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Speed Racer's Mach 5 Becomes Reality 49

Yodel_Spoogenshortz writes: "This may actually be old news but I haven't seen it on Slashdot before. A while back the Child Safety Network partnered up with Focus on Cars to produce an actual working version of Speed Racer's Mach 5. There are articles here, here and here and an actual photo from the 34th Annual SEMA Aftermarket Show car show in Las Vegas here. If you have a spare $200,000 lying around you could get one of your own."
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Speed Racer's Mach 5 Becomes Reality

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  • ah, but where are the 1/4 mile and 0-60mph specs? :)
  • by CFN ( 114345 )
    What a crazy show...
    Every episode scores of people blew up crashing into walls, or falling off cliffs.
    Their was a money and a little kid who lived in the trunk of the car and were obviously heavily medicated.
    This was some far out shit, but I can't believe that are going to use it to educated.
  • dunno. but those "hot chicks" weren't bad.
  • I wonder if it comes with the jacks that let the car jump over things or has the little kid and his monkey in the trunk?
  • The show article mentions that it is going to tour to promote driving safety.

    I can imagine a car that has so obvious connections with being driven dangerously (with the possible exception of the bat mobile). Then again that might be the point.

  • Great, it's got the looks. But will it jump over cliffs at the drop of a hat? Can you leap out of it, and have a camera do a Matrix-like freeze-pan 90 degrees around the car with you doing a dashing, dynamic pose? Is it equipt with oil slick rigs and hermetically-sealed for when you suddenly find yourself driving off a bridge and into a lake?

    And does the trunk have room for an overweight annoying kid and his pet monkey?

    It's all about the features, ladies and gentlemen.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Annoying monkey and pestering kid sister are available only in this LX Edition.

    Unless of course you provide your own.
  • by loomis ( 141922 ) on Saturday April 22, 2000 @11:21PM (#1115978)
    "Speed Racer's real Mach 5 racecar has been built to promote a nation-wide automotive safety campaign"

    This cracks me up. Recall the the Mach 5 if you will, with its three projectile-looking front missles, difficult to see headlights, lack of roof, and other entirely unsafe, and un-roadworthy characteristics.

    I don't know about you, but I certainly don't want to send my children this mixed message at the local safety meeting where the car is appearing:

    "This Mach 5 promotes safety son."

    "But daddy, it's a fiberglass kit that couldn't pass any collision test in the world. It has no reinforced frame, airbags, or other 20th century safety requirements."

    "Ah...(pause)...(silence)...Uh...whatta ya say we get some ice cream son?"

  • by Straker Skunk ( 16970 ) on Saturday April 22, 2000 @11:29PM (#1115979)
    Heh. I wonder how good are the aerodynamics and handling }:-)

    Kinda reminds me of Airwolf. Y'all remember how it's basically a Bell 222 chopper with a major body job? Somewhere (some AW fan site, forgot URL) is mentioned that the modifications actually improved the flight characteristics of the aircraft. Which is really neat, when you consider the thing probably wasn't designed by an engineer . . .
  • This cracks me up. Recall the the Mach 5 if you will, with its three projectile-looking front missles, difficult to see headlights, lack of roof, and other entirely unsafe, and un-roadworthy characteristics.

    It seems an odd way to promote road saftey. I mean, heck, if you want to promote road safety with fast cars, why not just use F1 or Indy cars - hell, at least their drivers can survive 250 km/h + crashes.

  • Is it just me, or are some of the mods in the car show just plain nuts? Putting a low-rider set on a Landcruiser? WTF? And that kit to make an MX-5 look like a Ferrari makes it look more like an E-type. No bad thing, but it seems to have failed in its objective.

  • by Mitkin ( 68538 ) on Saturday April 22, 2000 @11:38PM (#1115982)
    The Mach 5 just isnt safe because its always being attacked by ninjas. Mostly these ninjas drive really good cars, but they just aren't as good as the Mach5 so they really want it. Ninjas need nice cars, and the Mach 5 is their #1 target. As long as there are ninjas in the world, the Mach 5 will never be safe. Be afraid.
  • I'm really wondering what causes someone to wake up during the middle of the night and go "hey i'm gonna make a replica of speedracer's mach 5!"

    Is it going to get to the stage where i shouldnt be shocked if i'm driving along and suddenly i'm cut off by the mystery mobile?

    or should i be worried when a strange police car with the words 'inspector gadget' double parks me in when i'm going in for some coffee at starbucks?
  • there's basically two problems here.

    First, I didn't see anything to indicate that it comes with a robotic homing pigeon (essential if you don't have a cellphone, as it can carry messages recorded on small reels of tape)

    Second, the Mach 5 is just not going to go over well in today's age of SUVs. What they ought to have done is to build a replica of the Mammoth Car - the one that was something like 200 yards long. Oh, it's hell to park, much less back up, but when you've got to smuggle gold by driving a car MADE out of it, it's definately the way to go. Good for groceries, and taking your kids to soccer games too.

    (Danger's one thing that Speed's not afraid of!)
  • It doesnt say so in the article, but that miata kit looks to be impersonating a "Dino" Ferrari, front engined, V6 car built from... Late 60's into early 70's. They were not too popular, but the kit does - remotely - resemble that particular model.
  • I don't mean to sound like some hysterical 1850s citizens who believed that humans couldn't go faster than 40 miles per hour without having their brains torn apart, but the Mach 5 is one fast car -- we're talking about-3,000 miles-per-hour fast. I enjoyed watching the Speed Racer anime too, but that doesn't mean I want to go cruising around at Mach 5. First there were those people trying to build a giant working mecha (one misstep and it crushes a misstep), and now there's some Sped Racer car cruising along at Mach 5? Dear Lord, when will people learn to distinguish between fantasy and reality? Get a grip -- the Mach 5 was just a 1960s cartoon!

    Don't go, Speed Racer, don't go!

    Yu Suzuki

  • Yeah, but my first thought was still, "whoa, E-Type clone." It wasn't until I read the caption that I started scratching my head for possile Ferrari models it resembled.

    Perhaps they're assuming the Ferrari will come to mind in the states more than the Jag. In any case, I can't see the point in kitting out an MX-5 to look like somehing else; it's IMO a classic in its own right.


    I mean, for god's sake, wasn't it ridiculously obvious? Are you some kind of freaking idiot, Speed? Jesus Christ, get a clue!

    okay okay, i realize i am disgustingly wasting a golden opportunity. here i am, with the fortunate user name "Racer X", and the best i can think up is the predicable tripe above. blast! leave me alone, its 6 am..

  • Yes, as crazy as it sounds, back when I was a teenager I actually built some jacks for my car that could propel it (the car) into the air. Basically, I hooked up a bunch of hydraulic pumps and springs to the carrock bit. When I wanted to jump, I flicked a switch to deflate the tires and send the car bouncing into the air. (Yes, this is probably massively illegal, but, as I said, I was just a bored teenager :P).

    Of course, the tires had to be reinflated afterwards, and I could never get more than six inches off the ground, but I actually jumped over a fence in the neighbors' yard once. Boy, did that ever scare their dog. Ah, yes, those were the days...

    And, before you ask, no, I did not have the little kid and/or a monkey in the trunk.

    Yu Suzuki

  • I, of course, meant to say "one misstep and it crushes a building", not "one misstep and it crushes a misstep". My humblest apologies.

    Yu Suzuki

  • While the Mach 5 kicks ass, the ultimate thrill would be a GRX... it just has that whole bad-ass thing going on.
  • You oughtta talk to that rocket car guy. I bet if you put your heads together you could build a mean contraption. :)
  • "Speed Racer" was actually based on the 1968 movie "Speedway" starring Elvis Presley.

    Yes, another useless piece of information that won't even get you a peg in Trivial Puruit :-)

    I'll shut up and go back to spray painting my wombat...

  • now for stupid rednecks like you i'll explain it to you (i'm surprised you can read let alone dial up to the net and use a computer)

    you're the kind that whine about useless things and always blame it on minorities...

    "oh i can't get a job because of a black person"

    noooo... you cant get a job because you cant spell it!
  • Here's [] some more information from []. They mention the car's special jumping hydralics, response to voice commands, and the possibility of future add-ons. Can you say remote control homing pigeon?

    Also, if you click on the Gallery button, there are a couple more pictures.


  • ...but does it come with a full replica of Trixie as well?

    "This time we'll not only defeat Speed Racer, but we'll destroy him as well!"

  • I believe the selling point that would stick out over buying an SUV would be the retractable logging blades that used to pop out from the front. When you're stuck in traffic and you're surrounded by forrest on either side of you, just cut down your own path. Let's see on of those wussie SUVs do that!
  • You mean I'm Elvis? Pops never told me that.
  • I take most of you haven't seen the episode Mach 5 vs. Mach 5, but in that episode Dr. Nightcall malicously makes a Copy Mach 5! Of course, this is an attempt to do the same thing.
  • Well, I shave at Mach 3. Talk about serious razor burn.

    Imagine the windburn on Trixie's face as Speed goes down the highway at Mach 5!!

    The fact is, the vehicle was named Mach 5 (like the razor named Mach 3). This does not imply the vehicle travelled at mach 5 nor that I can shave at Mach 3.
  • It looks vaguely like the Ferrari 500 Superfast. []

    There were a few other Ferrari models of similar designs. Thanks to the V-12 engines, these things really kicked butt. They get great reactions from people who think it's just another Jag.


  • 5.html []

    Let's see how sharp-eyed y'all are./p

  • I want to see someone build Inspector Gadget's GadgetCar.

    Take an older Celica, 1980's maybe, and refit it. Or take a Mitsubishi mini-van.

    Of course it would also be fun to see a gallery of real BatMobiles too.

    Then there are the classic cars; KITT and the General Lee, the A-Team chevyVan, etc.

    Ah, nostalgia


  • Of course it would also be fun to see a gallery of real BatMobiles too.

    You can right here []!

    The second 2 links concentrate on the Real Deal as well as some impressive repros.

  • by ( 142825 ) on Sunday April 23, 2000 @05:58AM (#1116005) Homepage
    How can you say it's not safe?

    The Mach 5 can:

    • out of the way of almost anything comming at it
    • cut down the trees and telephone polls before it hits
    • falls in the water, keep driving
    • use the robot bird to look out for trouble ahead
    • Use the super tire treads if there is a proble with traction
    • and the truck is safe for a kid and monkey

  • i don't know about you folks, but i think the chevy tandem 2000 is much cooler!
    Did you check that thing out??

    Damn thats slick!

    And made by an american car company....amazing...
  • Okay, everyone mentioned the hydraulics and the remote sensor on the car, but what about the UV headlamps, the underwater mode, annd the ultra-rare spinning sawblades which retract from under the hood?

    It would probably be best for the replica to be cane-resistant as well, in case someone like the Car Hater shows up on his horse and tries to smack the hood with his walking stick...
  • I guess they've GOT the saw blades.

    But if had trouble with some of the other stuff, they could'a called Pops, who was profiles in one of the car mags in '96...

  • Just as long as it doesn't come with a copy of that annoying little kid and his chimp friend
  • Here's the link to the rocket car guy, if anyone's interested (it's the supposedly real story of the rocket car): OCKIT.HTML []
    It's a pretty cool story.... I want some JATO engines...

    Observe, reason, and experiment.
  • There's a good reason for bias. I rarely see any AC comments that have decent content in them. Why else would someone post anonymously? They don't want people figuring out who they are and chewing them out for saying stupid stuff.

    Honestly, even with all the privacy issues and stuff like that, I lose respect for anyone who finds it necessary to post anonymously on a forum like this.

  • Try this link [] just to see the picture, unless you're a car guy and a suburban covered in giant lipstick kisses floats your boat. Not one electric car in the bunch, only a paragraph on how cars will need bigger batteries and generators for onboard DVD players and other electronic toys.

    Sure car customization looks cool, but its still ancient polluting technology. Show me a Mach5 that runs on anything other than unleaded and maybe I'd donate something to their charity. Sounds like some guys wanted to build a Mach 5, didn't have the cash, and managed to get some money under the guise of family auto safety.

    If this helps people drive safer all the better, but at shows that are full of tricked out 500+ horsepower cars I don't exactly see safety as a priority. Whats going to affect people more a brochure from a guy in a Speed Racer custome hands out or the long line to the 1,000 lbs car with the V12 engine where grown men drool over chrome and fiberglass?

    Maybe I'm taking this too seriously, but this fiberglass death-trap selling safety to a bunch of hot-rodders is just to hypocritical to leave alone.

  • It can jump, actually. It also has the front-mounted cutting blades.

    Zardoz has spoken!
  • It's not a retouched photo, just a bad scan.

    It IS a model car, though. Shot with a pinhole lens. Those things in front are saw blades.
  • Good for you.
    Some of us have it regularly.
  • D @ /\/\ |\| Yu! You are my new hero. If I did that, I would kill myself somehow. Give this man a medal. He's the kinda guy we need posting around here. :)
  • This Link [] is from a car company that sells plans for some pretty strange looking economy cars. However I'm betting that the same principles could be used to put your very own Mach5 together, providing you have a bit of patience, some cad prowess and a decent donor car.

    (disclaimer-this passage in the text worries me, maybe why I haven't made my GF's geo into a DeLorean yet;-))
    "But despite the strength-to-weight advantage of newer materials, nothing matches the original polyester-resin/glass-cloth/urethane-foam composite for quickly producing a tough, lightweight product at rock-bottom costs."
  • if you want to jump more than 6 inches, check out hydraulic systems for lowriders. some of the highest jumps are over 40 inches...course I don't think they can really move when they're going that high, but I'd like to see someone try..
  • I suppose next thing you'll say is it's got the infamous swing-axle rear suspension (like the Corvair).

    Die, Ralph Nader. Die.

    I wish I had a nickel for every time someone said "Information wants to be free".

"We don't care. We don't have to. We're the Phone Company."