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19 Minutes Of H8

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  • Satan Defines Devotion

    • Well I stopped reading after seeing "social justice" and the defending of welfare states. But I'm glad I got to the part about how workers should share in the profits of the company but not in the losses. If crony capitalism is "privatize profits but socialize losses", then is this "socialize profits but privatize losses" then crony communism?

      Of course that's a rhetorical question. Leftism is *supposed to be* about unfairness. Just as I don't see income inequity as a bad thing, Leftists wouldn't see what th

      • Maybe you would prefer to replace the welfare state with Welfare Inc., with whips and chains and Dick Cheney in black leather underwear. Power has always been a very effective aphrodisiac. I can understand why people would hoard that.

        Just as I don't see income inequity as a bad thing...

        Well duh! Without poverty, who will empty your bedpan in the morning? Everybody, including the poor themselves, knows you have to starve people to motivate them. That's why every revolution is doomed to ultimate failure.

        • Passing the Turing test is only difficult because all the attempts so far have been at imitating a generic sort of human being. Far easier to simply sidestep the whole problem of trying to emulate that much dimensionality and just shoot for mimicking the typical hysterical Leftist. All that's needed is a base file of the 20 or so party-line messages, and then a grammar re-arranger. Run the program with the IP address of Slashdot and voila.

    • TFA:

      In fact, that radical capitalist ideology has become the social model.

      I suppose if you think one big, honkin' corporation called 'the government' is a great idea, then fine.
      Your attention is called to the wreckage about you.

      • What's the difference between one big honkin' corporation called the government and one big honkin' corporation called the stock market? None, they're the same beast with a different face.

        • Okay, over-centralization is a big loser.
          However, a proper, smaller, capitalistic crash would have let the market disperse and fix itself.
          Instead, you're pretty much guaranteeing a World War III to clear these books.
          Because #Progress.
          • Okay, over-centralization is a big loser.

            That would include ownership of 'property' and imply that limits are necessary, no?

            • No, individual liberty and attendant natural, screw-you-Rousseau rights to privacy and property are the antithesis of over-centralization.
              The Constitutional right of due process for takings applies here.
              • No? I really don't know how to argue with such nonsense, and shall leave you with your double standards then, but thanks for clarifying.

                • That's a fine accusation, but what does it mean? How can you show me applying any 'double standard'?
                  Seriously. I am sincerely interested in being consistent, and would welcome constructive criticism.
  • Have a look at the IPA.

    I haven't watched it and don't plan to.

    Surprisingly enough Murdoch's spiel may not have been the worst at the celebratory dinner from various reports.

Fear is the greatest salesman. -- Robert Klein