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Journal wowbagger's Journal: Oh, BURN: "Slashdot Struggles to Remain Relevant in The Social Web" 9

From the New York Times: Slashdot Struggles to Remain Relevant in The Social Web

Oh, feel the BURN!

One wonders when this will hit the front page, if at all.

Of course, I don't give a rat's pink rectal tissue about "social media" (see previous JE) - but the rising irrelevance of Slashdot (again, previous JE and discussion) *is* a fact. /. could fix this, were they to fix moderation, start actually editing the stories, and get back to the older story mix the original /crew had.

And if I had wings and a rocket up my ass I could fly.

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Oh, BURN: "Slashdot Struggles to Remain Relevant in The Social Web"

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  • ... I'm pretty sure if you had a rocket up your ass you would fly, regardless of whether or not you had wings.
    • That would depend upon the size of and specific impulse of the rocket - and since I am "not into that sort of thing" I'd prefer the rocket to be as small as possible.

  • Halfway through the day, no front page yet. (I could have submitted it myself, but why bother? I don't seem to have great luck getting submissions accepted.)

    Nothing on the Firehose - (The Science of Caddyshack [] - WTF?! Who wants to bet that makes the front page before the NYT story....)

    • Well, it's in Firehose [].

      I voted it up. Let's see what happens.

      • I voted for it as well. It is showing up as "green" which I think is good. I then also tagged it "story" and "accepted", although I don't think that matters.

        Although in the end I would also be shocked if slashdot actually ran it on the front page. They are not nearly irreverent enough to admit that they are irrelevant.
    • Well, it's not made it to the front page, but "The Science of Caddyshack" has made it to Idle.

      And another couple of submissions for the NYT are on the Firehose.

  • There are 2 submissions of this store on Firehose that I found. One is a levelheaded summary of the article. One is a peon to a slashmeme ("* is dying, Netcraft confirms it").

    Guess which one has been upvoted red (highest level, most likely to be posted) and which one is green (middle of the road - good luck getting anywhere).

    Moreover, guess which one has the most posts within it, and the character of the posts.

    Is it any wonder people are starting to ignore Slashdot?

Life in the state of nature is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short. - Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan