the Monty Python sketches were making fun of the copywriting of the day, and Blackadder was sending up British History. If that isn't "referential" what is ??

    You're just moaning because The Simpsons is referring to pop culture instead of something more esoteric. You're entitled to dislike the thing, but "They don't make 'em like they used to" is a tired old song.

    Most comedy is "about" something. Sometimes the idea is strong enough that it will support an entire series (I'll grant you Fawlty Towers is in this category) and sometimes it's not. Hardly a terrible fault.

    So is the new star trek any better or worse than the old one ? Have another look in 20 years and they'll both be better than whatever remake just hit your screens/holoprojector/neural implant.

  • by Anonymous Coward
    I filtered out "United States" so I didn't have to see this stuff. Thanks a lot.
  • In lieu of our recent VP candidates I think Ralph would more than fit.

    "I created the Internet" - Al Gore
    "Its potatoe, not potato" - Dan Quayle
    "Some people have too much freedom" - George W.

    "My cats breath smells like catfood" - Ralph

  • You can have all the Canadian script you want. It's worthless. Real Canadians use the money printed by Canadian Tire for all their purchases.

  • Sorry to say, the guy's name was Roger Myers.

  • Under Joe's plan, Americans will stop paying taxes altogether. We will simply send the military across our northern border every morning, and beat up the Canadians for their lunch money.

    Well I'm going to write him in just for his tax plans... We should up the amount of H1-B visas for his immigration plan too :-)

    "If you can't beat them, arrange to have them beaten."
    -- George Carlin
  • 1986-present - Joe Quimby presides over Springfield during the greatest period of peace, prosperity and massive corruption the town has ever known.

    Sounds a lot like our non-toon government. Bring us prosperity and you can have all the blowjobs in the Oval office you want! If the economy had turned sour though, I doubt if Quim^H^H er... Clinton would have survived.

    I watch the sea.
    I saw it on TV.

  • I'm using Netscape Communicator 4.72 on Linux. I had no problems viewing the site

  • Sorry, they should have placed an additional disclaimer on the page.

    News for nerds. Stuff that matters*.
    *stuff that matters to those with a measurable IQ
  • We must go forward, not backward, upward, not downward, always twirling, twirling ...
  • You're right, there have been a few good ones.

    Trash of the Titans was season 10 (the one coming up this year is 12), and I really enjoyed Treehouse of Horror X (Y2K, The Collector and I Know What You Diddly-Did Last Summer) and Brother's Little Helper.

    Again, they pulled the celebrity card (Mark McGuire at the end of Brother's Little Helper and Xena and Tom Arnold (celeb? you make the call) in Treehouse X), but overall, good episodes with great one liners.
  • No, I think he's trying to get the first black man.

    (Watch the first couple of episodes, then respond.)

  • No problems for me, either, and I'm using Mozilla on Linux.
  • You can see a picture of him, Here! []

  • To be honest, I've never much liked the Simpsons. Why? Because it's humour is far too referential - every joke in it seems to be a reference to some film/book/famous person/song/whatever, which really gets on my tits. Unfortunately, this type of humour seems to be a cancer of the modern age; all films and sit coms released these days suffer from the same malaise. Remember the days when humour used to be original, and stand alone? Classics like Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, Blackadder (excuse the British slant). Those days seem to have disappeared.

    I have a theory that the reason for this is the feminisation of modern entertainment. Everything now has to be comfortable, known and within safe boundaries. Another example of this would be Star Trek (not humour, I know). It used to have people of real character - Kirk, Spock, Bones etc - and almost every episode involved travelling to new planets and having new experiences. But, in TNG, they hardly ever visit new planets! They are always getting trapped in their damned holodeck, stuck in their own minds. Everything is directed inwards, rather than outwards, towards the frontier. This inward directed cancer of self reference seems to be spreading throughout our entertainment industry, and it's really pissing me off!

    Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest.

  • 90th Post.
  • I am an idiot.
  • Because slashdot said to submit articles about republicans. Yet when such articles are submited they are rejected.
  • the only reason i read the comments on this is to see how many lame posts there would be until someone posted a bitch about this. a friend pointed this out to me as he passed me the url for this (the content is great) and both agreed it we hellalame.
  • Well bite me.
  • There's only one candidate worth voting for this year, and that's Vermin Supreme []-- He may not have the worst policies, but he has worst habedashery, and the ugliest HTML! Vermin Supreme promises to make crime against the law! combat illiterates! Fight the unemployed! And stop pregnant teenagers!

    Have any other candidates released their dental records to the press? I think not! Gotta wonder what they're hiding, eh?

    ...And if you think Vermin's a joke, you should see the other candidates!
  • Forgot to include my link.

    Btw, it's Meyer, I misspelled it before.

    Here's a long story about George Meyer, who is a comic genius and a really cool guy. It's long, but a great read. l

  • Yes, obviously you are correct - all humour is a reference to some degree or another. But, too clarify my point (or wriggle out of this hole;-), I would say that the difference is that modern comedy shows do the following:

    1) Their references are necessary - if you don't get the reference, you don't get the joke

    2) The references of older shows are to a wider, or common pool of knowledge among everyone. If not, they are subtle, and not necessary

    3) Modern shows make references about other Modern shows and 'fads', which older shows just didn't

    4)In modern shows these references are rammed down you're throat all the time. They seem to be the entire point of the show at times (cf The Simpsons)

    Anyway, I definately think there is a qualitative difference between the two. Modern shows seem to be all pop culture and making inside jokes that will make the guy who gets it feel pleased with himself for having got it. It just gets a bit tiresome, after a while.

  • by grappler ( 14976 ) on Friday October 20, 2000 @06:02PM (#687931) Homepage
    I posted this in the "Simpsons Rant" thread, but I thought I'd put it in the main discussion thread too.

    The real reason for the success of the Simpsons is not Matt Groening, but a writer from the Lampoon, Harvard's in-house humor magazine. Sam Simon, a producer, liked George Meyer's Army Man enough that he tracked Meyer down and hired the whole staff onto the Simpsons.

    The rest is history.

    You can read a nice long story about it here: rvi ews/meyer00.html []

  • "Worst episode ever. Rest assured that I was on the Internet within minutes, registering my disgust throughout the world." - Comic Book Guy

  • Really, there are flesh and blood babes out there, not just pron bithes...

    Yeah, but:

    1. The babes don't want anything to do with us, and
    2. It's THE FUCKING SIMPSONS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! This isn't the Jetsons or She-Ra or even Transformers. It's THE SIMPSONS, at a completely separate level of importance.
    Nuff said.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Nothing in the second ammendment mentions the right to own bullets.

    "This gun has cost me everything. Everything but my precious gun." -- Homer Simpson
  • The Bible also says (and I'm kinda cleaning this up to modern english) Don't judge or you risk being judged.

    I'm not Christian but I think lines like this are part of what Christanity is all about..
    the "Loving" and "Caring" god of Christianity is missing from todays dogma and thats really sad. A good philosophy lost to paranoia and hate.

    Oh about the "Subject" of my reply.. Tit for tat.. I don't see why Microsoft begging Linux bashers can't be called Satanists after all the insults thrown at Linux advocates.
    Yes it's a tool.. and carry a tool box full of Fisher Price tools and insult Craftsmen and see if you ever get taken sereously...
  • by RAruler ( 11862 ) on Friday October 20, 2000 @04:34PM (#687936) Homepage
    Quimby's reckless disregard for the Canadians, and the fact that he wants to come up and steal our lunch money is a horrible idea. We Canadian's won't sit idly and let you American thugs steal our poutine money. We have a formidable offense, including Bryan Adams and Celine Dion. We do not like to think that we would have to unleash such a terrible force, but if forced to, we will use such drastic measures.

    Oh, yeah, and I don't your Mecha Striesand can stand up to such an aural offense.

  • What about the right to bear legs?
  • I give a fukin' hell of a fuk, and yeah -- gun control works, as shown in Australia, among other countries. It works for the proliferation of armed crimes, since they are about 95% sure that their victim is unarmed.

    I don't know what you think "pansies" are, exactly, but if you mean that those polititians won't say what they're thinking and they avoid the issues, swaggering up to other candidates in threatening postures, you're right.

    MAN... is this thread getting off-topic, or what?
    Screw the Quimbey corruption! Vote American []

    all misspellings were intentional.
    this is not a sig.

    all misspellings were intentional.

  • Ok, sorry to do this, but I think many Simpsons fans will agree with me.

    Lately, the Simpsons has been declining in quality, there's no doubt about it. I feel the reason is rather than good content with story long shows, they're bringing in guest stars to fill the bill. Last season they had Limp Bizkit, Brittany Spears, Mel Gibson, John Goodman and others.

    Don't get me wrong, making use of celeberity guests can enhance a show, but when you use them as the primary reason for viewers to tune in, overall show quality degrades.

    Remember the classic episodes like Who Shot Mr. Burns Part I and II, Trash of the Titans, Mayored to the Mob, Flamin' Moe's, Dufflessness and $pringfield? Some of them (Trash of the Titans and Flamin' Moe's) had celebrity guests (Steve Martin and Aerosmith respecively), but the overall story and humor were out of this world. Trash of the Titans happens to be my personal favorite.

    The other thing is that Matt Groening is now concentrating on Futurama, so he's not doing any of the writing for The Simpsons. Bring Matt back!

    Well, that's enough for me. In summary we want content over guest stars!!

    What do all of you folks think of the overall direction of The Simpsons (better or worse, and why)?
  • by tooth ( 111958 ) on Friday October 20, 2000 @04:36PM (#687940)
    1961 - Joe Quimby Sr. mysteriously disappears. His body is found a decade later, marooned in a sand trap in the back nine.

    and then...

    1978 - Joe Quimby reluctantly graduates from college, after his father threatens to take away his girlfriend.

    I guess that Joe Quimby Sr. was a very influential man.

  • Ralph is too young, though his IQ is about right. No, I think we need someone with integrity, someone with intelligence, someone with a crush on Mr. Burns.

    I say, Smithers for VP.

  • by deglr6328 ( 150198 ) on Friday October 20, 2000 @04:37PM (#687942)
    It makes no difference who you vote for. Either way, this planet is doomed.... DOOMED!

    That said, I'm voting for Kodos [].
  • Yes, Fox is still at it! If you visit Mayor Quimby's official campaign site [] using Netscape under Linux, you get a nice message indicating that you're a second class citizen []. Idn't that special?
  • FYI, I have all but about 10 episodes of The Simpsons on VCD, so I've seen them all. I have a good understanding of how the show has progressed over the years.

    I figured I'd pop in to say that I'd be willing to pay a reasonable fee for good quality, stereo VHS recordings of all/most of the episodes. Anybody feel like dubbing off their collection for some cash?

    -The Reverend (I am not a Nazi nor a Troll)
  • I would say that the difference is that modern comedy shows do the following:
    1) Their references are necessary - if you don't get the reference, you don't get the joke

    Not necessarily -- while the Simpsons' "Planet of the Apes" musical was obviously funnier if you'd actually seen the movie, it was pretty funny all on its lonesome as well.

    2) The references of older shows are to a wider, or common pool of knowledge among everyone. If not, they are subtle, and not necessary

    But this has been around forever... Monty Python made references to other BBC programs and British personalities an American audience -- or even a young British audience today -- would be perfectly unaware of. Not just subtle ones, either -- there are entire running gags or sketches that pretty much depend on the audience knowing about Britishisms like TV licence fees or early-70s-isms like hippie squatters. Likewise with old radio comedies -- these things are teeming with inside jokes that don't make sense if you're not aware of the styles and personalities of *other* radio shows -- especially stuff like Bob&Ray which was almost entirely parodies of standard radio fare like "Suspense" or "Johnny Dollar"...

    3) Modern shows make references about other Modern shows and 'fads', which older shows just didn't

    Check out war-era Warner Bros. cartoons -- or for that matter all those Tex Avery 'toons with zoot suits and swing music...

    4)In modern shows these references are rammed down you're throat all the time. They seem to be the entire point of the show at times (cf The Simpsons)

    That should be "your", not "you're".

    I think rather, the point is that while in previous eras it could be safely assumed that everyone in your audience shared certain cultural touchstones -- everybody watched the same 3 channels, listened to Frank Sinatra or Bing Crosby, and knew who Mussolini was. But nowadays, the culture pool is astoundingly huge and diverse. There's very little stuff left that *everybody* can be assumed to catch, and what little there is has been comedically strip-mined to the point of exhaustion.

    Of course, the Simpsons has always been about the mildly obscure pop culture reference -- certainly it's the first cartoon I can recall seeing references to "Patton" in, much less "The Omega Man". But I don't think it's solely about trying to flaunt the writers' erudition -- Groening referred to the references as "time bombs"... The younger members of the audience may not get the whole joke right away, but some day when they come across the source material, there'll be a flash of recognition and they'll say "Oh! So *that's* what that was all about. I wonder how much more of this kind of cool stuff is out there?"

    perl -e '$_="06fde129ae54c1b4c8152374c00";
    s/(.)/printf "%c",(10,32,65,67,69,72,
  • JUST a cartoon show?!?!?! Sir, Simpsons *is* life.
  • 1) Their references are necessary - if you don't get the reference, you don't get the joke

    You may not get the joke, but you can still get a joke. Part of the reason why The Simpsons is a classic is because the humour works on different levels (to put it mostly basicly, adult and juvenile - cf the old Warner Brothers cartoons, which also worked on multiple levels).

    I have two younger brothers, aged 17 and 12, and they laugh their asses off at The Simpsons, just like me. But we laugh for somewhat different reasons. Whenever I try to explain a Simpsons joke which is a reference, they look at me like I'm an idiot. They don't get it, and it's not why they love the show. Similarly, my sister started watching Futurama, and loves it too, despite not getting any of the sci-fi jokes.
    In an infinite universe, all things are possible.

  • I agree... but I don't think you can recreate what was great about the Simpsons, just as you can't recreate what was great about early SNL. I just wish they would take it off life support...

    That being said, I have enjoyed a COUPLE of new Simpsons... but I can't remember what they were about, so obviously they didn't make that big an impression on me... :)

    "It's not just about freaks... it's about music... and advertising... and youth-oriented product positioning..."
  • Which would explain Mr. Burns's endorsement...

  • Of course; you haven't been reading the posts by the people who earn that money (self included, albeit not much of it) for very long, apparently. ;)

  • The simpsons have been on for many years. I am sure that the producers, writers, and artists are all bored to death with the show by now.

    I agree that the show has been declining in quality. But that's part of the natural cycle of any television show. Let it die, encourage others take it's place.

    fwiw: futurama can be pretty damn funny.

  • Actually if you went to the site you would have seen that it isn't real. It is political satire & I was just saying that this "Duke" is like Mayor Quimby, as in being a cartoon character running for president with funny positions. You should go see his position on education...he wants to hire one teacher for each subject and give them a TV channel, lol.
  • ... and I'd use some of them to shoot the writers churning out the bilge on the Simpson's for the past couple of seasons. And I'd pop the new homer too. Face it, the Simpson's time is past. It reminds me of last few years of the the Cosby show. Dreck. And the lame threat of attacks on Canadians is getting old.
  • Why is that this is supposed to be a Linux geek site, but it isn't until the 68th post in this thread that someone complains about being inhospitable to their "favorite" operating system?

    Could it be that most of you|us still surf the web using Windows|Mac?

    Has /. ever released server stats showing percentage of hits/page views by OS?

  • I actually knew a guy named John Patrick Frances Xavier Quigley ... strange similiarity!

    VOTE QUIMBY! 'Der Quimbmeisterensheitzenhousen

  • It would never work anyway. I mean, why steal canadian money? It's not like it's worth anything :-)

    Maybe he meant Canadian Tire money?

    For non-Canadians, this is a company which uses an actual bank-note company to print store money. 3% return on anything you buy.

    This must drive their accountants absolutely bat-shit crazy because every bill that they've printed must still be counted on the books. (In case every Canadian suddenly pulled out the $50+ of Canadian Tire money stashed away and bought a tire or an ice-scraper.)

    And you can't get rid of the stuff, because you get 3% more of it even if you use their stuff.
  • Haha, trying to get the first gay man in the White House, eh?
  • Joe Quimby is soft on crime! Just a few years ago, he let a madman like Sideshow Bob free! One more good reason to prevent that ever from happening again: vote Sideshow Bob for Mayor!

  • by MathJMendl ( 144298 ) on Friday October 20, 2000 @04:41PM (#687959) Homepage
    Sounds a lot like Duke [], the character from Doonesbury. And I quote, regarding the surplus, "The Republicans worry that it'll all disappear in some pork barrel social program; I worry that it will literally disappear. Vanish. If you put it in the stock market or in some bank, it's just a few bytes of memory on a computer, vulnerable to hacker-terrorists, or worse, daytraders, who can take down our economy in ten seconds of panic...I think we'd better take a good hunk of it, and put it somewhere safe. Change it into small bills, drop it in a bunch of titanium cases, and bury it in strategic sites throughout the 50 states. The feeling of security we'll have knowing that we've got real cash if we need it, will more than compensate for the lost interest."

I've got a bad feeling about this.