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Comment My Dad was obsessed (Score 4, Interesting) 351

with Doom. I remember him working through the levels on nightmare mode working his way down through the weapons. So the final games he played were only using his fists. He said the trick was to maximize the screen so he couldn't see his health, that way he didn't hesitate. Prior to that, we would play deathmatch over the two phone lines we had. Before long, I would only agree to play him if I got the "fast" 486SX and he played on the 386. And he couldn't use the damn rocket launcher.

Comment Re:Be there for the kid! (Score 1) 174

personally, i have trouble remembering stuff that happened recently, no matter how memorable it may seem at the time. for those moments, i'm glad i took copious amounts of photos. heck, looking back at pictures of when i was a teen, half of them i can't remember the actual event happening. so yeah, take as many photos as you can stand, *then* sit back and enjoy what's happening.

Comment Re:This isn't even a problem unique to chess. (Score 1) 109

i play "words with friends" with a guy from work, we usually have two or three games going at once. at the start, i'd played for awhile before he started playing. i trounced him. after awhile, he picked up on most of the words, and we were almost even in wins. later, as we each developed new (to us) tricks and strategies, we would leapfrog ahead of the other. now, its really down to luck of the draw. we each use the same tricks and strategies, and its reflected when one of us has say a string of turns with no vowels present. or tons of high-point letters, but no where left to play them at the end of the game.

Comment Re:Task scheduling is not issue tracking (Score 1) 144

yeah, gotta agree. without the methodology, no one will use it. plus, if the users don't even have admin on their machine, good luck installing stuff and keeping it installed when the real IT department finds out.

go for the offline solution like a whiteboard. put it in a location where everyone has to pass at least once a day, or in a meeting room where everyone goes to update it together on a regular basis.

either way, make a point to use it and stick with it, but be flexible enough to make changes to the methodology if it isn't working.

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