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Comment Re:EHR is a Perfect Use Case for Blockchain (Score 1) 70

DNA and dental records werean example that could be used to positively identify a change - not to prevent treatment.

Changes to a record would not occur until the patient is identified. Until then, they sit in a pending status with the medical history available so as to not delay treatment. If an identify thief used wants to use your records, let them. But, you can easily extract the bogus information if an HCP fails to identify the patient.

TFA would be used by a patient checking in - not for every access by the HCP. TFA, along with a image of the patient at check-in could possibly solve the identify problem and permit the HCP to make entries on behalf of the patient.

Comment EHR is a Perfect Use Case for Blockchain (Score 2) 70

Took the time to quickly read through the Whitepaper. My intention will be to examine it more thoroughly over the next day or two. I found it interesting because it predates my own preliminary work on the subject matter. With the serious danger for medical record theft, the development of a secure EHR records system is paramount. It would be nice, to see a mandate by the federal gov't making such a system an absolute requirement in whatever healthcare bill becomes or stays law.

Blockchain technology provides a secure, distributed database. Accessing medical records from corresponding nodes should be very quick. Adding or updating them should require validation of the submitter and of the patient to ensure data integrity and privacy. The identify of a patient can be verified using existing technologies or a database constructed specifically for identification (i.eimage database, biomarkers, and TFA) by the health care provider (HCP). Records that submitted without a thorough vetting of the patient identity can be separated until vetting is complete. If the vetting fails, a new EHR record can be created.

Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) could be used when checking into a HCP or facility when the patient is conscious and has their smart phone or similar mobie device present. In emergency cases where the patient can not respond, the HCP would be able to keep the records separate yet able to retrieve history while the HCP contacts the patients emergency contacts for vetting. And, in the event a patient can not be properly vetted using these techniques, DNA biomarkers or dental records could be used to achieve a positive identification.

Such an approach would ensure that bogus information is not entered into a patients medical record. This will help lower insurance costs AND prevent the patient from potentially receiving life threatening procedures or medications (i.e. if allergic). Removing bogus information is very difficult. And, in accordance with HIPAA and health care privacy laws,, the real patient affected by the bogus information is not even permitted to know the identify of the individual who misused their record (stupid, I know) or to even have the erroneous information easily removed.

By law, everyone is still required to receive stabilizing medical care. But, individuals should not be subject to improper treatment based on bogus data due to misuse nor should they be responsible for medical bills associated with such treatment.

Unfortunately, a key factor in such a system, common EHR data formats, are still a ways away. EHR vendors tend to be proprietary and expect everyone else to use their protocol, if any. In the public safety sector, this was solved using GJXDM and NIEM to provide a standardized reporting standard. Many states and the federal gov't the implemented systems to facilitate the sharing of this data. Such a similar approach for EHR records, coupled with blockchain technologies would revolutionize health care.

Just my $0.02 worth.


Comment How about Satellite communications (Score 2) 229

Why not simply employ a Sat-phone-like device to upload the data on the fly (assuming they can get a signal)? The data can be transmitted before the SD is compromised. Then, it won't matter if the SD is compromised.

In a similar fashion, have an SD card reader for a cellphone for instances where a cell signal can be received (i.e. domestic use).

Alternatively, simply build cell / encryption capability into the camera itself.

-- RD

Comment Let me get this straight.... (Score 1) 228

According to another article on today's /. feed, users of pot, a drug, have lower blood flow to the brain. This, according to the study, is a harmful effect.

This article states that religious thoughts have similar effects on the brain as drugs.

Ergo, religious thoughts are dangerous?

Comment Concurrent Licenses? (Score 1) 170

Given that the copy protection / license management was disabled by the vendor and 38 copies were purchased, I have to wonder if the Navy purchased a 38 user concurrent license vs a per machine license or believed they had done so. If so, the software is responsible for communicating with a license manager to ensure that a maximum of 38 machines can use the software at a given time.

Comment Re:Because it looks like a cover-up (Score 1) 382

Bill Cosby was told he wouldn't be subject to prosecution by to Montgomery County, PA prosecutors. The current prosecutor chose to ignore those promises and it was upheld by the courts.

In that light alone, I think it prudent for him not to testify despite given "immunity".

Comment Simple Solutions (Score 5, Interesting) 81

to the "ghost rides".

Modify the Uber app so that the rider has to confirm the start of the ride on their mobile device.

Reporting of "scary" profile pics should be simple as well - simple snapshot and forward - If proven - the driver takes a hit on their next 5 drives - say $1-2 per drive.

Problem solved.

Comment Re:and they're abandoned in 10... 9... 8... 7... (Score 4, Informative) 163

Delphi was and is not a low-code solution. It is a RAD environment where some really simple apps (i.e. the Fish app) could be built by dropping a few components on a form and linking the properties and writing a couple of events. But, most applications (and visual/non-visual component creation required coding skills.

What killed Delphi was stupid decisions by Borland/Inprise to move away from what they did best and become an "Enterprise" company instead of a developer company. They also concentrated on Windows-only development when other platforms (mobile, web, Linux, Mac) were becoming popular (see first f'up). And, they raised the price so far that even dedicated developers and can't afford it's stratospheric pricing ($2600+) - only Gods and birds can reach it.

The language is a dialect of Object Pascal (not in vogue despite its power). Delphi is the IDE and hasn't changed much over the years. It can now target Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Linux server is coming. It is very easy to create a highly complex, cross- platform application in a way that Xamarin can't touch. Performance for business apps is good. But, I have yet to see a real game written using it. And, good luck in getting Delphi into your IT shop these days (at least in the US).

Not until developers can afford it again and work with it to see its power (if they can tolerate the language), it will regain its market share.

Comment Re: meta discussion who is responsible for hacks? (Score 2) 73

Is Apple responsible for users selecting weak passwords? Yes and no.

Forcing a user to use a TFA protocol significantly reduced the danger of a weak or reused password might pose.

Can Apple stop someone from reusing a password (weak or otherwise)? No.

Can Apple force users to use TFA? Yes.

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