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Journal Bill Dog's Journal: Example of Leftie consistency #3,409 20

From the discussion under the topic "White House Pulls Down TSA Petition":

* On throwing Obama out: Don't bother because all politicians are owned by corporate interests anyways so they're all the same.
* On putting Romney in: OMG he would be far, FAR worse!!!

So they're the same, except one is much more same than the other. Understand?

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Example of Leftie consistency #3,409

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  • Or did one poster say one of those things, and a different poster say the other?

    Would it have killed you to link to it or them?

    • Yes it would have because the answer to your question is "neither". The discussion had a little over 400 comments at that time last night, and I got halfway thru the first page of them and had learned what the consensus was so had read enough.

      What emerged was two sets of (lame) excuses being offered, that turned out be contradictory to one another. Maybe a little like how in the prior prez election the Left argued that people shouldn't vote Republican due to the lack of experience on the ticket!

      So this is n

      • by unitron ( 5733 )

        So some individuals hold one view, and others hold another view, and you just lump them together and call that proof of inconsistency or hypocrisy on the part of all of them?

        Of course I'm going on memory here, since the original firehose post is no longer available.

        • So some individuals hold one view, and others hold another view, and you just lump them together and call that proof of inconsistency or hypocrisy on the part of all of them?

          You're forgetting that Slashdot is a site overwhelmingly comprised of Leftist participants, and that Leftism stresses collectivism and unification of thought and does not tolerate dissent. Therefore, what I see here is what you guys have settled on, or at least what the official talking points are for the present time.

          • by unitron ( 5733 )

            Gee, nobody bothered to co-ordinate any of that with me.

            So you condemn "The Left" for lockstep thinking, and when you find some of them thinking one thing and some of them thinking another, you condemn them for not being in lockstep?

            • I "don't" condemn "the Left" for lockstep "thinking", and the Left-wing "community" is not "thinking" differently within "itself" -- the goal "is" getting "Obama" re-elected -- it's just that you guys didn't realize that the lie that they're all the same opens the door to the idea that then Romney would be no worse than Obama. Just not a well thought thru scheme, and that's what's funny about it.

              • by unitron ( 5733 )

                Some of the people not of the right wing are disappointed enough in Obama to have the viewpoint that "they're all the same".

                Others, also disappointed in him, understand that Romney would be immeasureably worse.

                George W. Bush worse.

                I'm guessing you see things differently from both of those viewpoints.

                We shall have to remain in disagreement.

                • But they don't actually have that as a viewpoint, it's just hyperbole. And that's the cause of the inconsistency in this case: You guys really do believe that Romney would be worse, but you don't actually believe that "they're all the same". But when you lie, it can lead to laughable discrepancies like this.

  • I see them as nearly identical, and since I prefer drones attacking the National Labor Relations Board to drones attacking the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, I'm likely to be voting Republican for the first time in my life this November. I know several liberal Catholics who will be voting third party. The HHS Mandate and general misanthropy of the Left is beginning to work against Obama in a BIG way- My guess is that between now and November, he'll lose 10 points over forcing Catholics to pay for

    • by unitron ( 5733 )

      Anything paid to a health insurance company by an employer on behalf of an employee is part of the employee's overall compensation package, and therefore no more the employer's money than what the employee spends on groceries or new tires or dry cleaning.

  • Last week, the campaign was a toss-up as both parties were running conservatives for POTUS. If you actually look at what he has done as president, the only reasonable conclusion is that Obama is more conservative than GWB, who was more conservative than Clinton, who was more conservative than GWHB, who was more conservative than Reagan ... and so on and so forth. Hence to paraphrase Lewis Black, the campaign was "a bucket of shit looking at itself in the mirror".

    Then, Romney (or just as likely, his ha
    • You talk as if there's still a "middle class" left in the United States of America

      Open your eyes, buddy

      You guys are either slaves, or masters

      The "middle class" phenomenon is not valid anymore

      • You talk as if there's still a "middle class" left in the United States of America

        It depends solely on how you define middle class. If you define it as people who make a wage close to the nation's average, then you're right they don't exist because there is a huge empty space between the wages that most people make and the disgusting amounts paid to executives, pro athletes, and entertainers.

        However if you define the middle class by proximity to the median, then they certainly do exist (statistically impossible for them not to, really). The median is probably 2-3 times minimum wag

    • If you actually look at what he has done as president, which is funnel money to unions, give us national health care, and beyond that just go on vacations, the only reasonable conclusion is that Obama is right around what you'd expect from communists^H^H^Hty organizers in power. Obama will win, by a lot, and the people will get what they deserve, a Leftist dictator (as he's already warned us about).

      • funnel money to unions

        Do you have an example of that? Sure, the unions support Obama because he is the closest thing to a non-ultra-right-wing presidential candidate available (at least, one that has a chance of winning). I'm not aware of him sending money to the unions, though. Considering how much lower union membership is currently - in large part to union-busting-friendly legislation passed in the past several years - it should set off huge alarm bells if money was funnelled to unions as you allege.

        give us national health care

        Bill Dog, you are sma

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