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Legos Meets Myth II 99

Noctavis writes "If you are heavily into Legos, then you should take a look at a new TC that'll be released soon. It's called Leggo II: Arena. (Gotta love the name ;-)It's the sequel to Leggo My Myth, which was released awhile ago. The best part? You penguin-heads out there can get Myth II for Linux, and both Mac and Wintel users can grab the Myth Codex (Myth, Myth II and a slew of third-party stuff) for only $15-20 now. " LokiSoft did the porting effort of MythII to Linux - it's a heckuva lotta fun to play. And this just looks cool beyond belief.
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Legos Meets Myth II

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  • Are these mods/plugins compatible with both Windows and Linux versions, or do the mod makers have to compile bins for each side? Just curious as this site seems to be down for now, already. I think I read that Q3 uses some independant interpreter, so they are compatible. How does UT rank with this?
  • by DrSpoo ( 650 )
    I have to say this is just a fantastic game, very happy it came to Linux! The WWII is incredibly addicting, the graphics are great, and the maps are well thought out. I snagged my copy of Myth2 for like $20 at the local game store, well worth it.

    Just my $0.02 worth...
    Thanks Loki for a great game!
  • Basically you'd have lots of quakers and a couple of commanders who can see the whole battlefield from their command posts.

    Note that it would be tough to get teams together on the fly. Unfortunately there are a whole lot of game "trolls", and you only need a few, who would join one side and then do their level best to hinder that side.

    However, the clan concept might work well here. Each side in the battle would be a clan, so clanners presumably could rely on fellow clanners to play "right."
  • i didn't know it exists, i'll have to reinstall MythII one day to play with this :) I love Lego a lot, especially Technic, how and also i have the lego box number "1", pretty cool.
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  • it'll be d/l freely March 28th, the news has been published on most web site yesterday (except /. of course because BeOS is not linux)
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  • Idiot. "Lego" actually comes from the Klingon le'Qo', meaning "building blocks of war".

    (C'mon. If you're going to call someone an idiot, you damn well better back up your friggin' post with some facts. Maybe a page on InterLego's website?)

  • Your sig makes no sense. BeOS R5 isn't out yet. Or maybe you have the URL wrong.

    Vaporware everywhere!

  • Dan Quayle never said anything of the sort. He has said plenty of stupid stuff on his own, he doesn't need urban legends attributed to him.
  • Because it's been slashdotted.
  • Yeah, but no one is going to want to be the grunts. Given, people like being the grunts in Quake and Unreal, but then you're at least autonomous. What do you do when the higher-ups decide that you should be sacrificed for the good of the company? Some people might do that, more if they develop long-term relationships with the other people, but I bet most would mutiny and/or effect their own plan.
  • Perhaps you should ask any six year old. Just because they say the plural is "lego" doesn't make it so.
  • Yup -- check out the various discussions at:
  • Now I'm *never* going to get any of that rewiring done on the house 8^D
  • The Lego Arena II looks great. There are many different types of Myth II plugins out there - A World War II one exists with tanks and such and there is a Star Wars one also.
    I have not tryed Lego My Myth yet (but will as soon as I have a copy) but this looks like a very nice plugin. I certianly like the description of the Jar Jar Binks Unit.

    JarJar Binks
    Only found in hunting (read: Stomp JarJar!)

  • I thought this too. I checked here [] and found out that I'd been lied to by my parents.

    Danish English

    leg = game

    lege = play

    Danish is notoriously complex though, so it is possible that there is the word "Lego" in the language.

  • Now where did I put that stainless-steel hanky...

    From the back pages of classic National Lampoon, when it was funny, Politeness Man has returned!

    And boy, how we need you!

    Yer Fan,

  • There's no need to be that obedient.

    If the owner of the name doesn't want it to be used in a certain way (perhaps Richard doesn't like to be called Dick), it's a very small effort on my part to comply and make them happy. What a concept! Expending just a bit of effort in an attempt to lubricate the wheels of civility. Oh, yeah, I know, it's an "Evil Corporate Entity(tm)" but what the heck, I like to keep in practice for Real People too.

    We've come damned close to the end of the road with this culture if people think "pedantic" means "self-righteously regurgitating television commercials".

    We've come much closer if simple politeness is extinct.

    Now where did I put that stainless-steel hanky...
  • I rather appreciate the fact that a toy that just about all of us loved when we were still in knee pants has made the transition to a pretty cool game that no fun-loving adult could be ashamed to play.
    Personally, I would love to see a take on the "Barrel o' Monkeys" where the player controls a team of Navy Seal-like monkeys with an arsenal of hi-tech weaponry. Just a thought.
    Also, is it just me, or does the Saiyan character closely resemble Goku from the Dragonball Z cartoon?
  • The "English" language that we speak is already a screwed up version of another language. we've changed from orginal english so much (colour = color, and all the other missing u's etc...) that i doubt anyones going to care if some people add an "S" to a brand name that is also used to describe it's product.

    American English isn't screwed up, it's just been hacked for efficiency.
  • As fra as I know "Lego" is is a subtraction of the Danish sentence "Leg godt" wich means "Play well" (Can You say that in English?)
  • That was so cool! I wish my populous disk still worked :(
  • The plural of Lego is Legamus. Lego comes from the Latin verb "I play". Legamus "we play" is the natural plural.

    Maybe it just doesn't look as good on the box?
  • "leg godt" = "play well"

    Contract and you get 'lego'
  • From []:

    Then there was Noah Webster, who regarded the form of English spoken in the British Isles as having been corrupted by the English aristocracy. Webster worked with dogged determination to standardise and simplify the spelling of American English. He excised extraneous vowels: colour/color; favour, favor (although he resisted this change for quite a while in the face of Johnson's example). And he transposed letters, most notably the final -re: theatre/theater; centre/center. Some of his changes remain an integral part of American spelling, where others have failed to survive (croud, hed, giv, meen etc.).

    I quite like the idea of aristocracy changing spelling for fun.

  • This is a valid point.

    Having to command real people would at least rule out the Zap Brannigan strategy(sending wave after wave of your men in to be slaughtered).

    I still think that there would be some problems with people who are out to ruin the fun for everyone (see Quake1.)
  • ... most would mutiny and/or effect their own plan.

    Which would give a commander reasons to protect the lives of his or her troops and develop conservative but effective plans, unlike in naked slaughter games like Starcraft and Age of Empires.

  • You're right...except that the plural is indeed legamus. Legimus would be perfectum.

    Yadayadayada, who cares anyway?
  • Myth and its sequels are great hames and its nice to hear the is still some activity on it.
  • Lego not Legos As a life time lover lego I have a 2x4 brick Tattooed on my body as proof. I must say I always thought the real plural of lego was lego and that the "Legos" pluralization was just another american misspelling. me
  • Actually, the Americani[s|z]ation of english was a result of one of your founding fathers (I forget which one) wanting to distance America from its English heritage. Can't blame the guy given the circumstances.
  • Well, LEGO is also an acronym for Lek Godt, whitch means "Play Well/Good/Fun" in English.

    The English equivalent would be PLGO (play good) or PLFU or something like that :)
  • The first iteration was awesome, and I can't wait for this sequel. Too bad the site was apparently slashdotted.

    I happened to meet a few of the Bungie folks up in SF a couple of months ago, and they're great people to hang out with till all hours playing Myth II with a bunch of other geeks and making bad jokes. Look for their upcoming Oni and Halo as well.

    BTW, I still get Marathon flashbacks all these years later. :)


  • If yoy tell trolls the object is to lose, will they try to win? ;)
  • Myth 2 Mods are OS-independant
    They are also very easy to install
    Just drop them in /usr/local/games/myth2/plugins
    or HOMEDIR/.loki/myth2/plugins
    and go!!!
  • Anybody been able to connect to this site ? I havent been able to all afternoon :~(
  • The free version of BeOS R5 does come out at the above mentioned address [] but not until March 28th
  • And its one Lego, several Legoer :) I say use the S in english (and ignore the rest)
  • if so, what does it stand for? Large elephants gently ovulating? Check out karl malbrain's posts on comp.lang.c, they are a riot...
  • The "English" language that we speak is already a screwed up version of another language. we've changed from orginal english so much (colour = color, and all the other missing u's etc...) that i doubt anyones going to care if some people add an "S" to a brand name that is also used to describe it's product.

    And if your going to be this anal i hope you've never asked someone to "pass the kleenex" "grab a coke" or "use a ziplock bag" unless you were acutally talking about those products :)

  • When the US was formed, English spelling had not been standardized. We standardized on one set of spellings, the British standardized on another.

  • Now, all we need to do is hook Myth II upto a field of Mindstorm robots, and we can have a grand 'ol time!

  • I believe the fact that you have to resort to personal insults is an indicator of how many facts you have to support your argument, but on the odd chance that there are a few people still reading this thread after your little tantrum I'll respond further.

    I'll assume that by Webster's, you mean the Merriam-Webster dictionary, since Mr. Webster's work predates the toy in question.

    You are correct that the Merriam-Webster dictionary doesn't list "legos" as a plural of anything, toy or otherwise.

    However, this same dictionary lists "prel-yood" as the preferred pronunciation of "prelude", despite the fact that the VAST majority people in the country whose pronunciation it covers don't pronounce it that way.

    This same dictionary refused to recognize "ain't" as a word for decades.

    Language is defined by usage, not by dictionaries.

    Language is not defined by Trademark. Trademarks are defined by Trademark, nothing else.

    If you think I'm wrong, go do a search on your favorite search engine for "lego" and see how many pages use it as a plural without an S, compared to how many use it as a plural with an S.

    If you're so convinced you have the facts, put your browser where your mouth is.

    I'm so confident that I'm right, I won't even bother to stoop to personal insults and directed cursing.
  • SCREW the FAQ.

    And it's "Hemos".

    Language is defined by usage, not fiat.

    You and the other three people on this planet who think the plural of "LEGO" is "LEGO" are wrong.

    Live with it.
  • AAARGH! For the umpteenth time, It's LEGO!!! NOT LEGOS!!! And that's according to the manufacturer's own FAQ by the way, Hemo.

    Consciousness is not what it thinks it is
    Thought exists only as an abstraction
  • Wait a minute. Are you saying that in your opinion the language is defined by six year olds? If so I beg to differ, I believe on your side of the pond it's in the hands of the Webster' dictionary people. I don't believe they employ any six-year-olds.

    Oh. Earth humour. I see.

    Consciousness is not what it thinks it is
    Thought exists only as an abstraction
  • SCREW the FAQ.

    No, screw you.

    And it's "Hemos".

    I know that. And it's "Lego".

    Language is defined by usage, not fiat.

    (i) Except in the case of trademarks, like "Lego". (ii) Language is "defined" by usage when and only when that usage is officially recorded by the pertinent authority. In your case, Webster's. Trademark usage is determined by the holder of that trademark.

    You and the other three people on this planet who think the plural of "LEGO" is "LEGO" are wrong.

    Where did you get the idea that it's only three people? In fact it's only certain people in the US who think it's "Legos". The rest of the world is more than three people. In any case, even if it were only three people and one of those people owned the trademark, it would still be "Lego".

    Live with it.

    I am content to live with the facts. You can live with your fantasy if you like. So fuck you and your attitude.

    Consciousness is not what it thinks it is
    Thought exists only as an abstraction
  • Common, everyone knows they don't speak Latin in
    Dane-land, only in Latin America.

    Sheesh, didn't you people ever listen to Dan Quayle?
  • I put my archers up on the hill. I had the whole area mined with satchel packs, along with a few dwarves and fetch to set them off. And in case there were any survivors, I had a whole legion of berserkers, along with a few Trow, to mop up.

    But when the reports came back, the news was grim: "There's .. just .. too .. many of them! We're getting .. hammered!" and "We're overwhelmed! Send the reserves, I beg you!" Soulblighter had a new weapon, and seemingly inexaustable resources. What possible defense can there be against the dreaded Slashdot Effect?!?

    I hope the site will be accessible in a few days; I would love to see it.

  • Anybody else remember the "Blockworld" tileset for the Populous expansion set The Promised Lands? Also, I know I've seen a few different sets of rules for using LEGO figures as miniatures for tabletop wargames.
  • Officially [], LEGO is a brand name and does not have a plural form. The technically correct term would be "LEGO Toys" or "LEGO Bricks". Of course, I call them "Legos" just like everybody else in the real world.
  • There was an effort to port the look and feel of Marathon Infinity over to the Unreal engine, but the last time I went looking for it, there had been no progress made beyond a couple of test screen shots.
    After Marathon: Evil, you have no idea how much I was looking forward to this!

    Hey! One Google search later, and you get this: Frog Blast Project []
    I know what I'm doing now!

  • lego is Latin for "I gather together" (i.e., to build Hadrian's Wall out of Lego(s). The plural is legimus.

    ludo is Latin for "I play", of which the plural is ludimus "we play".

  • OK, sorry. It is not often that one gets to show off with Latin, so one takes every chance that one gets...

    legimus on Perseus []

    legamus on Perseus []

    You are thinking of the wrong lego... but I'll stop now, really.

  • will those things run with the demo?
    or do i need to buy the game just to find out if i like the lego version?

    greetings, eMBee.

  • I read an article about the Lego Myth mod in last months issue of Computer Games Magazine. I could swear I remember reading that it was discontinued due to a 'cease and desist' order from Lego.

    BTW, these troll posts are getting more hillarious by the day :)
  • Here is the quote from Lego's web site:

    The company and its products now take on the name LEGO, which is formed from the Danish words "LEg GOdt" ("play well"). Later, it is realised that in Latin the word means "I study", "I put together".

    And here's the link:

    I guess this means we are both right, and I lambast you with a pedantic "neener neener nee-ner".
  • Did you all know that in portugese "Lego my Eggo" means "I bequeath my eggo"? Much confusion at the breakfast table, I must say!
  • Pretty sure you need the full game.

    Clan Plaid's Townhall [] is a good forum with knowledgeable and helpful people. The Mill [] also has reviews of the original Leggo TC and maybe this as well.
  • Ok this is off legos topic, but hopefully interesting none the less.

    Here's a cool/interesting idea for a game. A huge networked first person shooter/strategy game. Instead of having stupid units controlled by crappy AI you have smart units run by people that a commander passes orders to via chain of command. Basically you'd have lots of quakers and a couple of commanders who can see the whole battlefield from their command posts.

    Think about it, if the enemy knocks out the command post the commander has to stramble and that team loses coordination. The game isn't a predictable strategy since the players skill levels effect how well their units perform. A good weak unit can possibly beat a crappily played strong one.

    I looked at some stuff on the new Team Fortress that Valve is putting out and I was wondering if it would be anything like this.

  • There is a really funky and huuuge Unreal Tournament map (world?) where you start in a Lego world, you're about one cm high, and you kill the other dudes in a lego world ... and actually you can get out of it and you end up in a giant ... well normal sized house, it's huuuuuge and funky and it's so oh-cool to drive the redeemer around it. Damn it, what's the name of this map again? Last time I played it I fragged the hell of the losers connected there. This map is even funnier than DM-Bathroom.

    To carry on the Off-Topic post, when is StarCraft for Linux due? It works well in single player under Wine, but crashes way too often in networked games.

  • by Pope ( 17780 ) on Friday March 17, 2000 @10:58AM (#1195078)
    There's one for Tournament??
    I played the original Lego level for Unreal, called
    You were scaled down to a couple of inches high, and you ran around a house. You could go into the fridge, swim down the drain in the sink, and go into the kids room where there was some Lego piled around. Cool!
    Seriously bogged down my VooDoo1 card, but they did mention that the geometry of the rooms was less than optimal. I'm gonna have to check that out again.

  • by georgeha ( 43752 ) on Friday March 17, 2000 @09:23AM (#1195079) Homepage
    The plural of Lego is Lego.

    No S!!!!

  • by NatePWIII ( 126267 ) <> on Friday March 17, 2000 @10:55AM (#1195080) Homepage
    For all you lego maniacs check out this page: Lego Bridge []

    Nathaniel P. Wilkerson
    NPS Internet Solutions, LLC []

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