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Journal Marxist Hacker 42's Journal: God and Time 7

An interesting thought occurred to me this morning: What if all the descriptions of time that scientists have come up with, are in fact descriptions of the supernatural?
From theistic Newton's absolute time ticking away whether anybody notices it or not, to relativity, to personal biological time, what if miracles are just the slight differences between absolute time, relative time, and personal time?
My own mental defect, Asperger's Syndrome, certainly has a role in this. I can shift into panic mode really easily, making time slow down for me. I can also shift into a state where I slow down and time speeds up. It costs me- both states can cause migraines, and my muscles and sensory input don't always keep up with my brain- but I can do it. Time is not linear for me, it's more like the multidimensional time of string theory. But it occurs to me that being "personally unstuck in time" could explain a large number of miraculous events that I've heard about.
This would make "God", the God of Absolute Time- the cause of all those events that doesn't have any other cause. The original Time Lord. God is from Gallifrey?

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God and Time

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  • Now this is a Slashdot-worthy journal!

    Your time-controlling superpower (for lack of a better term) fascinates me, and makes me wonder if your train of thought didn't steer you towards the theory that maybe you are God?
    • My time controlling superpower is rather limited to my own perception of the world.

      It's also rather mundane, in that every human being has it to a lesser degree- it has a tendency to get activated in times of great stress, like in a car accident when you can suddenly recall discrete events that took small portions of a second to occur.

      A slightly different form of the same "superpower" exists in the natural aging process, your sense of time speeds up as you age, which is why the older you are the quicker the

      • ...your sense of time speeds up as you age, which is why the older you are the quicker the calendar goes by.

        That's because the same unit of time occupies a smaller portion or percentage of your life, relatively speaking, of course...

  • God happens "outside" and "through" it.
    I doubt it's comprehensible within the wetware brains He's created.
    Though attempts to grasp it are certainly welcome.
  • I wrote a paper about God and time from the perspective of St. Augustine during my seminary time. You can read it if you need help falling asleep some time:

    The Importance of Time in Augustinian and Contemporary Theological Thought []

    I managed to work Stephen Hawking and St. Augustine into the same paper. I don't think my professor had ever read Stephen Hawking before. :-)

  • Time, like everything, is lesser than God, who encompasses all eternity. This is the continuous, ongoing moment of eternity - which is singular but not a "now", for that would also propose a "then" or "when", out side of singular unity, therefore impossible.

    God does not have time. God does not have thought - which is a process that occurs in the context of time. For God to "think" there'd have to be a state before the thought occurred, that thought itself, and then the conclusion of thought. These thin

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