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  • The cartoon appears to be stating that the stranglehold that big banks have over the federal government is the problem. I will agree that it is, indeed, part of the problem.

    However I don't see any political movement that has gathered any amount of attention as having a serious plan to break that dependency. The libertarian party wants to give more power to the people with the most money, which just reinforces this problem. I have not seen any indication of the Tea Party giving a shit about it. The gre
    • by Arker ( 91948 )
      "The libertarian party wants to give more power to the people with the most money, which just reinforces this problem."

      That's simply not true. It's a leftie-progressive-whatever-you-call-it-this-week bullshit propaganda line and always has been.

      Libertarians want to first remove power from interpersonal dealings insofar as possible, and only secondarily devolve whatever power cannot be removed entirely and spread it out as evenly as possible rather than letting it centralize and metastasize into a capitol an
      • The libertarian party wants to give more power to the people with the most money, which just reinforces this problem.

        That's simply not true.

        I will give you that there are a lot of different people who call themselves "libertarians", and there is an argument to be made that there really is no libertarian party in this country - or at least, none that can possibly encompass the values of all the people who call themselves libertarians.

        However, the most vocal "libertarian" politician - and the one with the most vocal and dedicated followers - is Ron Paul. His platform, beyond any shadow of a doubt, embraces the values that I outlined above. I

  • Even knowing that, Republicans will vote for Republicans and Democrats for Democrats and Libertarians for people who are not libertarian. Even knowing they're just putting the yin and yang into those crushing boots, they will continue to believe if they could only defeat other leg, once and for all, their lives would be glorious.

    The one thing a Libertarian cartoonist won't tell you though, is if you follow those boots up to the legs, and the legs up to the pockets and the pockets up to the head, you will f

    • So, you're going with the Alinsky Rule #12 play? Really? That's it? Are you really so bereft of imagination?
      • So, you're going with the Alinsky Rule #12 play?

        I'll have to go look that one up. I'm afraid I don't know Alinsky as well as you do.

        Me, I'm more of a Benjamin Franklin guy when it comes to Rules for Radicals. But I guess it's just a matter of choice.

  • That Left vs. Right is only or mostly a distraction is a Leftie/Libertarian tactic. They are of course highly distinctly opposing philosophies, even if the extreme divide between the philosophies is not fully represented in Congress.

    I don't know about the banks, but corporations are only trying to buy favor in regulations and subsidies, so that they can be more successful. This is tyranny in that it's anti-competitive and hurts the average citizen, but is nowhere near where the vast majority of the tyrann

  • until He comes back. Until then, we will continue our march into a depraved, degenerate society fully embracing the culture of death.
    • I think a read of the Old Testament histories will show that history is more of a sinusoid, prior to His return, and the Really Big Dip at the end.
      • I think we're in the really big dip at the end.

        It's a little shocking how depraved the culture is getting and how fast it's getting there.
        • The only things new under the sun are the abortions and gender re-assignments.
          But those evils don't expose any fresh hell in the human heart.
          • No, but the societal acceptance of these evils -- and the scale of the acceptance, moving on to promotion and calling vices virtues, and the downright fascist hostility to anyone who doesn't share this outlook, is downright breathtaking.

            Can anyone imagine a mob getting a CEO fired because he donated $1K to a political cause they didn't like even just 5 years ago? I can't, and it's why I'm still stunned Mozilla fired Eich... for the "crime" of having religious beliefs. And it's not just CEO's -- Chase bank
  • ...although I don't claim to know the heart of mind of the cartoonist and am not accusing them of anything, is that the phrase "Global Elite Bankers" immediately sets me to looking around for someone with a copy of "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" who doesn't know, or refuses to believe, that it was a hoax.

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