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Interview with Creators of Cowboy Bebop 70

I stumbled accross an interview with the creators of Cowboy Bebop running in the latest issue of Ex. Tons of nifty bits including some spoilers (they are obscured, so if you, like me, haven't seen the 2 DVDs that haven't yet been released in the US, don't worry) as well as the revelation that the script is written for the Bebop movie. Tons of great Fay fan service for CowboyNeal too.
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Interview with Creators of Cowboy Bebop

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  • I agree with you about the predictablity of Disney Animation Stories/plots but, I believe its quality of the animation itself is still superior to that of the Animation coming out of Japan.
    Cartoon network has some original stuff that is quite good.
    I find it ironic that no one looks at French animation, since that is where the word 'Anime' comes from.
  • Ah.. I dont get the faye obsession. It is quite obvious to see that HANDS DOWN, Ed is the coolest character in Bebop.

  • Ed? She's okay, but EIN is the true master of Bebop. A Welsh Corgi that can hack websites is a winner in my book...
  • This is probably a stupid question, but I never understood it in Evangelion... what is fan service?
    Harsh But Fair: you know it makes sense
  • Yet another story of far significant importance was delayed/ignored to make room for this useless anime update. Screw the "disable-the-topic-if-you-don't-like-it dept" bit. This isn't supposed to be an anime site. CmdrTaco, do the democratic thing and create a poll asking what the public thinks. If it turns out the majority wants anime on slashdot, then I won't argue anymore.
  • No, they get excited over our live action movies and pop-stars like we get excited over the cartoons. Frankly, I think we get the better end of the trade. The highest grossing movie in Japan was Titanic, and they can keep it thankyou (followed closely by Mononoke Hime, which is beautiful). Most US cartoons are pretty weak, last time I checked. I can't think of any US cartoons other than Batman Beyond that are currently in production that I like (powerpuff girls aint bad, but its no prize).
  • I thought the word came from the "anima" in "animation". It's pronounced more or less the same way and seems more likely. In my experience Japanese has almost no words taken from French (I live in Quebec, and I am learning Japanese).
  • FYI, there are a total of 6 DVD's which comprise the U.S. Cowboy Bebop release. Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4 are already released. Volumes 5 and 6 are going to be released soon.

  • by Jawbox ( 113491 )

    First of all, I've got to say that Cowboy Beebop is right up there with my favorite Anime titles. It has humor, great animation, and a pretty decent story but most of all it has the best OST of any series i can think of right now! *grin* I can feel the flames that that might draw. But I am very serious, Bebop really has some energy and that is something that a few other titles could really pick up on(I'll mention no names!) There just aren't enough series with Jazz or Bebop in the soundtrack.

    Now for the rant!

    I love seeing Anime on Slashdot. Hell, anime stories are a breath of fresh air compared to the usual YRO and Katz submissions. But I'm ready to say pull the plug on it for the simple reason that 80% of the posts are offtopic rantings about how Slashdot should be all hardcore tech articles. The subject is a damn troll magnet. What the hell is wrong with people! I mean it's pretty sick that we have all this bullshit about free expression and being able to express ourselves, but as soon as Anime comes up the flames and trolls start to overwelm the comments. Its about time people starting using their heads, if you don't like the topic, don't post to it, and don't read it. Boycott the Anime topic. That speaks a hell of alot more than any "How is this News for Nerds?" or "Slashdot is turning into crap" posting from an Anonymous Coward does.

  • Cowboy Bebop is great, better than any american movie, nothing is predictable, great story and characters, very very futuristic and realistic the same time, not to many people understands that, its like drum'n'bass music, not everybody likes it.
  • sure, EX really is one of the most known anime magazines on the net, but on the other side, i still haven't received their archive CDs i ordered (and payed) over six months ago. go figure.

    oh yes, btw, Bebop really rox.

  • by latro ( 292 )

    Well, the flaw there is that if Taco comes across an anime story that he feels is interesting, he is going to post it on his website.

    My question is: why do you care? Nobody is forcing you to read the articles. I understand you feel there is some other story more deserving of that slot on the main page, but obviously the editors of this website disagree. So why get all riled up about it? Just skip over it, filter it out, whatever you want to do (or complain about it - what would an anime story be without the same old predictable complaints?). Just don't expect Taco to stop liking things and to stop posting things he likes.

    Does it say anywhere that this is a democracy? Even if 99% of the readers don't like anime, why should he give up his right to post whatever he thinks is interesting?


  • An entire article about Escaflowne and Cowboy Bebop, and not even a mention to the master of music Yoko Kanno.

    Fear not, we at devoted an entire interview to Yoko Kanno last year. ^^ (We even included a surprise Q&A with her Escaflowne partner Hajime Mizoguchi.)

    EX 4.5: Interview with Kanno Yoko []
    EX 4.5: Escaflowne Panel []

    (Yes, I'm shamelessly biased. ;)

    At the time we visited their office, the Bebop producer, director, and character designer were all there, but not Kanno. However, we did cover the first live concert of Maaya Sakamoto (Hitomi's character voice and opening theme singer for Escaflowne in Japanese) this month, and guess who was there to greet us .... You will find coverage of that concert in later this year. Please keep reading!
  • I'm not trying to start any kind of holy war or anything, I just think that it would be cool to see the statistic, that's all.
  • Pretty much all video games based on anime suck, at least from what I've seen. It's practicly required that if you have an anime series that is made into at video game it has to suck, as to not draw attention away from the anime it's self.
  • So let me get this perfectly straight. Fox, which is airing Escaflowne dubbed into English, has CUT OUT the original soundtrack? ... are they out of their FUCKING _*MINDS*_? It's one of the best OSTs around!

    Even more stupid, they cut out the entire first episode apparently in an effort to make the show "less girly". I shudder to think how much of the series is going to be eviscerated because Fox wants a boy's show, rather than the show they actually decided to air.

  • by Silverhammer ( 13644 ) on Monday August 28, 2000 @01:57PM (#821051)
    If you're willing to pay a premium for imports, all of Yoko Kanno's CDs are available through CD Japan [].

    If you have a hard time finding what you're looking for, go to Tenkuu no Kanno Yoko [] for her complete discography with catalog numbers.

    For anyone else reading this who isn't familiar with the amazing Yoko Kanno, you probably are and simply don't know it. She has composed the soundtracks for many recent hit anime series, including Macross Plus, Escaflowne, Brain Powerd, Turn A Gundam, and Cowboy Bebop, as well as a slew of one-shots for other shows like Please Save My Earth, X/1999, and the Lodoss War TV series.

    Simply put, she is a genius. I can't even begin to describe how diverse and magnificent her work is without lapsing into lame hyperbole. She does it all: choral, orchestral, Celtic/new age, jazz, funk, techno, rock, ska, pop, and several other styles we don't even have names for. Many, many people buy her CDs "sight unseen" because she is just that good.

    For samples in RealAudio format, go here [].
  • He's going to have a full feature next week.

  • Dammit Jeff!!! You're weren't supposed to tell anyone! I'm sooooo disappointed.

  • Fan service is something thrown into anime purely for eye candy, something that doesn't advance the plot (eg BSSM transformations, violence, etc, pretty much what typical laymen USAers find "immoral" about anime). It's to service the fans, so to speak, instead of the plot.

  • The only music from escaflowne that was blatently changed was the intro and ending. However, fox has been given permission to re-arrange kanno's other songs as they see fit, but not remove anything entirely.

    Im just going to buy the DVDs with the origional japanese track and all the yummy extras and be done with it. This bickering about esca edits on TV bother me. If you dont like it, buy the dvds and dont watch the show.

    Esca on tv brings more fans over to anime and therefor more cash into the anime industry, securing the continued creation of such mastery. (or something equally cliche)

    All-in-all, quality big name anime titles on amercian tv is a Good Thing, it can only help the fans.

    New []

  • I think it would be kind of cool if we could get a meter to see now many people disable anime vs how many people don't. Of course, you'd have to throw out all the people who have nothing disabled, but I think it would be cool to see if the Slashdot community in whole is for or against Anime. And even if they are against it, keep the topic, I like it ;)
  • First off, I think it fits. It's interesting, it's quality animation, and Cowboy Bebop is one of the neatest series to come out in quite some time.

    Anime is neat, but in moderation and dependant on what it is. I feel that 99.9% of all anime is just utter crap. Especially the stuff that ends up on standard basic cable or the networks: Only Gundam Wing has been worth watching. (But what a ride that was! Episode 15 onwards was more than worth the time..) Encore's Action channel runs some, but Battle Angel was too rushed/badly done, and I didn't like Macross. Watch Patlabor if it's on; damn cool. Cinemax also runs *cringe* hentai anime on weekend nights. WHY, I don't know. It's utter garbage and trash.

    I still want to smack Taco for making a big fuss about the utter garbage that is new DBZ, though.

    And before anyone comments on it, Anime has a reputation for being childish, or pr0n/tentacle related. This is because this is what becomes popular, or what came first to the US, because it was thought to be popular. This is generally not really reflective of the stuff as a whole. But it partially depends on what you watch as well. I know people that like sugary garbage like "Oh My Goddess!" *shudder*

    For good series, track down the Rurouni Kenshin OAV(Not the series!), Lain, Bebop, etc. I didn't like Evangelion.(the otaku can harass me now.)

    Moving on... Slashdot is _not_ turning into a generic news site, never has, and as far as I can tell never will. (Unless those YRO freaks have their way, but that's another rant.) It's news-for-nerds and at the same time it's cool-stuff-that-interests-Taco. To think otherwise is to hold slashdot on this pillar of news objectivity that it doesn't fit.

    Y'see, if you filter out the garbage that neither Taco nor Hemos posts, you get something that resembles... Yes, that's right, old slashdot! The 'decline' is overrated. Most of the existent decline appears in the posts, the trolls, the lusers and the morons, who sees the site as something that doesn't fit them. Nice and open minded, isn't it?

    Anyway.. Lots of stuff fits on slashdot, whether people think so or not, mainly because you _can't pin people down to a certain subset_. Slashdot is a one stop shop for your stuff needs, and it cannot fill everyone's specific subset: Anime has a bad reputation. Vocal minorities love those to complain about and rant about, in my experience online.

    To put it bluntly, I have seen 'This doesn't fit here!' or 'This shouldn't be here!' when there are a lot of interested people: Since the dawn of slashdot. Even after it switched from Chips and Dips it had a few within the first month.

    Now that I have gone absolutely nowhere with this ramble, I'll stop here. ;)

    (Little proof that I've been around so long, tho; I would have a lower, Four-digit account ID, but for some reason it was nuked. Oh well.)

  • it would be cool to see if the Slashdot community in whole is for or against Anime

    Huh? The 'slashdot community' isn't for or against ANYTHING! Just because we all happen to find a certain news site interesting doesn't mean we all have the same stances on things. Its obvious by the trolling/flaming that goes on in these anime stories that the Slashdot community as a whole is somewhat divided on the matter.
  • I assume they're referring to some of Faye's more "tangible assets". Obviously, Ed doesn't have quite the same pull with male audience. As for myself, I didn't realize for a few episodes that Ed was a girl in the first place! Of course, Ed is beyond classification anyways. However, I agree with you. Faye just tends to annoy me.
  • Its gonna be interesting in a few years once the psychiatric feild has to deal with a new problem -- Grown men who are only attracted to green-haired, poorly animated Japanese cartoon women with grotesquely oversized eyeballs.

    Rob, get some help..please. Your "hobby" is becoming an embarassment to all of us.
    Bowie J. Poag
  • Actually my favorite character is Jet. The scene from Mushroom Samba where Jet is sitting in his Bonsai room saying "Now I understand everything" makes me laugh every time I think of it.

    Faye is just eye candy most of the time. When she has a characterization episode it doesn't really affect the rest of the show.

    Ed is just way too out there for me.

  • Here: me=1&maxstories=30 []

    It will exclude the anime topic, so you don't have to see any more anime articles.

    (It'll also probably screw up the slashboxes, and some other options, but you deserve it)


  • ...I don't know about you but I refuse to support a monopolistic organization that wants to

    a.) ban peer to peer file sharing (there are lobbying congress to do this as wee speak and extend the dmca because they think its too liberal!)

    b.) throw innocent 16 year old kids in jail for corporate profits

    c.) all open source programmers thieves that steal from American bussiness by copying copyrights.

    Oh and I forgot to ask you one more thing? Where did the mpaa get the $200 million to lobby for the dmca act? Its not hard to guess where.

    BAN DVD! wake up people! Corporations only get corrupt if we give them power. I would not be supprised if 2 years from now sony and Time-warner will have literally firewalled every isp in existence for ftp and all other ports except 80 where www belongs(at least I think its 80.). Look at past /. story about sony's VP comments about napster.

    With the recent court ruling and the new extensions to the dmca, ISPs are going to be %100 liable for what a user does! THis new extension plus many more (just look at what they plan to do with software in the new act)are going to be added to the dmca act this fall or next winter folks as congress loves campaign contributions. SCARY AS HELL!

    Microsoft is not our real enemy its hollywood.

    BAN DVD BAN DVD! who is with me ?
  • True, but while it was very easy, the Ghost in the Shell game was very cool... if you can find it.
  • "Fan Service" is slang for gratuitous T & A drawn into a series to titillate the fanboys in the audience.

  • Yeah, Ed's pretty awesome.

    Faye: You're playing that game again?

    Ed: Not again, still.

    Faye: Huh? You've been playing it all WEEK?
  • Well, there go the music videos. (honestly, they don't do as much for the plot as something else might have, but I'd still prefer the series were uncut in the end)

    So, let me indulge my morbid curiosity: how do they establish that Hitomi ends up on Gaia anyway? I hope that they left in enough of the pendant to keep it (and what Hitomi's doing with it) as a critical part of the plot.
  • I'm surprised Katz hasn't posted one of his witty reviews of it.

  • Does Japan get excited over US cartoons the way some of us get excited over theirs?
  • by stefiroth ( 226857 ) on Monday August 28, 2000 @01:28PM (#821070) Homepage
    I've got the first 3 dvd's here, and 4 and 5 are up for order. I have to say it's fantastic: The art is beautiful, the sound is incredible, and the score (produced by Yoko Kanno, who did the original vision of escaflowne theme, among others) is awesome. At times it's incredibly funny, at others, I almost cried. If you haven't seen it yet (Rob) go now. If you want to read more, there's some great reviews on Stefan.
  • Cowboy Beebop is ok, but it's nothing special..

  • Cowboy Bebop has possibly one of the best soundtracks I have ever heard. Such great variety! The animation is wonderfully done, and the stories are at times deep and emotional, and at other times totally hillarious. The characters are great and unique as well!

  • The above comment should be moderated up, its a joke from South Park.. doesn't anyone laugh anymore?
  • by Nightmare Butterfly ( 153065 ) on Monday August 28, 2000 @01:31PM (#821074)

    An entire article about Escaflowne and Cowboy Bebop, and not even a mention to the master of music Yoko Kanno. Oh, well. I'll just continue to hope the the Cowboy Bebop soundtracks come out here.

    What the hell was Fox thinking? Escaflowne without Kanno is like a computer without a monitor.

  • I doubt anyone really gets excited by US animation. Di$ney seems to set the tone and that is just too predictable. Some of the Warner Brothers animation is picking up the slack, but the quality of US animation just doesn't compare.
  • Aghh, man the psx game sucked bad. Avoid like the plague
  • anime varies. it's not all for kids. as for cowboy bebop, try google []
  • You don't like Oh! My Goddess!? Man, where else are you going to find a series that has a literal Godess of Debugging in it? I'd think that it would be more popular around here for that reason if nothing else.

    I suggest that you look for (as you appear to like sf, mecha and deep, or at least cool plots):

    • Vision of Escaflowne (watch at least the first five episodes - I guarantee you'll be hooked)
    • Gundam 0083 UC - Stardust Memories (much better than that tripe known as Gundam Wing)
    • Macross Plus (OAVs not the movie)
    • The two Patlabor movies. (quite possibly the most realistic portrayal of mecha ever)
    • Giant Robo (fun retro anime)
    • Nadia and the Secret of Blue Water (very good Verne-inspired anime, but kind of similar to Eva)

  • I don't know about your area, but around here there is a strong correlation between the Nerds and Anime watching. Slashdot is News For Nerds.

    You can turn off the Anime category in your preferences you know. Personally I'd like to see a poll like:
    1. Love it
    2. Ambivalient
    3. Hate it
    4. Huh?
    Just to get an idea of the demographics on Slashdot.

  • Anime articles have as much of a place on slashdot as Sci-Fi movie articles. A lot of my friends like anime and I would have not known about this interview without the kind folks at slashdot.

    Listen don't read the damn aritcle if you don't like the subject matter.

    I think that including articles about subjects that do not strictly meet computer interests is a helpful and interesting diversion. I don't get into Star Trek even when the whole TNG thing was in full swing. I do like Star Wars however. I am not into the physics/hard science articles but a lot of folks are. The idea that anime should not be included is in my opinion silly.

    If some people are embarrased by stereotypes of anime fans fine, don't read the article but whining all over the boards about it is silly.

  • Ein kicks ass. So does the Heavy Metal Trucker Lady's cat
    A lot of the animals of the series I seem to really like

    Double J. Strictly for the . . .
  • While I can agree that most fan service is made up of Buxom girls with Big Guns,
    "Fan Service" is more than gratuitous titillation. It is the art of the
    Inside Joke, or insider information that is designed to appeal most to
    the hardcore fans of that particular anime series or genre.

    In "Cop show/ Detective" anime, there is usually one character who always carries
    the coolest guns, and can go into great descriptive detail as to the design an
    capabilities of each weapon / device they use or encounter.

    In "Magic girl / Idol" shows, as much emphasis can be placed on the fashion
    choices of the characters as is put on their transformations.

    In Auto Racing shows (Initial D) - a large amount of dialog is expended by
    guys drooling over the souped up features of their respective street racers.

    In "Hacker" anime (Serial Expirements Lain) the audience is presented with
    drool-worthy examples of seamless desktop to network to net-device integration.

    All of these stories all make an effort to appeal to some deep-seating desire
    in their target audience, but all do so by appealing to our interests in
    different ways.

  • In the broadest sense, "fan service" is anything added to the story intended to please the fans without necessarily furthering the story. This could be an elaborate dogfight sequence, a pretty "magical girl" transformation or some gratuitous jiggle and bounce.

    That said, Neon Genesis Evangelion is a special case. The point, often missed, is that the "fan service" aspect of the series one of the many anime cliches that the viewer is invited to re-consider.

  • class BitchNWhine <class Topic> {
    requestRemove(Topic topic);
    inline int getInterestLevel(Topic topic) { return 0; }
    inline bool checkNerdFactor(Topic topic) { return false; }

    my suggestion? delete bitchNWhine;

    but i guess that's just cuz it interests me...

  • Don't get me started on the mainstream view of anime. It won't be pretty.
  • You mean, embarass Linux geeks just like your desktop themes!?
  • Good lord, it scares me that so many people think anime is simply porn. IT'S NOT. Ever seen Pokemon? May not be necessarily wonderful, but it's not porn. Ever watched Kiki's Delivery Service/Totoro? Not porn, not ultraviolent: in fact, they're wholesome family films. Anime ISN'T JUST PORN, folks! I find it terrible that so many people believe that it is. If you wanted to say that, why don't I just go say I think every single American live action show is an utter piece of pornographic crap? Over generalization? You bet. Does that make any sense? No. Is it fair to think the same of anime? No. And for the last time, if you don't anime articles, DISABLE THEM IN PREFERENCES!
  • Be sure to check out Hentai Hong [].
  • I'm embarressed by all the geeks out there who open the topic and post something insulting the people who like said topic. It's stupid. If you don't like it, DON'T READ IT AND TURN IT OFF IN PREFS. That's all there is to it.
  • yes, flamebait, i have heard many other series' sndtrks and find the CB one unique and well done.

  • While I heard that Fox was airing Escaflowne on TV, I haven't seen it. After all, I'm actually kind of pissed off that it introduced a FIVE MONTH delay in the release of the Escaflowne DVDs. Why, if they had been released when they were supposed to be, we would probably have already gotten to the *amazing jaw-dropping episode* by now.

    So let me get this perfectly straight. Fox, which is airing Escaflowne dubbed into English, has CUT OUT the original soundtrack?


    are they out of their FUCKING _*MINDS*_? It's one of the best OSTs around!

    Please tell me that I'm misinterpreting this, and that they didn't replace the soundtrack with some mindless synthesized crap.
  • and just when i started thinking rob had created the anime section exclusively for the benefit of toonami, we get this badass interview. woohoo!

    cowboy bebop rocks! (and escaflowne was and still is one of my favorites...)

  • Well, duh. I'm just a dumb Windows (L)user and even I know that:

    1. Slashdot is "News for Nerds, Stuff that matters".
    2. What good "nerd" hasn't enjoyed at least a couple of good anime movies, or railed against bad ones?
    3. As part of our cultural zeitgeist, anime does "matter", because it shapes and is shaped by the world around us.

    Therefore, anime belongs on Slashdot.

  • by Anonymous Coward
    Is it just me, or is it hypocritical to be talking about something on DVD while the DVDCCA and MPAA sues the DeCSS people into bankruptcy. Judge Kaplan says they have to pay for the proceedings done against them. Like if I hire a thug (US Gov't) to beat you up and then bill you for the thug's services. And even more of our rights get taken away.

    Let's stop talking about DVDs or just end the hypocracy and have Slashdot come out in favor of the DMCA.

  • What a crappy insult.

    Slashdot supports, among other things, the ability to embolden text, and the ability to italicize text (which I don't normally use, because it takes more work).

    But italicized text is not necessarily cursive. Cursive script is quite different from Roman rustic script. (which we'd now call printing) The letters were simplified after the fall of Rome, particularly with regards to how frequently one's pen had to be picked up. And the Carolingian scribes developed mixed-case script.

    Italics, came later. The Italian scribe Niccolo Niccoli mistook Carolingian texts for ancient Roman texts in the 15th century. And liking the natural slant of the blackletter script (which is commonly observed in handwriting) combined it with the letterforms of the ancient rustic script.

    While some letters are quite similar between cursive script and Venitian italics (e.g. f, g, k and s) italics are otherwise dissimilar.

    The most visible dissimilarity in the modern day is that cursive script letters are typically connected within words (and sometimes even between words) to further improve writing efficiency. Print letters are almost never connected, with the exception of ligatures (eg if) as this was the style of the ancient Romans. However, even modern typefaces, such as all of the sans serif faces can be italicized merely by skewing them to the right.

    So anyway, while Slashdot supports the bold tag, there's no such thing as a cursive tag. Thus we can safely conclude that you sir, are the moron of this particular thread.
  • I just got done watching the 3rd volume of the series and I loved it! I think its great that slash dot covers so many of my intrests. Keep it up!
  • Is that there are a limited number of stories posted to slashdot every day. And by making a significant portion of the "approved" stories about anime, it seriously damages the signal to noise ratio of the main page. Sure they can be disabled completely, but it still means that stories that are better are being overlooked in favor of Anime, so that Taco, et al. can maintain the daily story count that they aim for.
  • ive finished Bebop (Japanese DVDs) sometime ago. i have to say that its great. to me its the best anime in terms of art, music and style. i have no doubt that you will enjoy it til the last episode. from the 4th DVD you'll start to get a glimpse of each character's background; and the way they show them to you is unique because there is no exact explanation, only pictures, flashbacks, etc. the most interesting one is Faye's. you'll see.. :)
  • by Vermifax ( 3687 ) on Monday August 28, 2000 @03:02PM (#821100)

    <Insert topic here> shouldn't be on slashdot, I don't like <topic>, nor do I have any interest in <topic>. I am a nerd, and <topic> doesn't matter to me at all. I shouldn't have to log in to slashdot to filter out <topic> because after all I am a nerd and since <topic> doesn't matter to me, it is just filler. I mean you would think that this was Rob's site or something.


  • Yeah, yeah, disable anime in your user preferences... personally I don't mind a little anime news on /. Anime news seems to be less 'filler' than the latest linux IPO... However, it seems that Anime is a troll magnet, causing hundreds of "dirty old japanese men" posts, so maybe CmdrTaco should drop it. I don't see why anyone makes such a big deal of it. Hell, if you really want to know what these dirty japanese guys are up to, read up on this []
  • shouldn't that have been:
    I'm surprised Katz hasn't posted one of his 'witty' reviews of it.
  • I stumbled accross an interview with the creators of Cowboy Bebop running in the latest issue of Ex.

    1) Cowboy Bebop is a very good anime that ran on TV in Japan recently. More recently, Bandai has been releasing it on DVD in the US (translated - dubs and subs are available). Ex is an online magazine about anime, manga and other related subjects. (e.g. anime-based video games)

    Tons of nifty bits including some spoilers (they are obscured, so if you, like me, haven't seen the 2 DVDs that haven't yet been released in the US, don't worry) as well as the revelation that the script is written for the Bebop movie.

    2)There's a lot of interesting information for fans of the show. But some of this information could potentially spoil your enjoyment of the show if you aren't already thoroughly familiar with it (e.g. finding out that Darth Vader is Luke's father before seeing the movie) and has been hidden so that you won't find out unless you want to. Additionally, four of the planned six DVDs have been released in the US. The remaining two will be out by October. Lastly, a movie is planned (it's not a sequel though - it takes place in between some of the TV episodes).

    Tons of great Fay fan service for CowboyNeal too.

    3) Faye [Valentine] is one of the main characters - the interview has a couple of pictures of her butt, which CowboyNeal will certainly appreciate ;)

  • Anime... hm. Most of the anime I watch portrays the world in a way I'd like it to be, or I imagine it could be. Big fancy robots and space travel and such. Typical geek things, I guess. Only, painted and drawn instead of described in vague words.

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