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  • But that's generally not a strong suit for such arguments. The author will likely just tell us that math has a liberal bias.
    • Hey Smitty! You tell him. I don't have the heart...

      • I know that it is supposed to be either a "joke" or just fuel for another conservative circle-jerk. I am merely pointing out that one can write such things without having to do so in such a way as to demonstrate failure to grasp fairly simple math concepts.
        • Man, you are not for real!

          A statistician passes the airport security check, they discover a bomb in his bag. He explains. "Statistics shows that the probability of a bomb being on an airplane is 1/1000. However, the chance that there are two bombs at one plane is 1/1000000. So, I am much safer...

      • Or, maybe smitty is just trying to get slashdot's fake conservative [] excited about it, as it is often associated with Ted Cruz. In which case, carry on.
  • while as a pursuit is despicable, can manifest sometimes in pretty darn funny ways. I've received a couple of mailings in the recent past trying to con me into buying an extended warranty plan for my car and installation of some attic vents for my house, and they're just so precious I can't throw them out with the rest of the junk mail.

    • Tangentially related, I get all this RNC mail, and shred it without reading.
      • Oh you should definitely read one of those. Not as intricate as the two pieces of work I mentioned receiving, and I don't get them anymore even though I'm unfortunately still registered R, but they're beautiful, multi-colored print examples of what must be the old "simple contribution solication disguised as an extensive survey" scheme.

        • ... you struck a nerve, old friend.

          For the 2012 election, once it was time to get behind Moderate Mitt and hope he could win, I sent in a $100 donation and bought a bumper sticker ($4).

          I wish I never had. Instead of doing something productive, like running an attack ad, Moderate Mitt then probably spent at least $250 trying to get me to send in more money...

          And I get mail from Reince Priebus every other day.

          I send it back in the pre-paid envelope with a handwritten note that says "until you grow a s
          • Considering your worship of Reagan and tea party clowns, I'm certain that the lesson from this, that these people are about the money, and ideology is for the fools who fall for the scam, will go unlearned. Carry on, my dear friend. Of course, we won't mind if you "secede", if you get my drift :-)

          • It's charities too, unfortunately. An uncle died a couple of years ago and my aunt suggested simple $25 dollar donations to the Mayo Clinic in his name. I'd never contributed to them before, it was clearly a one-time thing paying respects to a passing person, and they must've spent that several times over hounding me with mailings of all sorts of sizes and thicknesses. I guess the postage is free (for them; not us who subsidize it) but still to print and package all that stuff up has to add up.

            Makes me f

      • Tangentially related, I get all this RNC mail, and shred it without reading.

        Even the ones designed to look like fundraising letters from their opponents?

        • You're attributing far too much cleverness to the GOP.
          • No, not cleverness. You have a word for it, and it's not cleverness. The word you would use is "demonic", and here's the evidence:


            If you object to the LA Times story because you believe the Tribune Co is a tool of the Leftists, I can offer substantially the same story from the Wall Street Journal or something more to your liking. I believe even The Blaze covered it, if that's what it takes to make you believe.

            • "Nancy Pelosi must never be Speaker again" really does have a positive ring to it.
              • WHOA WHOA WHOA.

                You mean to tell me that you CAN find out what's in a bill without passing it?

                This. Changes. Everything.
                • By means of an ancient practice called "reading", information can be loaded from many data stores, through the eye, and into the brain. Seriously.
                  • By means of an ancient practice called "reading", information can be loaded from many data stores, through the eye, and into the brain. Seriously.

                    That's AMAZING, and could revolutionize society. Does Nancy Pelosi know about this wondrous technology of which you speak?
              • I definitely agree! Barbara Lee should replace her. She stood alone against Bush's war mongering, the one single vote. We're tired of all the republicans in democrat's clothing.

                • We're tired of all the republicans in democrat's clothing.


                  See, you are a Democrat. Which site are you from, DailyKOS or DemocraticUnderground?
                  • Just playing along, like you guys, looking how easy it is to fish you in.

                    See, you are a Democrat.

                    :-) In your mind. Such is the power of prejudicial thinking.

                    Which site are you from, DailyKOS or DemocraticUnderground?

                    Heh, reading those rags can convert anybody into a republican. But since they are the same, working for the same people, republican/democrat really doesn't make any difference, does it? You people like to play your kindergarten ideological charades, and they are exploiting you for every penny.

                    • No offense, but that looks an awful lot like you're backpedaling from a Freudian Slip.

                      "Oh, uh, yeah, uh, see, I meant to do that".
                    • Man, I am so impressed with your wild imagination and how your mind is set in stone. Can you show me the "slip"? And explain to me your amazing powers of deduction, if you please. Hell, I bet you know where that missing airliner is. I bet you're one of them psychics they use to find missing children. You must have a big box of words lying around. You keep on putting them into other peoples' mouths. Doesn't bother me, I suppose. I keep coming back for more. I can always count on you for a laugh or two.

                      Stay w

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