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Humpday Quickies 201

Nothing like some quality quickies to survive humpday. Magus311X sent us linkage to an awesome web site that has the plans for nearly every set of legos. If you still have your big bucket, you'll love it. I always got bored half way through the plans tho. Started putting guns on my castles and plants on my spaceships wings. HP LoveJet (I like that one) sent us a webpage that will compute your Wu-Tang name ('Rob Malda' = 'Grand Moff Puppeteer') Blaxthos sent us a photo of the most amazing toilet mankind has developed thus far. Looking for some new comics? Bob Barker pointed us to Tug House and Cecil noticed EtherLife v1.5.. I dig EL15. And now the pointless violence and stupidity portion of the quickies: DragonHawk sent us some nice pictures of people ignoring the warning labels on spray cans, and also building a potato gun capable of firing spuds at 550 MPH. Then we have a guy who builds "sparkler bombs" by setting off 1000 sparklers at a time. Jura sent us pictures of computers that he apparently shot the hell out of. Elwood sent us linkage to another license, this one is the BPL or The "Bastard Public License" Next, random Slashdot references from around the net: Raps sent us writes Alfdot, a Slashdot parody weblog about everyone's favorite lame 80s sitcom (cancelled no doubt do to government conspiracy). Slashdot Man earned a special place on my list of 'people to get a restraining order for' his fan page. Eeeek rebrane sent us a Slashdot drinking game. And the perfect quickie to get some closure on the day: McAdder sent us Final Thoughts which is a website that spams your friends and family upon your death to send them your, well, final thoughts from beyond the grave. Wierd.
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Humpday Quickies

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    I am sorry, but I cannot understand what this news item is about. The title "Humpday Quickies" is mildly suggestive, in a wacky sort of way. Perhaps a new holiday I am (unfortunately) not familiar with? This would explain a few things. Not really. Perhaps, like me, you are asking yourself, "How is this stuff that matters?" Well the answer is simple, in a complicated, bert-and-ernie sexual tension sort of way. Let me give you an example. Suppose I have $3. But $3 is not enough to buy a copy of "Scientology". Now I cannot be a scientologist, why? I can't be a scientologist because I am poor, what does that say about Scientology, do I need to be a famous actor, like John "Pussywagon" Travolta? No. Here is the truth, straight from that ass's horse: "I am offtopic, inflammatory, inappropriate, illegal, or offensive comments might be moderated." Anyways I got up this morning and decided I needed to buy more toothpaste, but then, it turned out I didn't, but I went anyways. So I figured while I was there, I might as well get some toothpaste, I mean, I'm going to run out eventually. But then when I went to the checkout, I realized the toothpaste was $4.67 but I only had $3. fuck. Now what is supposed to happen is the cashier is supposed to let me steal the toothpaste without ringing it up. But this cashier was an old woman. "Steal my toothpaste, bitch!" I screamed as loud as I could when she refused my request to put it into the bag without ringing it up. She stubbornly refused. "What's going on here?" the manager (I'll assume) asked me. The manager has to be an asshole about people stealing his toothpaste because a lot of his pay depends on how well the store does. So if I had been allowed to have the cashier steal my toothpaste for me, that would have been $0.000001 less he took home that year. So naturally he was VERY concerned. Anyways I guess the moral is he didn't call the police, that was cool of him, but frankly, I am a bit upset that when the day comes that I run out of toothpaste, I will not have any extra left. Hopefully when I awake to the dawn of the brave new world of the morning without toothpaste, I will have $4.67. What was this thread about again? Oh that's right: jack shit. So if you label this offtopic, mr. moderator sir, you are a very foolish man (or woman).
  • by Anonymous Coward
    As for the translator, it seems like it only goes only on first name. I tried my name, then I tried "Rob Malda", then I tried Rob and something else. Came out the same. For example, go try out "Rob Hideysmithingtonson." I got Grand Moff Puppeteer for that too.
  • If you spend that much time on the toilet, you have bigger problems than whether you can get your email or not. =)
  • I sould know. I was in Tampa Florida when I was 7 and my mom was trying to light sparklers with matchs. Well it didn't work so we asked a man to use his lighther. I had 1 sparkler in my right hand and 16 in my left. I got the 1 sparkler and tried to light 1 in the other hand. Well all 16 went off and I got a 2nd and 3rd degree burn.

    But hey once they all went off people where yelling and cheering thinking that it was just 1 kick ass fire work.
  • Highly recommended... haven't laughed this hard in a long time...
  • Posters:

    Cmdr. Taco says *grin*
  • ... and drink twice if he misspells "weird."
  • ... when you get a drinking game made up for you. That link is hilarious!
    My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I am right.
  • The slashdot drinking games doesn't involve any chugging, what kind of game is that?
  • I haven't seen it, and I read /. every day. And actually Rob *didn't* sound too happy about the parody to me. Very surprising to me 'cuz they seem to have a great sense of humor. (Geez, they'd have to with all the flamage here.)
  • Of course, unless you are a licensed pyrotechnic

    How can i become a licensed pyrotechnic? I had no idea that this sort of thing could actually be legal. :-)

  • Seems like the wutang naming has been slashdotted. I was hoping to find my wu name and found a perl/chmod error instead. :( How disappointing.

  • Here's a diagram:

    The 'top' is Wednesday - the 'hump'

    - Jeff A. Campbell
    - VelociNews ( [])
  • Hmm... my dictionary and even the WWWebster is silent on the word "humpday". So please someone might explain to a non-us citizen what a humpday is :-).

    So long, and thanks for all the fish.
  • Back when Slashdot featured Hashsnot, one of the people commenting on that article challenged everyone to come up with a better parody... that's how ': was born. I kept adding to it and eventually worked it into a storyline for my comic. But AFAIK, It's never been featured by /.
  • It's not US-specific - even here in Australia we use the term "humpday" to refer to Wednesday (ie., the middle of the work week).

    I'm an (English speaking) Canadian, and I've lived in the US for a while, and I've never heard this term before.
  • Yeah, for some reason my girlfriend is really not that happy about being Tha Prickly Comedian. Go figure--I think it's great.

    Also, even though it is a one-way function, there are still some neat things you can do with it. For instance, here's a cycle of length 3 that I found:

    Tha Ever So Weary Assistant
    -> Big Gay Mule
    -> Excitable Misunderstood Genius
    -> Tha Ever So Weary Assistant

  • If you go into the time laps photo section, he explains it as artifacts caused by very bright light. They aren't really there. (duh)
  • Ah. Thanks. I understand now.

    Actually it's Thursday here, but who am I to criticise...
  • Dr. Jack Kervorkian recommends the Slashdot Drinking Game to his patients.

    C'mon, it's not a game, it's suicide by /.

    Some guy named Chris

  • The ultimate toilet has leather padded seats, what appears to be broadband, a phone, a fax, and a computer, but where the hell is the TP?
  • Definately cool, but somehow it seemed that I've seem them a long time ago. Could it be that they've been posted at slashdot before?

    I remember seeing the BFPG 9000 part before, but I think the sparkler bomb link is a new one.

    Jay (=
  • I tried the wu-tang thing and my name came out to be:

    Ol' Filthy Sweaty Bastard

    I don't know whether that's good or bad.. :-)

  • Illegitimate Muslim Fundamentalist Uhmm...yeah. I'd *love* to hear any member of Wu-tan actually say that, or have an MTV News story, and watch Kurt Loder actually keep a strait face while name dropping that bad boy!
  • Where's the TP roll?!?

    Maybe since you never have to get up again you don't need TP?

    There's always the fax paper I guess.

  • wendsday. The hump is the middle of the week.

  • NT means no text.
  • I'm a licensed pyrotechnic! But I'm illegal in seven states.
  • According to the Drinking Game, we're all supposed to drink if:
    .. someone mistakes 'hacking' for 'cracking' (or vice versa)
    Bottoms up!
  • Slashdot Man has frightened me, and I'm not even Rob. I need a stalker. -Sweaty Butcher (My Wu Name)
  • Have any of you taken a look at it? You need an iron liver just to make it through a 50k page of comments!
  • "If they'd only GPL their script"

    Never mind... already released!

    Now, to find out how Rob and I are related!

  • The Wu Tang translator called me Lazy-ass Destroyer. I find that offensive. I may be lazy-ass, but I prefer to call myself "dangerously curious, well-meaning individual" rather than "Destroyer".
  • CGIwrap Error: Script is not executable. Issue chmod 755 /www/home/

    (If this was already mentioned in another post, sorry.)
  • Perl Mongers outing...

    Check out the above site. We blew the living shit out of an old IBM PS/2. We also did a few "book reviews" of Perl books that suck...

    The Perl Mongers know how to get together and have fun!

    We also did some skeet shooting with a bunch of those free CD's you get in the mail.
  • I used my real name and got "Inebriated Assistant".

    Kinda true, except for the Assistant part.

  • and I'm half-cut skeleton. I wonder how the system works? Probably just has a bunch of words in a list, makes a hash value from your name, and uses that to look up a word.
  • As other people have guessed, it's a hash function, so many regular names correspond to one wu-name. It's even pretty easy to discover an equivalent function with a little experimentation.



    open X, "/tmp/names.txt";
    next unless /^(\d)\s*(\d)\s*(.*)$/;

    print "First name: ";
    print "Last name: ";

    for $i (split //, $fn){
    for $i (split //, $ln){

    print "\n", $names[$l%9][$f%9], "\n";


    Find the list of wu-names yourself, it's easy enough to do. There are 81, of course.

    Hopefully they don't change the hash function, which would invalidate all this.


  • Also check out this Matrix spoof (video): des/
    or des/cs11.rm

  • Rob Malda in ASCII at Slashdot Man's webpage is one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen. []
  • Method Man's Wu name turns out to be:

    Vangellic Surgeon

    And, if Busta Rhymes was in the Clan, his name would be:

    My Cousin the Wife Beatah

    Thank you.
  • The GPL is not made to protect the creator of the BPL, but the public, and the original authors.

    Making sure you can never take someone elses code, and close it up is THE concern of creators of GPL-software, not to help you not having to give back modifications.

    Critizism against the GPL is actually misunderstood.
    When someone complains about having to give out their hard work if using GPL-code, it is like saying: "damn it, your property right is stupid, I can't modify it the way I please". This can be easily countered by saying: "excactly!! That was the whole POINT behind my decision to use those property rights".

    Use the license that suits you best, but don't complain about other peoples choices when it comes to licenses.

  • Well, I'm sitting here playing with some wacky sound-tracking software (PlayerPro) I just got, and plotting to soup up my speakers even more crazedly to keep up with the crazy imaginary bassnotes some sequences have, and when I put my full name (i.e. 'Christopher' as on my birth certificate), what do I get but "Eight-Legged DJ"! That's pretty cool and apropos in a peculiar way.

    Now that I know that- what the hell _is_ a Wu Name??

  • A disappointed bombwatching fishmonger?

    Ack, there are several of them, apparently!

    Quick, open source them! Then we can port Linux to them and make them into a Beowulf cluster to sell to Transmeta, who are clearly making fish.

    Now _that_ would be a helluva crack! >;)

    8-Legged DJ, truly evil :)

  • How the HELL am I supposed to piss standing up? I might get piss all over my computer, not to mention it doesn't look like you can flip the seat up!
  • Pretty cool. By my real name, I'm "Auxiliary Priest." Go by my Net alias and I'm "Half-Cut Skeleton." I'm having trouble figuring out which one is cooler.

    How does one figure out one's Wu name anyway? I can't figure out how this one's done.
  • AYE!! My neighbor even threatened to turn me in to the building inspectors when I installed an old classic full-size commode in my house. (I'd picked it up from a building salvage place for cheap, and it matches the rest of the classy 1920's porcelain in my house.)

    Wasting water? Bullshit! With the new lo-flo toilets, you have to flush two or even three times to banish a floater from the bowl. Damn those Canadians, they have everything! Good beer, socialized medicine, and toilets that make poop go bye-bye.
  • This has been featured on Slashdot before. Slashdot has also featured's recent parody, and Rob was quite happily laughing at it. Just because one particular /. parody doesn't make it into one particular batch of quickies doesn't necessarily mean that they're censoring it...
    "'Is not a quine' is not a quine" is a quine.
  • It's a very advanced toilet, for a new age in excrement disposal.

    One word: 'scoop'


    - Jeff A. Campbell
    - VelociNews ( [])
  • As for the dude who shot up his computer, Please let me shoot HIM. For anyone to decide one day "HEY! I think I'm going to take this computer out back and SHOOT IT!" is totally idiotic. There was almost a guaranteed use for that computer, and I don't mean as a target.
    I respectfully submit that it's not your call to make. He used his computer, his gun, his ammo, and his time.

    A 386 or better, sure there's a use. A 286, or a case from a Packard Bell with a fried power supply, or some component with terribly bad juju (like a keyboard that fries motherboards) all make fine targets for light caliber plinking. (The keyboard from hell was shattered by a .44 Desert Eagle, and nailed to the wall as a warning to others of it's kind).

  • Great stuff! I almost ruined my keyboard when I got to the bit about voiding their warranty because of Kyle "" Bennet. Probably funnier than anything in the actual Quickies too :)
  • AFAIK this parody was written recently for that comic. And when I searched /. for the last several weeks I could not find it, nor did I see anything obvious in a search of articles with the word "parody" in the story.

    So while it may have been featured, I doubt it..

  • That spoof was HILARIOUS.

    It started off a bit slow, but it kicked up in pace, and got me laughing HARD. REAL good stuff!

    Thanks for the link. :)

    -- Give him Head? Be a Beacon?

  • Hmmm...the toilet [] on Slashdot Man's site [] looks surprisingly like the toilet [] by Alexey Soloviev [].

    I don't think that it's CmdrTaco that needs the restraining order. Alexey, on the other hand...
  • WTF?

    Wu-Name = "Asthmatic Enemy of God"

    Like this:

    "What is truth?" (cough, wheeze)
  • One of the photos from the sparkler bomb site [] looks like the crowd is being zapped from orbit with some kind of energy beam. I'm willing to bet good money that someone is going to take this photo and use it as further evidence of a New World Order Conspiracy To Destroy Freedom Loving People.

  • by banky ( 9941 )
    please inform script owners or something, so they can prepare (or beg to not be mentioned). the wuname thing is dead (as mentioned above). If the owner would allow mirroring, it would be no problem and we all get in the fun...
  • ...but it is the product of a lack of confidence, or a misunderstanding of how truly open licenses work in practice. It's very rare that anyone "takes over" a GPL'd project by forking, unless the original author becomes incompetent. And BSD licenses generate a lot of patches from people simply because they want to be part of the process, even if everyone doesn't have to.

    Basically, it's a BSD-type license with the stipulation that "all modifications must be sent to the original author". As with many systems that contains a single critical point, there's no backup plan should that point fail (i.e. the author leaves/dies/etc.).

    • With the GPL, I give code to all because I have to.
    • With the BSD, I give code to anybody because I want to.
    • With the BPL, I give code back to the author because I have to, and everyone else because I want to. Making it just as viral and a lot more monopolistic.
    Sorry, but I'll pass.
  • Hey, with my full name I got Misunderstood Excitable Genius :)

  • At least it appears that in some cases (see the lyrics revamp to Particle Man elsewhere in this discussion) it actually does map last names consistently... for example:

    me (real name) --> Tha Winged Cow
    my wife --> International Cow

    I have the feeling she may not find that all that funny :)

    I still prefer this one though:

    Spud Zeppelin --> Cybernetic Tiger

    It's Grrrrrrrrrrreat!

    This is my opinion and my opinion only. Incidentally, IANAL.
  • That's odd... my wu-name also turned out to be Grand Moff Puppeteer, and Eric Wright is in no way close to Rob Malda! If they'd only GPL their script ;)

  • Take both names, perform a letter->number substitution (a=1, b=2, etc.) and add up the values for each name separately. In my case, E=5 + r=18 + i=9 + c=3 == 35, Wright = 85. Then, "boildown" each of these numbers to a single digit, ie. 35 -> 3+5 = 8; 85 -> 8+5=13 -> 1+3=4. Now, I have 8 as my first digit, and 4 as my last digit. Oddly enough, so does Rob Malda!

    Anyway, there are 'a' and 'b' arrays of first and last names, each containing 9 entries with 9 values each. Specific names are picked by...

    Your first name is found by adding your two digits and again, boiling that down to a single digit: 8+4 = 12 -> 1+2 = 3. Now, my first name is in list 3 at position 8 of one of the lists (all of his code uses null values for array entry 0). For my last name, multiply my two digits, and boildown: 8*4 = 32 -> 3+2 = 5. My last name is in list 5, position 4.

    Finally, whether you get names from the a lists or b lists is determined by the parity of the product of your initial two digits (8*4 = 32 is even, use a lists... if odd, use b lists which is rarer since it requires both your original digits to be odd).

    In your test, Hideysmithingtonson must just have the same associated boiled-down digit as Malda!

  • If Hemos mentions nano-anything, drink!

  • Hasn't this ever been mentioned in conjunction with the MindStorms stories?
    Ah well, so much for a minute of fame.

    Brickshelf is incredibly useful for my current New Year's Project: I retrieved a 16"x18"x18" box FULL of Lego from my parents' basement. It was my entire childhood collection of Lego (all that wasn't bought in the last couple of years that I already had in my apartmnet). Half of that I "inherited" from my friend Jim when he turned 14 and decided he was "too old" to play with Lego. His donation essentially doubled my collection at the time(!)
    SO, I have none of his instructions, and have no idea what sets he had. Bang! Go to Brickshelf, look up some of the weird pieces Jim had, and I found a whole whack of instructions for those sets.
    After I finish counting and organizing all that ABS, I'm gonna try to assemble ALL the sets that I have and the ones I can figure out that Jim had.
    I think I have my work cut out for me, considering I have no idea where I'm going to put it all. Time for a trip to IKEA for those cool coloured buckets.

    If I could find the time to sweep my floor, I'll be in good hands :)

  • the main webserver, being an inferior machine, is currently bogged down. try drinking.txt [] instead (the linux machine to become the webserver soon).


  • Quite the nice script (feel free to take any minor improvements from my other post []).

    There really are only 81 names that can possibly be output as the script is written, though. Your first step is to boil down the numberized name: x=boildown(n) is the same as x=(n%9==0)?9:n%9. This means that no matter what the first or second name, each is reduced to a number 1-9. The set and setsum operations depend only on these two numbers (a one to one mapping), giving you a maximum of 81 distinct cases.

    To get more, you have to introduce a few more variables. For example, use a second unrelated hash function on the names and use these new numbers in the set operations, keeping the original two to choose which names to pick out of the lists.

    If i get a chance to make the modifications, i'll email them to you.


  • How long do you people sit on the toilet? I'd barely be able to boot up my computer before it would be time to flush.

    Please see a doctor or something because that can't be healthy.

  • Wow. It all happened so fast. Good thing I'm not alone! HA! I'm typing under the influence. Glad it isn't illegal yet. Maybe I should visit eBay? :)

    Uh... about the sparkler bomb. Cool. But the wierd blue laser coming out the top? Yeah. That's just a camera effect. Bummer, huh?

    I gotta get that TOILET!!!

    -- Monolithic Fishmonger-X (wu-tang name)
    (Thanks HP LoveJet!)
  • Holy crap! Linux 6.1 is out? I thought they were only on 2.2.14
  • I think "Gillian Anderson -- Almost naked & Eating pie" is an obvious reference to "Natalie Portman -- Naked and Petrified". That alfdot guy has indeed a good sense of humour :)

    (Uhm, I hope Rod didn't install the filter script to ban me forever from /. for posting taboo words)

    BTW my Wu name is CGIwrap Error: Script is not executable too.

  • And I thought MY day was weird.

    After spending nearly $200 in shopping at the local mall, I spent 15 minutes walking around the parking garage looking for my car. I feared it might have been stolen. So I approached the nearest mall security agent in his hardcore Geo Tracker, and described my car to him. We went once again around looking at all the cars, then he asked whether I had looked on the lower level. "Lower level!" I said. "That's it!"

    Damn modern commerce and its three-dimensional parking garages.
  • So please someone might explain to a non-us citizen what a humpday is :-).
    Humpday == Slang for Wednesday

    As in Wednesday is the middle of the work week. You're at/past the hump and its all downhill until the weekend.

  • hmm, its me slashdotman.... umm the toilet pic from my site someone sent me a few months ago, it is the same but alexey's has that url on the side, so the image isnt even alexeys, its some russian site....well until that russian site contacts me to remove it its staying,... that is all

    $mrp=~s/mrp/elite god/g;
  • Now we finally know the answer to the poll []!!

    Universe Man and Triangle Man are equally powerful - because they're *both* Lesbian Pimp!

    Triangle Man - Lesbian Pimp
    Universe Man - Lesbian Pimp
    Person Man - Fiendish Observational Comedian
    Particle Man - Curly-Haired Slacker

    And, of course:
    Slashdot Man - Embryonic Crusadah

    Particle Man

    Curly-Haired Slacker, Curly-Haired Slacker
    Doing the things a particle can
    What's he like? It's not important
    Curly-Haired Slacker

    Is he a dot, or is he a speck?
    When he's underwater does he get wet?
    Or does the water get him instead?
    Nobody knows, Curly-Haired Slacker

    Lesbian Pimp, Lesbian Pimp
    Lesbian Pimp hates Curly-Haired Slacker
    They have a fight, Lesbian Pimp wins
    Lesbian Pimp

    Lesbian Pimp, Lesbian Pimp
    Size of the entire Lesbian man
    Usually kind to smaller man
    Lesbian Pimp

    He's got a watch with a minute hand,
    Millenium hand and an eon hand
    When they meet it's a happy land
    Powerful man, Lesbian Pimp

    Fiendish Observational Comedian, Fiendish Observational Comedian
    Hit on the head with a frying pan
    Lives his life in a garbage can
    Fiendish Observational Comedian

    Is he depressed or is he a mess?
    Does he feel totally worthless?
    Who came up with Fiendish Observational Comedian?
    Degraded man, Fiendish Observational Comedian

    Lesbian Pimp, Lesbian Pimp
    Lesbian Pimp hates Fiendish Observational Comedian
    They have a fight, Lesbian Pimp wins
    Lesbian Pimp

    schmeel. (Lazy-Assed Destroyer)
    P.S. - anyone know why all the comments from the old poll have disappeared?


  • J.r. "bob" Dobbs!

    your Wu-Name is

    Dependable Skeleton

    Use it wisely, soldier.
    Dependable Skeleton!

    your Wu-Name is

    Contagious Specialist

    Use it wisely, soldier.
    Contagious Specialist!

    your Wu-Name is

    Cheeky Delinquent

    Use it wisely, soldier.
    Cheeky Delinquent!

    your Wu-Name is

    Ol` Filthy, Sweaty Bastard

    Use it wisely, soldier.
    Ol' filthy Sweaty bastard!

    your Wu-Name is

    Bastard, BASTARD HarbourMastah

    Use it wisely, soldier.

    Bastard, bastard Harbourmastah!

    your Wu-Name is

    Monolithic Fishmonger-X

    Use it wisely, soldier.

    Monolithic Fishmonger-x!

    your Wu-Name is

    Tha Eurythmic King of Nowhere

    Use it wisely, soldier.
    Tha eurythmic king of Nowhere!

    your Wu-Name is

    Well-Liked Assman

    Use it wisely, soldier.

    Well-liked Assman!

    your Wu-Name is

    Ol` Filthy, Sweaty Bastard

    Use it wisely, soldier.

    Yes! A loop! I AM VICTORIOUS!!!!1!

  • My WuName turns out to be Erratic Assassin (well, it kinda cool). Unfortunately -- or fortunately for the paranoid in the group -- it doesn't work in reverse. I think a translator is still needed, though. Imagine the potential dating uses this could be put to.

  • As for the dude who shot up his computer, Please let me shoot HIM. For anyone to decide one day "HEY! I think I'm going to take this computer out back and SHOOT IT!" is totally idiotic. There was almost a guaranteed use for that computer, and I don't mean as a target.

    god, you are so right! there are far better uses [] for old computers.

    "Rex unto my cleeb, and thou shalt have everlasting blort." - Zorp 3:16

  • Obviously designed by someone who doesn't want to let bio-needs get in the way of a good CTF or Assault mission...

    Still, if the toilet's fully wired, what would the results of a frag/gib be like? (shudder)

  • I'm sorry, Slashdot Man, but I think I'm going to get a preemptive restraining order against you..

    Anyway, there is another variant to the Slashdor Drinking Game. A few buddies and I thought it up to bother one particular party attendee that night. The conditions for drinking were pretty much the same, except that you got an extra for every story someone else in the room posted and one subtracted for each of your own posts. Each player takes a story, in decending order from newest. At the end of perusing the story, you either take the alcohol penalty or lose an article of clothing. (General rule: if it went on in pairs, it comes off in pairs).
  • Thanks for the excuse to get a beer with lunch!
  • Is it just me or do these freak anyone else out?

    I think my grandma used to have one of those and it was just weird. It never quite seams clean. It sticks to your ass and when it rips things can really get ugly (especially if people aren't putting the seat up)

    Add to that the fact that this one appears to be leather... I don't need a sweaty dirty sticky ass when I get up from the pot.

    just my $0.02

  • Apparently, my Wu-Tang name is:

    CGIwrap Error: Script is not executable. Issue chmod 755 /www/home/

    You can call me CGIwrap for short.

  • Okay, since you characters have /.d the poor domain that graciously hosted my beloved WuName, here's the stripped-down script for you to play with. I've taken out specific URLs etc. but left all the WuNames in. It should be ready to roll on Unix/Linux pending /usr/bin/perl being correct. Feel free to mail in any big improvements, but it's safe to assume I know the code isn't as great as it could be... have fun. /. Geocities, for a change. []
  • Hello, as stated before, the url for my site is [], for like a month there was a redirecting page but now that it finally gets posted he deletes the redirector, grr I'll have him(my host/friend) fix it later. Sorry for the confusion.

    Slashdot Man, Slashdot Man
  • Well, I have no pictures and no movies, but I am a first-hand witness that well-built sparkler bombs do not go FWOOM. They go BANG!!! to the tune of a very real shockwave capable of being quite handily felt several hundred yards away. The crater was over three feet wide and six or eight inches deep (in what was grassy, moist turf). It's all in how you... package... the sparklers.

    Of course, unless you are a licensed pyrotechnic and take all safety precautions and file for whatever permits are required, you do NOT want to build one of them (and this one only had a gross and a half of number ten sparklers; less than an AOL CD's diameter).

    Anyway, I think I'll build a bunker for my friend's next simulation... and I thnk I'll invest in a bit of Kevlar.

  • > well-built sparkler bombs do not go FWOOM. They go BANG!!!

    I challenge your use of the term "well-built". Any fool can make a bang-type bomb. Many fools do. If you want to be one of them, that's fine. Don't do it near me.

    As I say at the bottom of my page: "Other enhancements, of the 'Hey! Let's build a can of fly spray into the middle of the bomb!' variety, are likely to result in natural selection."

    "Hey! Let's tape the thing up like an Egyptian mummy!" falls solidly into this category of "enhancement", if you ask me.
  • by pen ( 7191 ) on Wednesday January 05, 2000 @04:58PM (#1399816)
    The Slashdot Effect has been added [] to the dictionary. According to the page, Hemos, not Rob, is the Slashdot originator. Uh oh, looks like your secret is out, Rob!


  • by Accipiter ( 8228 ) on Wednesday January 05, 2000 @04:06PM (#1399817)
    Some of the links were Slashdotted upon my attempt to check them out, but I did visit a couple.

    The Mach1 Potato gun was impressive. I even went so far as to download some of the movies and check them out. The watermelons didn't last long.

    I still have a copy of that Amazing Toilet picture on my drive. It's been there for months. I've been wanting to post it somewhere and submit it to Slashdot, but I never got around to it. Looks like someone else discovered it.

    As for the dude who shot up his computer, Please let me shoot HIM. For anyone to decide one day "HEY! I think I'm going to take this computer out back and SHOOT IT!" is totally idiotic. There was almost a guaranteed use for that computer, and I don't mean as a target.

    The Slashdot drinking game just seems like all Anonymous Coward complaints rolled into a text document. I was hoping to be a bit more impressed, but if you're looking for a quick way to get really really drunk....

    Final thoughts was a bit creepy, but It's something I'd do anyway because, well, that's something that would be expected from me. My family knows I'm a bit of an off-normal person, so getting an E-Mail from me after I die wouldn't be totally unexpected. And you know, I'd make it goofy. "Hey! How is everyone? I'm fine, but this box i'm in is small, and hot. Can you bring me a Pepsi? OH, and bring me my Laptop. This Beyond-the-Grave E-mail shit sucks ass."

    -- Give him Head? Be a Beacon?

  • by tweek ( 18111 ) on Wednesday January 05, 2000 @03:29PM (#1399818) Homepage Journal
    holy SHIT!

    I blew fucking coke all over the place when I first read:

    Agent_Smith sets mode +m ne0

    That was the most hilarious thing. Well that and the:

    /wallops They're in the walls!

    This is some funny funny shit. Whoever did it OBVIOUSLY got the caps from a screener but still. I'm still laffin hard as hell.

    Way to go!
  • by tweder ( 22759 ) <stwede@g[ ] ['mai' in gap]> on Wednesday January 05, 2000 @04:20PM (#1399819) Homepage
    I clicked through to get my Wu-Tang name and got the following

    CGIwrap Error: Script is not executable. Issue chmod 755 /www/home/

    Pretty cool huh. I bet your jelous that yours is just 'Grand Moff Puppeteer'!
  • by fable2112 ( 46114 ) on Wednesday January 05, 2000 @07:00PM (#1399820) Homepage

    Yep, that one's pretty good. But my personal favorite in this vein is Slashnull.

    Shadowrun fans, go to town! :)

  • by quonsar ( 61695 ) on Wednesday January 05, 2000 @06:42PM (#1399821) Homepage

    My WuName turns out to be...

    awww, rats, you guys done beat it to death already:

    CGIwrap Error: Script is not executable. Issue chmod 755 /www/home/

    "Rex unto my cleeb, and thou shalt have everlasting blort." - Zorp 3:16

  • by quonsar ( 61695 ) on Wednesday January 05, 2000 @06:57PM (#1399822) Homepage

    I'm slightly intrigued by the Final site...

    me too. but they limit the concept. i'm thinking more along the lines of®, a site that allows you to keep a secure, online diary of every little slight and grievance you have against your boss/coworkers/neighbors, etc. just trigger the email after you quit/get fired/move away...

    "Rex unto my cleeb, and thou shalt have everlasting blort." - Zorp 3:16

  • by quonsar ( 61695 ) on Wednesday January 05, 2000 @07:12PM (#1399823) Homepage

    The ultimate toilet has leather padded seats, what appears to be broadband, a phone, a fax, and a computer, but where the hell is the TP?

    Silly Linux Wonk. The workstation has Micro$oft Asswipe2000 installed. The toilet runs CE. Using DCOM and M$XML-embedded M$HTML documents, it's a fairly trivial thing to implement a thorough wipe cycle. (Oh, and nevermind all the hyperbole about macro viruses - just install SP11b and disable scripting and your testicles are in absolutely no danger whatsoever.)

    "Rex unto my cleeb, and thou shalt have everlasting blort." - Zorp 3:16

  • by tilly ( 7530 ) on Wednesday January 05, 2000 @04:28PM (#1399824)
    Allow me to mention the best parody [] of /. that I know of out there.

    It may make more sense if you read the associated cartoon []. Even if you don't like the parody, read a few cartoons anyways...they are good. :-)


    PS I know several people who submitted this to /., and it got rejected every time...which is why I am posting like this.
  • by UncleRoger ( 9456 ) on Wednesday January 05, 2000 @03:18PM (#1399825) Homepage
    The new url is [] for those interested.

    Help me switch to Linux! []

  • The SlashDot Skin Shot [].

    (I think Rob hacked into the server to erase this once, but ha! I had a backup!)

  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday January 05, 2000 @04:31PM (#1399827)
    My matrix site was posted by another surfer above, but he linked to one of the pages inside my frames! I know frames aren't "chic", but you miss out on a lot in this case. The correct link is: Thanks for the "surfage".
  • by kaiti ( 69844 ) on Wednesday January 05, 2000 @03:03PM (#1399828) Homepage
    There's a very cool Matrix Spoof [] in progress at -- I am kinda sad it didn't get added to this list!


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