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Comment Re:Who is questioning it exactly? (Score 0, Troll) 582

I would question whether our activities are the sole or even the primary cause of the growth in CO2. However, you leave out one thing I can question as well, which is do the fact that the CO2 concentrations are rising and temperatures are rising even imply that the CO2 rise is the cause of the temperature rise? Correlation does not imply causation, you know.

The Earth has been here a lot longer than the 100 years since mankind has started producing mass quantities of CO2. CO2 levels have been much higher than they are right now in the geologic history of the Earth. Further, a lot of the climate change proponent scientists have been proven to have been knowingly using bad science to scare people into an agenda.

When will Slashdot stop drinking the climate change Kool-Aid?

Comment Re:Online Ads? (Score 1) 507

I agree and nominate instead of all these categories, Google Chrome for not having a robust ad-blocker like AdBlock Plus for Firefox. I would switch to Chrome in a New York minute if they had anything resembling AdBlock Plus as an extension.

(Yes, I know they supposedly have ad blockers, but they are CSS hacks as opposed to actually having browser functions to hide the ads.)


Submission + - Monitoring 80% of the Internet for Attacks

honeygrid writes: Ever wonder where all the attacks on the Internet are coming from? At the RSA conference in San Francisco today, Arbor Networks launched a global Internet threat monitoring site, ATLAS, reportedly monitoring over 80% of the Internet's traffic with scan, attack, DDoS, phishing, and botnet reports identifying attackers all around the world. They appear to have way more data than the SANS Internet Storm Center, and they don't pull their punches when it comes to publishing attack sources — countries, ASNs, hosts, service providers, and organizations. Now if they could just publish attackers' names and addresses... ;-)

Submission + - Is Unix dead? Growing old definitely

coondoggie writes: "As x86 servers become increasingly capable, IT managers are taking a closer look at their Unix installations to determine whether a move to Linux or Windows might make sense, analysts say. "The defensible hill for Unix is the big, vertically scaling, mission-critical application, which is usually some type of database serving," says Andrew Butler, a vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. "But increasingly, the appeal of Windows- and Linux-based systems running on cheaper, commodity hardware is becoming more and more compelling." al-focus.html"

Submission + - Turner to pay Boston $2 Million over ATHF Scare

DrEnter writes: After defeating the city of Boston and Homeland Security in a brief conflict last week involving small signs made from christmas tree lights, Turner Broadcasting has agreed to pay each of them $1 million. This is a far cry from the $500+ million Boston was claiming the Aqua Teen Hunger Force "war" had cost them. Maybe they realized that if this actually went to court, they would probably only end up with a bill for the court costs?

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