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Journal FidelCatsro's Journal: Synopsis : A film idea I had 12

The movie is in two parts :Part one deals with the John Blogs a man with severe memory loss
The movie starts with a man (No name yet) waking up in a morgue , he has severe memory loss . As he begins to piece together the parts of his memory , he discovers?(or does he) that he may have been cryogenically frozen over 200 years ago and assertions that he has woken up in a post apocalyptic society .
The world appears to be a perfect Utopia , but John seems to believe there is something not quite right and that everyone is being controlled somehow . His fears are apparently realised when he returns to the Morgue to see if they have any of his possessions , he discovers the body of a man partially autopsied who appears to have a robotic device attached to his heart(More on that later) . .
soon after he begins his search to find out the truth , whilst trying to remain inconspicuous in the world.
He manages to fall in with a group of Freedom fighters , who explain to him how over the course of 200 years , aliens have been abducting people and implanting control devices in various body parts,And that although people are apparently in living happy lives they are nothing more than mindless slaves.
They hatch a plot to destroy ,the now centralised UN government using a long abandoned Russian ICBM site .
In the conclusion of part one , they succeed in setting off the device and destroying the Occupational forces.

Part two The investigator .
Follows the investigations of a police Anti terrorism detective sent to track down the Freedom fighters and stop their plot .It is only then that it is revealed that the world is in fact a utopia. John Blogs is not a man from the past and simply a construction worker who suffered severe head trauma. The freedom fighter group is in fact just a bunch of Conspiracy nuts . The control devices they have discovered are merely pace makers mainly and devices designed to help epileptics . The group has been mainly isolationist for the last 50 years and has no idea of the medical advances and the only literature that was available to them having been conspiracy books form the late 1990's , believe they are the holders of the secret histories of the world suppressed by the Occupational government.
(Brief part , I really need to work on fleshing the story out more , but this is an outline

It culminates in the apparent destruction of the government and central computer networks(All computing is distributed by that time to reduce energy needs , though all data is thoroughly encrypted and private , people have total freedom and no government is spying on them) Throwing society into the distopia which they believed actually existed.
John begins to regain his memories soon after at the compound and comes to realise what they have done . The scene ends with him shooting himself caused by feelings of guilt at having destroyed society.
In actuality all they had succeeded in doing was denting the roof of the government building (The missile was inactive() and an earthquake had managed to knock out power to their base.

Society is still as it was , in it's utopian state and life remains as it has been for the last 100 years , near perfect harmonious utopia .

  A bit of a twisted comedy I see it . a nice twist on the Distopian genre .. anyone fancy actually fleshing it out >:D.I am a bit useless at that part .
Looks at shadow wrought the resident writer

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Synopsis : A film idea I had

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  • but a lovely little commentary on the times that we're living in... As well as a bit of religion/philosophy to boot! :-D

    • heh .. I just thought of the idea 5 minutes before writing it .
      I am fed up with films where the conspiracy theories are correct and the future of humanity is a hellish distopia >:D
      It's a feel good movie with Suicide and tragedy .. I do have a twisted sense of humour
      • I do have a twisted sense of humour

        Not "twisted"... ..."dark"
        • Most of my stories involve someone shooting themselves .. I often add it in for no reason at all.I more think of it as twisted rather than dark , as I like to have them for very silly reasons
      • You should have the movie end with a little part where John Blogs is shown to have an alien mind control chip which gave him the false 'memories' of being cryogenically stored so that he would join the conspiracy nuts and lead them to victory, but the chip wasn't smart enough to realize the nuke wouldn't function.
        • I want to keep it so there are no real conspiracies and the world is in fact a safe utopia . No aliens , no corrupt politicians (Corruption having been ended after it became the new fad insult which questions your sexuality ).
          The only contact with aliens was through a minor wormhole Which opened near Pluto , however contact quickly ended when they were unable to have any faster connections through the hole than a 2880 baud modem and nobody could be bothered waiting .
  • I will give this some more thought and write a bit longer, but my head, she is a whirrin' cap'n!
  • It is extremely unlikely that a nuke would function properly after sitting around for 200 years without maintenance. The decay of the radioactives without replenishment would virtually guarantee that a fission reaction would not become powerful enough to explode, and all current fusion bombs require a fission explosion to give it the initial energy it needs.

    At best you might create a radiological event, while very nasty, would be geographically limited. On the other hand, you could wave it away with a b

  • Do you have many other ideas?
    I have all kinds of interesting things that might make good books/movies.

    But alas, I am not a good author or scriptwriter.
    I am the idea person and get others to do the work.

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