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A very interesting question

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  • The Devil knows that a vast swath of human spiritual development can be neutralized by turning people into oversexed, hairless jackrabbits. Thus, hedonism is the new liberty, and few seem to grasp that they're exchanging true freedom for pleasure.
    • And what's the best way to turn people into oversexed, hairless jackrabbits?

      Just make them feel guilty for enjoying it, unless the pharisees approve.

      • Yes, you're parroting the Roman epistle.
        • And you all are imitating it.

          • I should hope so. It explains much of life. Recommend partaking.
            • No no You can keep that fire and brimstone crap. My god doesn't punish people for enjoying their lives, and believes that suffering at the hand of man is a bad thing, and certainly is not a bigot.

              • My God is a bigot because he hates suffering, and realizes quite often that short term enjoyment leads to suffering []. So don't give me any of your crap about worshiping short term enjoyment in avoidance of suffering- YOU ARE CAUSING SUFFERING, BY YOUR ACTIONS, DIRECTLY.

                • Nope, your repression is what causes the suffering. You have no right, other than with the power of your guns, to judge and punish people. So, please... save your breath.

                  • Did you even bother to read the link? Nobody was oppressing that young woman- and yet she suffered anyway. How do you explain this?

                    • Oy, please! Twice now... This is like that old joke about the girl who was assaulted by a gorilla at the zoo, and she's crying that he doesn't call or write.

                      She suffers at her own hand in her own mind. Many others forget and move on.

                    • Most women never forget and never move on. It's a fallibility of the gender.

                      What was done to her was rape under influence of alcohol. Leave it to somebody like you to stick up for a rapist.

                    • Um, I don't see anything in the story about her being raped. And she appeared to have no subsequent misgivings about the night in question. She's only upset about not hearing from him. Every case is different, and in this one you are way off base. If some statute has been violated, take your link and call the cops.

                    • The whole story is a case of what we used to call _DATE RAPE_. Which of course, goes largely unreported even today.

                      The problem isn't about laws being broken. The problem is behavior that damages others is seen as good to people like you. You have lost the capacity to judge good and evil, and have no ethics left at all.

                    • You have yet to prove any harm was done. She said nothing about rape, even long after the fact. You are twisting the story to make a (false) point. And your concepts of "good" and "evil" are twisted and distorted by your authoritarian beliefs with a perverse desire to punish others who don't conform. I would say that's kind of kinky.

                    • You must be blind then. The broken condom, leading to Plan B and STD testing; the loss of dignity. But perhaps you truly are blind to other people's pain. That would explain a lot of what you write, and your addiction to drugs may well be the cause of that.

                    • She said nothing about rape, not then or now. She had a good time and is upset it didn't last longer. No force or any other coercion was involved. It is you who are blind to the pain of others through your religious bigotry and belief that you have the right to punish people, but you don't. Leave them alone.

                    • Date rape is when she had a good time, *and regrets it the next day*. I'm amazed you aren't familiar with the concept.

                    • Well shit, you make any sex act conducted without a signed contract and two witnesses into rape. And where did she indicate any regret the *next day*? Her apparent poverty seems to have more influence on her actions than the alcohol. And it appears the decision to mate was made before their little binge. You're getting nowhere with this. And please, don't try to convince me that all sex outside the bounds of matrimony is rape, because apparently that is your objective here, and I ain't going for for it. Try

                    • Yep. There's always this as well:
                      The economics of sex and how the sexual revolution harms women []

                    • Ah, so the problem is that sex is too cheap? Well then, let's do like drugs and create a prohibition and let the mafia set the price. Look, you have no right to discriminate against those who enjoy their lives in way you don't approve. If you want to make a case, you have to prove real harm. All I'm hearing so far is a bunch of cultural gobbledygook from people who are obsessed with the private lives of others, and those kinds of people I think are perverts, as we frequently see in the headlines.

                    • "the mafia" in this case being the female half of the species.

                      "If you want to make a case, you have to prove real harm." I just did. But of course, you're going to simply *define* it as not being harmful, because you want to, and have no actual basis for determining right and wrong.

                    • No, you did not, and yes, I do. It's called a conscience. My right and wrong isn't determined by people who can't even live by their own rules of right and wrong. Your rules apply to you, not me, and you have no right to impose them.

                    • You have repeatedly proven that you have no conscience.

                    • Only in your mind, because I don't conform.

                    • Yep, precisely. You don't conform to concepts of good and evil, and therefore, have no conscience- since that's kind of the definition of actually having one.

                    • I don't conform to your concepts of good and evil.. I can assure you yours is not the absolute truth. It is an opinion, established by an institution of man, with very questionable morals (as it were), protecting their own interests. So, when critiquing "good" and "evil", you'd best look in the mirror first. Take that bridge piling out of your eye. You might see you are worshiping a golden calf.

                    • Why lie about it? You don't conform to any concept of good and evil- because to you, conforming is the greatest evil ever.

                    • Welp, I guess that's it. You've gone off the deep end and done the pudge thing. All I'm going to hear now is "liar" as the cop out.

                    • I'm not the one who defined all conforming as evil. I'm just forcing you to face your own rhetoric.

                    • Again you got it wrong. We all conform to nature, our nature. Learn to accept that. I shall repeat, stop trying to impose your propaganda through law. Religion is a personal thing. You should keep it that way.

                    • If you were conforming to your nature, you wouldn't need drugs to alter your nature.

                    • Who said anything about need? Face it. You just can't accept the idea that some people think differently from you and you have no right to impose your opinion on them. Authority is your thing. We get it. Just don't think we are going to live our lives in your image. Resistance is eternal, regardless of its possible futility. The effort will be made to remove your authority.

                    • If you don't need the drugs, why waste money on them?

                      Your own words betray the illogic of your anti-conformity rhetoric.

                    • I don't see it that way. Spending money for pleasure is not a waste. I mean, if you don't need a TV, then why do you have one? I'll keep on saying it. You have no right to punish or sanction anyone for living differently than you do. Stopping being such a meddling peeping tom.

                    • I have one specifically to be able to get those alerts and information I need to keep my family safe. Drug abuse, on the other hand, endangers your family and damages your relationships directly. Which is why I call it a waste of money.

                      Every action includes ripple effects. Yours are directly evil, and you know it, that's why you try to justify it in your fight against authority; the problem is you've failed to end your relationship with the authority that actually wants to harm you.

                    • Drug abuse, on the other hand, endangers your family and damages your relationships directly.

                      Not always. The vast majority of users are perfectly functional and live perfectly happy lives.

                      Yours are directly evil...

                      In your mind . You are trying to enforce an opinion. You have no right to tell me how to live.

                    • "The vast majority of users are perfectly functional and live perfectly happy lives."

                      Your definition of functional is not one I can recognize. What do you mean by that word, if somebody who is high and has no connection to the real world is still functional?

                    • Yes, one you cannot recognize, so your solution is prohibition. That is unacceptable. Find another way.

                    • Negligence is negligence, and all people who are high are negligent, it's kind of the purpose of getting high.

                      My side is well proven [], among thousands of other studies done.

                      So I ask you again, what is YOUR definition of functional that allows child abuse?

                    • ...all people who are high are negligent...

                      Again, an opinion, not shared by all. Sir, if you think you will ever convince me you have a right to meddle in other peoples' lives, you are wasting your breath. You just don't. Sinners have no right to rule over other sinners, except through might. There certainly is no moral high ground, especially amongst any leader of your more well known institutions. On this planet it is impossible to acquire power without being corrupt. Apparently it's god's will because i

                    • "Again, an opinion, not shared by all. "

                      The only people who don't share it, are high, to begin with.

                      There is idealism, and there is practicality. If the civilization wants to survive, conformity and morals must be introduced and enforced.

                      I have no reason to believe anything you say, because you've already admitted to using drugs.

                    • You just being obtuse. Your mind is a closed trap. When you open up, you will understand. Regardless, you will have endless war as long as you think you have a right to dictate to others. Apparently that is what you want.

  • Because education is not about empowering with knowledge to make independent judgments. Why ask a libertarian question about a Progressive institution?

  • This is a good question? That's like asking why people tell you to take aspirin for headache instead of eating a carrot.

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