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Journal WillAffleckUW's Journal: Today the True West turned the Tide back 31


was the day we stood,

shoulder to shoulder,

cast our ballots,

and resisted the Zombie tide of the Tea Baggers here in the True West.

Deep scarlet red up and down the coast
every single Governorship
all because of what WE DID
and not the back east pundits,
craven in their servitude to Corporations
that they regard as their Kings

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Today the True West turned the Tide back

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  • Actually it was two weeks ago for me.

    Go Dino!

    (Go far, far away Dino, you're soon to be a three time loser.)

    • I'm greasing up the rail for Dino as we type.

      You want to help cover him with the hypo-allergenic goose down feathers? It's a long ride for him to the state border ...

  • I thought Red was the color for republican states. If you want to turn back a tide, you need to elect someone who will actually change something - unfortunately our current "blue" president and his "blue" cohorts in congress are doing nothing any different from the republicans.
    • Wow.

      I think you've changed your tune.

      • Sorry, I don't decide the map colors. Some of them show Blue, some show Red.

        Regardless the zombie tide is stopped and we have just begun to swing our shovels.

      • I think you've changed your tune.


        I've been disappointed at Obama's lack of liberalism for quite some time. I am one of those people (some 10-20% on any given poll) who dislike the health care bill because it isn't progressive enough. I have been arguing for (amongst other things) a state run / single payer health care system for decades.

        I can't really envision anything that Obama has signed thus far that Bush would not have signed; to me that is a huge disappointment.

        • As a mainstream chronicler of the utter Obama failure, you could not do better than has Glen Greenwald, in Salon. [salon.com]

          Obama is to the right of Nixon, on everything. With the exception of some dramatic rhetoric, he is to the right of W.

          The tragedy of the US, is that in the political sphere, all failing is attributed by its Elite to the "left" - a convenient scapegoat in that country, where no left actually exists.

          • you are correct that President Obama is to the right of both Nixon and W in terms of actual actions.

            the real "anger" feeding the tea party is they hate that our President is black.

          • Obama is to the right of Nixon, on everything

            Which is sadly supported by the fact that the health care "reform" bill he signed into law only further enslaved us all to the for-profit health insurance system that was largely initiated under the Nixon administration.

            With the exception of some dramatic rhetoric, he is to the right of W.

            That is a particularly maddening failing of the Obama administration. GWB promised us a conservative failure of epic proportions, and delivered it. Obama instead promised us great liberal changes and delivered conservative failures.

            That said, in 2012 I will vote again for Obama, becaus

  • The choice is between a corrupt sociopathic government and a corrupt sociopathic government run by psychopaths.
    http://spacetimecurves.blogspot.com/2010/11/clear-choice.html [blogspot.com]

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