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Journal Bill Dog's Journal: it's a sad day for Slashdotters 7

Natalie Portman is officially off the market now; the chances of her being naked and petrified and covered in hot grits for you went from infitesimal to nil this weekend. All you have left now is imagining a beowulf cluster of goatses in Soviet Russia. This.

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it's a sad day for Slashdotters

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  • Somehow, modern celebrities can't seem to stay off the market for long

    • by rk ( 6314 )

      I don't know. She strikes me as a bit more level-headed than your garden variety celebrity. Granted, today, that's not an exceptionally high bar.

    • Hey RG, hope all is going well with your family and career and health and life. Thanks for the tip; maybe you remembered I'm a fan. Definitely a different sound, esp. with the 80's singer gone. I liked the simple formula of the Wicked Generation album, of just turning the rhythm guitar up to 11 and hitting record! But it sounds promising. The significant members of Whitecross put out that good and brutal remake around 2007, so hopefully that's original guitarist Bruce Swift and he's still got his edge.

      • It is Bruce Swift, along with the original bass player and drummer. Rick Macias, the keyboard player, passed away, and Rey Parra, the former vocalist, dropped out due to living too far away.

        You know, I always thought Rey Parra sounded a LOT like Geoff Tate from Queensryche. To my ears, the new guy sounds a little more like Bruce Dickinson - and this is not a bad thing. And yes, Wicked Generation kicks ass.

        But yeah, I remembered you liking Sacred Warrior as much as I did - I was going to just email you b
  • I try to not read "celebrity news" but it seems from what little I do see that odds may have actually increased rather than decreased.

    • It's hard to avoid the headlines. I'm kinda suprised Slashdot didn't feature it on the front page. Maybe that generation has mostly moved on.

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