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Just testing out some journal submission changes

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  • I suppose it was successful, then.. it's nice when changes work properly... :)
  • Coongratulations. Kids are the best thing that can happen to a person, but they come at a great price (and not just a monetary price).

    I wish one of my kids would make me a grandpa. Oh well...

    Those 3:00 AM feedings and diaper changes are hell if you have an alarm clock.

  • ...which let me post in your Journal (which wasn't possible when I last looked at it, admittedly quite some time ago), or have you just not checked the appropriate box?

    Take all the sleep you can get, you won't get much for the next two or three years. But you get the greatest experience you can be given on this planet - witnessing a human being growing up. I am witnessing three of those, aged 7, 4 and 2, so you're a bit behind. ;)

    While we're talking, could you guys please stop turning my beloved dot into an

  • My daughter is about to turn one, her favorite word is "Wow!" and I have a son who is one. They are a lot of work and take a lot of time, but I really am constantly delighted by them.

    You are in for a wild ride.

    My only advice; rest while you can.

  • Your short post made me think about the marriage proposal you did on Slashdot 7 years ago. I just re-read the whole story. It was great and everybody loved it.

    What I did notice when looking it up, is that it's the first result if you google for your wife's name. She must love that :-)

  • First, I did receive a message telling me that you put up a new journal entry; you may recall I told you I did not receive one for the previous. So whatever changed since then worked with regards to that problem.

    Second, I notice that when slashdot employees post a journal entry, the address is

    , whereas the rest of us still have our entries at

    Will the rest of us get to access our journals the new way some time too?

    Thanks, and best wishes.

  • The new form works, but I really liked the ability to see the journal entry at the same time that I was editing. That made it much easier to proofread and make sure that the entry lined up properly (in the case of poetry). That's not usually a big factor for comments, because most of them are short, but it is better for journal entries.

    And congratulations! Best wishes for the baby. Children are wonderful - and I say that as someone whose oldest daughter just got married. :-) I should add that they can

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