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Comment Post XP...FAIL (Score -1, Troll) 345

M$ after XP is full scale 100% fail.

Anything they make design or suggest is utter complete bullsh1t.

You can't buy intelligence or the courts apparently.

Devs, stay the sh1t away from these golfing suv driving pinot swilling tech blunderers. Booyah we'll fuckin CRUSH google!!!

They have lost all capacity to innovate in any arena.

Why invest your mind and resources in the digital equivalent of scientology? For profit? ahahahahahhhhhhhaaaaahahahhhhhhahaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!@@

Submission + - 3d Printing iPhone 4s cover?

Sleen writes: "What is the average cost of 3d printing an iPhone 4s cover? Can you add graphics too?"

Submission + - wireless civnet? 1

Sleen writes: Hi, I am curious how to make a civilian supported wireless/wired/cellular network that allows users to share bandwidth and content. It appears as though the first internet is destructable after all. I am interested in solutions without central authority for naming, resolution, dynamic aggregation and distribution. Essentially a way to make spontaneous clouds that are regional, efficient, persistent. Hopefully such an approach will be useful in non terrestrial domains as well. I would like to start something like this in Portland Oregon, and invite anyone to contribute research or experience in a user based free civilian communication network.

Comment China asks Slashdot how to catch hungry minds (Score 3, Funny) 403

So when China asks slashdot how best to catch people circumventing their firewall, how would they do it? They might pretend to be a western touron visiting their fair nation and asking some innocent questions about firewall circumvention. If any of these methods are effective, they are likely to cease being effective now that they are widely published. Either way, the anonymity of the poster prevents direct help and indicates perhaps a clever approach to hardening the firewall.

Comment Transaction Cost? Impact? Fundamentals? (Score 2, Interesting) 446

A trade every 20 minutes would generate an obscene amount of transaction cost. These are the costs associated with stock trading and any successful Trader/Manager team would seek to minimize these things and create a strategy that maximizes gain for the least amount of trades. Given this system is trading so frequently it would seem to assume zero transaction cost. Quite

I would also think that any more than a few of these trading bots would create a market impact that would nullify the advantage eventually.

Its also kind of weird to invest based on information that is not reliable, or not stemming from the fundamentals of a stocks earning potential. Creating portfolios based on glamour, popularity or essentially inefficiency is a disaster waiting to happen. These gimmiks will work until a catastrophe happens, but by then so much more is committed than is was ever prudent and the damage is done. Investing based on artifacts or involving anything you don't understand with your own 2 hemispheres means that you as an individual are being manipulated and you are investing for irrational reasons.

Unless this technique can be balanced or controlled in a risk management context, or understood at a low level to behave in parallel with existing market benchmarks, then only the penultimate fool would see this as responsible investing and not patent gambling and recreation with your surplus funds.

While I see the expectation of any product to magically increase in value over time as fundamentally insane, there are securities that can offer utility in markets. If this kind of information is really that valuable to a majority then it will eventually be securitized. If this is something that only a minority can exploit and is not private information, some Tony Soprano somewhere in the world will call it illegal. And thats the other reason not to bother - because none of the markets are truly open and will never be truly efficient while goverments are waiting to intervene. Maybe there is opportunity in the many small irrationalities of the human mind since the market participants are almost all human. What else could this information harvesting be capturing besides some departure from fundamental consideration? If the fundamentals are considered and reflected in the price, then any other change is short term and technical, to be nullified.

I should watch what I say lest I bump up Apple stock!

The Courts

Writer Peter Watts Sentenced; No Jail Time 299

shadowbearer writes "SF writer Peter Watts, a Canadian citizen, whose story we have read about before in these pages, was sentenced three days ago in a Port Huron, MI court. There's not a lot of detail in the story, and although he is still being treated like a terrorist (cannot enter or pass through the US, DNA samples) he was not ordered to do any time in jail, was freed, and has returned home to his family. The judge in the case was, I believe, as sympathetic as the legal system would allow him to be."

Comment Hot Alien Chicks (Score 2, Informative) 131

The Alien Chicks with the glossy lips were hot!

But yeah, loved that magazine and especially the short stories. Not very reliable science stuff but overall a very optimistic and stylish mag that back then was a nice counterpoint to Heavy Metal which was less rooted in reality.

But both had Hot Alien Chicks! :)

Comment HONEYPOT (Score 2, Insightful) 61

There is an economy, but the players are all using layers upon layers of aliases. Inevitable is a fresh mask on carnivore and this is merely one of them. How could you possibly trust a service NOT to report a ZDE? Find one, submit and see if it shows up in other scanners or see if there are reports of anyone out there using it. The service could be a front for carnivore, a front for a virus broker, or a front for a majority vendor. The simple rule is this: if there is money to be made and this is the only principle protecting the submission, it is INEVITABLE that someone else will offer more. And if the price per submission is affordable, and the functions advertized then its certainly not underground but engaging in some simple advertizing.

Most hackers have heard of honeypots...

Comment Propaganda from Space (Score 1, Interesting) 305

Remember, NASA is the Amtrak of space and they need to advertize objectives and constantly engage in consistent public communications to indicate money isn't being wasted. NASA does not generate revenue so take your pick- boy scouts in space doing favors, amtrak etc. Its a gov service that in principle is no different than how the US collects taxes, fights wars or delivers mail. Imagine the postal guys up there trying to turn a torx with fat frigid fingers in zero g. Or maybe some people from DMV to staff the mission control center. Sounds ridiculous, but the difference is merely training and certification. Why have postal guys or volunteers wage warfare? The gov becomes a service provider like any other, only as the default, a really bad one.

The channel first of all doesn't always work. When there is some video it is a placeholder for activity. There is hardly any editing and summarization unless it supports something the agency needs to advertize. Its after all -


Will you actually learn anything new from the video feed? I highly doubt it. Its a hose for space branding and a tit to keep TV culture complacent and uncritical.

Should SpaceTV be entertaining? Should the news be entertaining? Maybe engaging and relevant is a better expectation. And NASA has always had problems in the relevancy department.

But then there is the reality that space is actually not the interesting. After all, its just -

-S P A C E-

Once money wealth and freedom is possible for individuals up there, it will get interesting because then there will be individual superobjective in that context. There is none currently - its like watching the FBI surveil child porn. Protecting the nation - RIGHT - the only reason usenet still exists is so the FBI can swap pix.

NASA definitely has zero g sex tapes - think we can tune into that? Or how about a webcam session in space where the gals face is all puffy from no gravity.

What you get to see on NASA TV is what little they can air that does not make them look like fools. Where is FBI TV or CIA TV? Nowhere because it would only document their mistakes, incompetence and panic.

Space shit on TV all got started with JFK and NASA is still entirely dependent on donations, public opinion and PITY. They don't produce anything and have never made a strong case for why people need to be in space that doesn't ultimately come from fear of other people.

Comment Ego (Score 1) 428

Its actually a cool job. And this is before you get burnt so enjoy it and the optimism your question contains.

In a small company anything that plugs in means you are a bitch. Get some fucking standards, boy. Don't touch the cellphones, pdas and certainly anything that is not company property.

This is your problem and close out everything else and read this.

You must accomplish something. Not the stuff on the lists, something you can take with you otherwise you are wasting your time. All these change orders whether from a skirt or tie can do is fuck you and prevent you from accomplishing projects. This causes a very typical asocialization and detachment of IT people though with a simple extension of context, it can be remedied. Its not worth finding out the hard way like most people do after getting screwed that everyone involved needs a plan and needs structure. Your evaluations will be SHIT at the end of the year and will continue to be SHIT not because you are not valuable trustworthy or smart, but the big picture things never get done or maybe its the proposals. All the change orders and short term requests that you at the terminus can't manage - this is the futility of your question - will keep you from accomplishing anything.

Adding software to ENHANCE THE ENCODING OF YOUR OBLIGATIONS is the LAST thing you want right now in this flexible environment. Its fun to be useful and some personality types need it like smoking a cigarette. And others will exploit this till your ears produce hairs.

What you need to do is figure out how to get a raise or how to get a much better job and for this you need cred. Being a bitch will never move you forward. The list of things you succeed and fail at in your job - this should come from your supervisor, or you make them together. If they are not agreed upon, that is disadvantaged position. At review you are wide open to get hit with demerits and if you don't have all that and more to prove what the f^%$ random stuff you have been doing, you get talked out of a raise.

So the issue is not what goes on the list - if you are smart you will put everything on the list, but who has control and what momentum you can build with your accomplishments.

Some additional advice is to either work through a supervisor who mediates work requests, or always have a team setup to plan long term objectives. Doing something long term for one person can cause consistent collisions. And make sure all your work and role is throughly advertized to every person in the organization. If they don't do it, then bring it up in every conversation. If someone tells you not to, alarms go off and you are designed to get screwed. For example, being hired in the middle of a system civil war.

You individually, morally, have to be ready to accept big responsibilities and set aside being a bitch. And if you will make that shift and take on riskier projects that require more investment and 'ownership' of the project then be damn well sure there is a reward involved.

The question of how you manage that stuff is not in a tool, it should come from your ego. Don't get involved with small time shit unless she is really cute, or it is really worth your while. Be studied, have prepared responses to common questions and have some dignity. Its not an accident you know answers to questions and have talent to solve problems.

It might seem cute at first that anyone in the office can bring you a problem. But can you bring a problem to anyone else? Why is that? The degree of bitch in your equilibrium with these order generators is inversely proportional to your individual gain. It means you don't exist yet because your bitch to everyone means you are spread out in the social space and proximal and equidistant to everyone. Your objective as a sapient and sentient being is always to improve your standing in this network. So your first move is to create some space and occupy that space and make the path to you assymmetric. How? Pick your topology. First come first served? Make an entry in a logbook? First him then her? Does rank matter? It does in an 'agency'.

How devious are you? As a salaried person, if you make a system than funnels all requests and backs them up into next year you might as well evolve into pizza the hut because who even cares? You can pay rent, buy pizza and play WOW.

If you are devious you could talk the firm, agency, institution into not being your boss, but they being your client. Kind of a switcheroo and then they don't have to pay benefits or anything and each request gets payed an hourly rate until its completed. Then you the wolf, must play this game like chess in advance and give them concessions all for the purpose of setting a decent rate. Then rail them. Clean their clock so to speak. You can now make money in the middle of the night if you want to. Be efficient and work that log clean and give them heart palpitations when they get the invoice and make them go DAMN. You better believe they get their shit in order before they enter a request because now, as they should, they do so with complete comprehension of the price, which is now almost efficient.

Comment Re:Quantum Computing Days (Score 1) 106

I think its awesome because google has a track record of doing and succeeding as opposed to doing and failing. Though that is entirely my viewpoint. Not everything they do works, but quite often it does and sometimes very well. I also don't think they have money out the wazoo. A few of the individuals perhaps, but google itself is expensive. The cost in energy per search is absolutely not an imaginary figure and it is directly exposed to the cost of energy as available in the municipalities they operate in like the Dalles, and the energy market itself which in the NW is up to I think a fifth non-oil generated, though more expensive. That cost per search is itself only one example of cost, and cloud computing in the now and future is hazy on who pays for the thermodynamics and heat of all those transactions. On the board is a mindset dominated by energy surplus which prevents any decision from necessity. But the marketplace for search hopefully will optimize despite the surplus, in pursuit of wealth or advantage perhaps. In absence of complete energy scarcity, there is nothing else to prevent searches...being as expensive as possible, except for the competition between multiple parties. Here the pursuit of wealth and success is essential and like individual liberty, the exact wind behind the back of system self optimization. But what about every other cloud service? What do you call all that smoke and the little tokes, you can't call them searches. But it all involves as it stands the mediation of essentially a SPACE HEATER. The kind of shit that keeps your ass from not being a block of ice in a shed in the winter watching skiiers go by and sometimes bite it hard at the end of the ramp. If you are lucky. I had one get all the way around once and head down the mountain. It was a dense pentameter that day. If these computers will not someday be space heaters, but computers that work ideally at very cold temperatures then we should support forward thinking and above all the activity of experimentation. Cheers Hartmut, D-Wave and Google!

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