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Geek Matrix Parody 110

jarv writes "While idle, a friend messaged me with the URL to an incredibly funny (geared towards us geeks of course) Matrix parody. It's not quite complete, one page is added each day. It's worth it." We're posting this in case there's a Slashdot reader who hasn't seen (and submitted) it yet. It's been all over IRC for the last week.
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Geek Matrix Parody

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    The shell prompt for root is wrong in this [] frame... :(
    [root@nebuchadnezzar /root]$ ping -f _
    should be
    [root@nebuchadnezzar /root]# ping -f _
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Not to mention that on page 9 [] one of the monitors is displaying the frontpage of Slashdot.
  • I don't remember that from last time I looked either... Of course, I can't check now because the site has been Slashdotted. :(

    Dammit, I want to see the new Page 13! :)
  • To you I say 'wah'. I for one thought it was quite funny. If you don't like it, that's your business, and your decision - you don't have to like it, but please don't whine because others do.
  • That's not quite how an open-source project works. I can't download this page, make changes, and upload them back to the server and have them be incorporated into the framework.

    No, this is a 'closed-source' parody, a funny one to boot. I wish people would quit tacking on 'open-source' to everything just because it sounds cool.
  • I think the "coming back to life" thing was integral to the plot. For one thing, it was about mysticism as much as technology. The Oracle (or maybe she was just a database ), prophesies, all that stuff has little or nothing to do with technology. When Neo came back to life, that was representing that he had truely gained control of the matrix.
  • I love it, I am laughing, though some panels almost seem tacked on, like he had to keep the whole, two by three format and had to pull stuff out of thin air, so it lags here and there, but hey, can't b*tch about that can we, anyone who takes the time and dedication to do something like this with that kind of off-beat humour is OK in my book. And it made me laugh enough that you don't care about the slight stupid joke. So all in all, i give it a..oh...A- very very nice :)
  • Not to mention that on page 9 one of the monitors is displaying the frontpage of Slashdot.

    You know, I could've sworn that wasn't there before. Anyone else agree?


  • Right-click on each image that doesn't load, and click "Show Image" or something similar. (That should be the menu item for Netscape, IE, and Opera. I'm 100% sure only about the last.) Load the pages quicker, and save them some bandwidth at the same time.


  • But Morpheus is the greek god of dreams, and the symbolism there is very obvious you don't need to stretch his name into one that makes him a figurehead for all black oppresion.

    I couldn't figure out why the author was trying to stretch the movie to fit some kind of "black power" message until I saw that the article was from [].

    There were other little factual errors in his summary and analysis of the movie; maybe he should have been watching the story that was actually there.

    * Nebuchadnezzar was not a "space-ship"; they were on Earth the entire time. It might be some kind of genre blind-spot ("flying ship" = "spaceship").

    * Zion was not "the real world", it was the last remaining city for humanity, deep below the surface. He claims that "their real selves in Zion also die [if they are killed in the Matrix]" yet we never actually see the city in the movie.

    * The author tries to make "Tank" into some kind of metaphor for "life" (by pointing out that "ankh" is included "phonetically" -- the same sloppy reasoning that gets us "Moor + Orpheus = Morpheus") I took "Tank" and "Dozer" to be solid characters, grounded in the real world (as opposed to the unplugged ones, who tend to have technological or mythological names).

    Jay (=
  • Not to mention that on page 9 one of the monitors is displaying the frontpage of Slashdot.

    You know, I could've sworn that wasn't there before. Anyone else agree?

    How sure are you that it wasn't there before?

    <grabs cell phone>
    "Tank, this is TrentC. We need an exit out of here, and fast. I think there are agents in the vicinity..."

    Jay (=
    (who shoulda eaten the red pill)
  • Of course, you should NEVER EVER leave a box logged in as root and leave the sight of the terminal. Personally I am in favor of changing the text color of a terminal window logged in as root, or putting all root logins on a seperate desktop with "Be careful you are logged in as ROOT" in 3 foot high red letters on the background.
  • That depends on the value of PS1. He may have PS1 set to "[\u@\h \w]$"... But yes, "[\u@\h \w]\$" may be more commonly in use... :)
  • What the hell is so funny about AOL and script kiddie jokes? The fact that frames from the Matrix were used?

    IMO this is completely witless. I don't know why you guys enjoyed it so much.

    Reminds me of America's Funniest Home Videos. Everybody and their dog loved hearing Bob Saget add lame and annoying dubbed-over audio to real video clips, but I always thought it was a waste of airtime.
  • Anybody know of any mirrors, the site seems pretty slow.

  • I was ROTFL when i read it.
  • Yeah, I started doing that on the second page. Have to hit back after each one tho, which is more hit-or-miss accesses.
  • Well, once again, the art of "slashdotting" claims another casuality. When I clicked the link it said "page can not be displayed..."

    -- Shadowcat
  • I've seen this link on slashdot before,
    it was in a reply to a quicky's post a few days ago.

    very funny site, made me LOL then,
    and I laughed again when I saw it again today :-)

  • i consider myself a geek, and i always dressu p in raincoats and black sunglasses even way before the matrix :)

    is it then not already a geek parody ?
    Kris "dJOEK" Vandecruys
  • "Almost all the symbolism was taken from Christianity, with Neo representing a "Christ" figure."

    Interesting that different people can see different things in a movie. The Matrix was chock-full of Buddhist symbolism, including some very high Tantric stuff near the end. The whole world being generated in people's minds is a close approximation of the Buddhist doctrine of Emptiness; Neo's awakening after death is closely analagous to enlightenment. The death itself was not death, but the mind of "Black Near-Attainment", which does occur at death but also occurs just before enlightenment (the Tibetan Book of the Dead is probably one source on this, although my source is a qualified oral lineage).

    Ever wonder why they dropped that bomb when they were going up the elevator shaft? Everyone in the lobby was already dead. The elevator shaft is the central channel, and the explosion is igniting the Fire of Tummo as they go up.

    I could go on and on ... this movie was a big hit among Tibetan Buddhists. One of the Centers in our tradition even did a mini-course based on it.

    So anyway, the symbolism seems to be a mixture of a lot of things, since such different traditions and Christianity and Tibetan Buddhism (Mahayana/Vajrayana) both see tons of symbolism in it.

  • The article you linked to at "The African" is
    very interesting and the author is spot on about the biblical parrallels, he made one glaring
    mistake. He thinks Morpheus name is a coruption of Orpheus (the greek bard who goes to hell to rescue his dead wife) and a combination of "Moor+Europe". I.e. the moor in europe and then makes him into a symbol of white oppression of blacks.

    But Morpheus is the greek god of dreams, and the symbolism there is very obvious you don't need to stretch his name into one that makes him a figurehead for all black oppresion.

    I like this definition I found here kgdshm.html

    The god of dreams and the son of Somnus (god of sleep). Morpheus formed the dreams that came to those asleep.

    Very appropiate for the Matrix.
  • download an IRC client (I use mirc for Windoze) and find out!

    "There are no shortcuts to any place worth going."

  • []

    "There are no shortcuts to any place worth going."

  • OK, fine, I give up. I take back any interesting aspect of my original comment. This does not relate to open source. It completely lacks any relation. The fact that we can see it as its being developed has nothing to do with the fact that we can take part in the development process of open-source software, nor can the two things be related in any way, however slight or obscure. I'm dropping the whole issue. Any further correspondance on this should be considered off-topic. This issue no longer pertains to any discussion. It should be considered non-existant. This movie has nothing to do with slashdot other than its content. End of discussion.
  • The way this is being done reminds me of a web site I saw once where somebody was writing a movie involving the X-Files and R.E.M.... they added a few pages every week or so. This seems kinda like an open-source writing project - you can see it as its being written, like you can see open-source software as its being developed.
  • No, see, my objective wasn't to 'tack on' open-source, it was to point out a similarity between this and the "Bazaar" vs. how movies are normally written and the "Cathedral". It's a shame you had to make it sound like I was some corporate CEO who had no idea what open-source meant sticking it on to every damn project my company did.
    And nobody ever said open-source had to mean that you could contribute code (although it usually does) -- last time I checked, all it meant was users could partake in the development process in some way. I'd imagine, though, if you wrote theses guys a letter with some ideas of yours, some might make it into the product.
    What's annoying though is that I point out something interesting, you bash it down, and you get moderated up. Your last sentence, like much of this post I'm writing right now, sounds rather Troll-ish. Grr.....
  • Acctually, using a $, for rootprompt can be a good thing, at least for security reasons..
    If you are editing some config, and have to leave the room to get a pot or two of coffee,
    you can leave the box logged in as root, as it's not obvious to passing kiddies that you are root.
    Of course, this is for the lazy, but it gives slightly more security than a big "I AM LOGGED IN AS ROOT #" all over the screen.
  • Looks like another poor server falled under the well known slashdot effect :)) still cant read the pages from italy, guess the guys who offered the hosting wont be so happy about this :)

    Bye bye all you slashdotters
    ZCool / Orda delle Badlands
  • From my personalized page:

    2000-01-04 14:32:34 "The Matrix" for geeks (articles,news) (rejected)

    Anybody else have this problem with /.?

  • This is my favorite.

    A/S/L in the middle of the MAtrix. l o l

  • It was indeed there before.. I have a copy of the page I saved two days ago.

  • Do you expect a user to read every single comment posted to find out if the story they want to post has been mentioned before? Do you realize that there are thousands of comments at any one time? I for one don't read everything about every single story, I just don't have the time. I'm sure the person that posted this doesn't either.

    Besides, if it were really that big of a deal, it wouldn't have gotten posted. They thought it good enough to post as a story. And if you think its redundant, don't read it. Nobody's forcing you to.
  • redundancy by definition when applied to comments is being needlessly repetitive; verbose.

    in other words, the poster of comment 7 failed to notice comment 3, and therefore became redundant when he "says essentially the same."

    if the poster of comment 7 also recieved a funny, what would stop me from paraphrasing comment X which recieved a score of 5 reaking havoc on the kharma system.

  • hypocrisy is grand.

    i retract my previous message because I failed to notice 7 came before 3.

    apologies to the gods

  • I wrote a similar parody of Romeo and Juliet as a project for a class in school. Because it went over the teachers head I got the best grade in class. It should be posted here [] Keep in mind that this was written for people who use the internet at school on macs and have no concept of the real internet. It was simplified for them. On another note it seems that due to the amount of hits it is getting and the bandwidth it draws it making difficult for the pages to load. I have had to constantly re-click links and reload individual pictures.
  • On Xoom, no less. =) alms0/index.html []

    Pablo Nevares, "the freshmaker".
  • Sorry cr0bar =)
    It's actually not my site, I just saw it linked in #nerds (I'm sure you know what that is :-)

    Pablo Nevares, "the freshmaker".
  • I thought we established this already on the Userfriendly bashing thread.
    Everyones idea of what is funny is different. That is part of what makes you an individual. You are not required to accept the opinion of someone else and make it your own.
    I personally think that the netsplit reference when they cut the hardline is very funny, but thats just me. You are entitled to your own opinion.

    PS. I hope that anti-creative thinking, anti-legos guy replys to this.
  • Why on the related links is there a link back to slashdot as the top "related link"? Kind of stupid don't ya think?

    Child: Mommy, where do .sig files go when they die?
    Mother: HELL! Straight to hell!
    I've never been the same since.

  • The funniest scene in the whole thing (so far) has to be the part where Cypher is looking over Trinity's helpless jacked-in body and goes "l00k a7 m3 tr1nity. 1 m @n 31337 h@x0r.", or whatever. That part had me laughing out loud! :D
  • (Reference to page 3) The bots in quake 3 (on nightmare mode) NEVER miss.. It's an awesome challenge for anyone to even think they can beat ... well, close enough to ... perfection..

    I'm on the first level on tier 6.. beat every level on nightmare so far.. Anyone else trying to pull this insane task off?

    Hilarious joke though.. I swear I say that a hundred times while fighting Anarki or Klesk on their one on one boards...

    -Dextius Alphaeus
  • There seems to be some sort of server overload.
    I either get "Connection refused" or broken
    images. Oh well, I'll just have to bookmark it
    and visit it when it has been forgotten by the
    rest of the world.
  • I agree. Very hilarious.
  • I am going thru this right now , this is great but it was mentioned that it was floating around on the irc, as an understudy I was curious as to which one?
  • Yeah!

    Or... T & L... LOL... :)
  • "Whoa" i never saw that before... cute. now they're also poking a bit of fun at us. nifty though, i don't think i would have seen it if not for the point out.

  • While the movie had some obvious Christian archetypal images. It missed the chance to make a much more interesting epistemological points.

    The dream motif could have been played with more to stretch the questions out of what real is. If the goal was truly to start epistemological points, it may have even used the archetypes if that was needed to make the point more effectively.

    Read Decartes' meditations for a much better and more interesting discussion of what reality really is.

    "Anyone who cannot understand math is not human" Lazarus Long

    P.S. However, the parody does catch what the true goal of the movie was to be as cyber-punk as possible.
  • Good parody?? F*CKING HILARIOUS!!!! anyone seen the ASCII WARS site?

  • This is probably the best parody of anything I've ever seen. Man talk about funny I was laughing out loud most of the time and the rest of the time I could barely keep it in.

  • I have spoken to the Author of this site and by the sound the site has become the next best thing since Mahir Cagri

    If you are willing to help by hosting it on your T3`s please msg him now on efnet #nerds ok!
  • V.funny, you have to see this site!!!
  • I couldn't contain myself on page 10.... it is so nice to see a parody of such quality ;)
  • That cookie better lighten up Laurence...
  • The point of the Christianity symbolism and the story beigning based on the bible is not, because the bible has such a reviting story, or how many copies it sold, it is becuase the Bible is God's word.

  • Can't tell if it's any good or not, as it's too slow for me to look at atm, but I'd bet that given the number of people who read /., and the fact that it's so slow, means lots of /.'rs didn't hear of it. Seems a large majority of people, in fact.. guess I'll wait a week or so to read it. :)

    bash: ispell: command not found
  • I h4v3 r3wt 0n all j00r box0rs.


    -- Give him Head? Be a Beacon?

  • That's because there are other people on this planet, and those people actually form opinions that differ from your own.

    -- Give him Head? Be a Beacon?

  • which was watchable, until the "coming back to life" thing they had - Anyone else think the film would have been better if he had just died?

    I'm afraid you are missing one of the major points of the movie. Almost all the symbolism was taken from Christianity, with Neo representing a "Christ" figure. One of the essential elements in Christianity is the death and ressurection of Christ. The Wachowski brothers could not eliminate that essential element in order to have their astounding metaphor complete.

    There are plenty of other symbols to lead you to this conclusion, such as the name Zion representing the better world, Trinity is the one who effects the resurrection, and Cipher is an obvious Judas character, betraying the messiah.

    For a better analysis than mine, go look at this article [].

    Some guy named Chris

  • For me, the funnest stuff has to be all the "You've got mail!" every time any form of communication occurs. Someone should make a phone that rings with a "You've got mail!" sound sample. Then again, maybe not...

  • by Pope ( 17780 )
    I don't get early half the jokes on there. I think it has something to do with observing the daystar during non-business hours.
    I mean, what the hell is IRC? :)

  • Oh, and I have it all zipped up too. .zip []

    Hope this helps

    - ed.
  • I understood that.
    I just thought it would have been better
    had he died, as it would have been that the matrix had won, that maybe the matrix was real, and still had the power over us, and lots of other better things like that.
  • I understood the "Christian" aspect.
    I just thought that it made the entire thing cheesy.

    Jesus was able to bring himself back to life, he didn't require some bints love and a kiss.

    Their astounding metaphor sucked quite frankly.
    Had Neo died, it would have meant that the matrix had won, and was still tricking us, and that we were still no nearer salvation than before, and WE would have to do something about it. Having a person who was on his way to save us, just played to everyone's laziness - "Ah why bother, we've got a guy who's already doing it"

    I think that would have been better
  • a parody that is funny
    without being just rude words put in everywhere (qv Dilbert hell)

    I liked this much more than the real thing (which was watchable, until the "coming back to life" thing they had - Anyone else think the film would have been better if he had just died? Would have had a whole new subtle meaning, but wouldn't have been as ratings friendly)
  • What the hell is so funny about AOL and script kiddie jokes? The fact that frames from the Matrix were used?

    IMO this is completely witless. I don't know why you guys enjoyed it so much.

    Reminds me of America's Funniest Home Videos. Everybody and their dog loved hearing Bob Saget add lame and annoying dubbed-over audio to real video clips, but I always thought it was a ,..
  • I didn't think it was really all that funny, but I laughed when I saw Cypher say "1 g0t r3wt on al j00r box0rs" -- until I realized it didn't say "I got root in your boxers" ;) ;)

    .. and that first joke's not fair. I watch Dawson's Creek -- occasionally. :)

  • I'm having to reload each page repeatedly to try to see all the panels. This is going to take awhile....
  • The bible would have sold more copies if Jesus hadn't been resurrected. They should have had a bunch of saints rush in and kidnap him back from the cross, but then he gets tetanus from his wounds and dies.

    Then they could have made a sequel (The Bible part II, Jesus Strikes Back) about the saints or something.
  • published by O'Reilly of course...
  • I think I may be the first to defeat the slashdot effect in one day! Well, okay, the link has moved to the bottom of the main page but STILL, I managed to keep the site accessible for most of the day. "How did you do it, uncle cr0bar?" Simple, I put up five mirrors and set up rotating .htaccess files to redirect people to a different one every 3 minutes, effectively splitting the load by 5. Brought to you by *nixx. *cough*
  • As the author of the Matrix bastardization, I am pleased to see it linked on slashdot =). You know what they say, if you haven't been slashdotted, you haven't.

    Well, okay I made that up....but the site has been a real rush ever since it exploded in popularity recently.

    Mirrors are OK, but please give proper credit and link back to the "home" site! We seem to be dealing with the 'slashdot effect' rather well....

    cr0bar out!
  • by dattaway ( 3088 ) on Saturday January 08, 2000 @08:22AM (#1392001) Homepage Journal
    There had to be, and here is Mr. T vs. The Matrix [] site.
  • by dsplat ( 73054 ) on Saturday January 08, 2000 @12:46PM (#1392002)
    Okay, it is time to establish my credentials as a net.old.foggy, not that I expect anyone to believe me or care. This reminded me a bit of the Usenet Olympics []. Okay, the content is different, but the excellent use of net references is dead on. There are two more olympiads in that directory []. And not all of the naes you'll see are ancient history. Yup, back in my day, Sonny, all we had was text, and we were glad to have it because we knew people with online services that weren't connected to the Internet. Heck, we had to use it in the dark days before Al Gore invented it.
  • by Morgaine ( 4316 ) on Saturday January 08, 2000 @09:29AM (#1392003)
    The frame that had me in stitches was the first exchange between Morpheus and Neo:

    Welcome Neo. As you may have guessed, I am mOrpheus.

    -- What? Don't you mean 'Morpheus'?

    Right, and I bet you think "Zero Cool" isn't taken yet either.
  • by pen ( 7191 ) on Saturday January 08, 2000 @06:40AM (#1392004)
    JANUARY 08, 2000 -- Today, many geeks filed a lawsuit against someone known only as "Cr0bar" online. A week ago, Cr0bar posted a humorous web page, a parody of the movie The Matrix. Cr0bar is accused by the geeks of purposely posting a web page that caused them to "cough up various beverages onto their keyboards and surroundings," and other damages.

    "I was in the server room at the moment," recalls one geek, "and one of my friends told me to go to the page. As soon as I saw some of the pictures, I collapsed on the floor laughing, and caused a lot of damage to some of the servers. We had about three hours of downtime."

    The geeks are contending that a warning entrance page should have been posted before the actual pictures, so that the readers could be given a chance to sit down and put down their drinks.

    Cr0bar could not be reached for comment.

    (I must be dreaming! Slashdot replaced all the zeroes with O's in Cr0bar!)


  • by Edmund ( 19021 ) on Saturday January 08, 2000 @09:30AM (#1392005)
    the entire thing should be on [] in a few minutes.

    - ed.

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