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Comment Re:By converting Firefox to Chrome .... (Score 1) 419

The Australis UI was the first step. Now this. Soon, a looming XUL deprecation which is an even worse idea -- I wonder what's the point of using Firefox will be then.

XUL needs to die, XUL and XPCOM is why extensions break every time there is a update to the browser. Heck even the guys that invented XUL and XPCOM say that its outdated ad crappy.

Submission + - Sourceforge staff takes over a user's account and wraps their software installer (arstechnica.com) 11

An anonymous reader writes: Sourceforge staff took over the account of the GIMP-for-Windows maintainer claiming it was abandoned and used this opportunity to wrap the installer in crapware. Quoting Ars:

SourceForge, the code repository site owned by Slashdot Media, has apparently seized control of the account hosting GIMP for Windows on the service, according to e-mails and discussions amongst members of the GIMP community—locking out GIMP's lead Windows developer. And now anyone downloading the Windows version of the open source image editing tool from SourceForge gets the software wrapped in an installer replete with advertisements.

Submission + - Tor is building the next generation Dark Net with funding from DARPA (dailydot.com)

Patrick O'Neill writes: After years of relative neglect, Tor has been able to dedicate increasing time and resources to its hidden services thanks to funding in part by DARPA, as well as an upcoming crowdfunding campaign. DARPA's funding lasts 1-3 years and covers several projects including security and usability upgrades that close the gap between hidden services and the everyday Internet.

Submission + - AMD Publishes New "AMDGPU" Linux Graphics Driver (phoronix.com)

An anonymous reader writes: AMD has made available its new AMDGPU Linux graphics driver comprised of a brand new DRM/KMS kernel driver, a new xf86-video-amdgpu X11 driver, and modifications to libdrm and Gallium3D. This new AMDGPU driver is designed for supporting AMD's next-generation hardware with no support differences for currently supported Radeon GPUs. While yet to be released, this new AMDGPU driver is the critical piece to the new unified driver strategy with Catalyst where their high performance proprietary driver will now become limited to being a user-space binary component that uses this open-source kernel driver.

Comment Chrome needs load tabs on demand. (Score 1) 117

My favorite feature of Firefox is load background tabs on demand, its a shame other browsers do not have this. I can start up Firefox with 200 tabs from the previous session and it starts up nice and quick, with other browsers if I did this I could go make a pot of coffee and it browser would still be loading when I came back.

Submission + - Try Windows 93 Today (osnews.com)

zixxt writes: What if Microsoft released an operating system in the chasm between Windows 3.1 and Windows 95? It might look something like Windows 93, an interactive art project by Jankenpopp and Zombectro that you can try right in your browser

Comment Re:why does the CRTC need this list? (Score 0, Troll) 324

I'm not sure if anyone commenting on this story is actually Canadian, but the Canadian Content mandate has existed for years. It's not about favouring Canadian production companies so much as encouraging Canadian content for cultural reasons. Being so close to the USA leaves us vulnerable to sort of being swamped, culturally.

Radio stations are required to play a certain amount of Canadian music as well. It's not really anything new.

Personally, I like the idea of that. It encourages and funds a lot of Canadian artists that might otherwise get swamped out of the market by monied American interests.

It just proves so called Canadian culture, art, music sucks and cannot stand on it own two feet. Canada would rather have American culture than its own shitty home grown crap.

Comment Re:No defrag! (Score 1) 370

I used ZFS under FreeBSD its was good for a few months until it got slow and I needed to defrag it, oh no ZFS is too good for a defrag tool so I zapped it and installed Debian with XFS, much much more faster and it comes with a online defrag tool.

One of the few reasons I stick to ext4 and XFS under Linux too! I got burned by having no way to defrag JFS, ReiserFS or UFS/FFS under the BSD's.

Comment Re:Slightly pro-Intel reviews (Score 1) 152

I personally think Anandtech does overtly good reviews of Intel CPUs. I think they never gave AMD a fair shot. Having said that I think it's one of the best resources for computer hardware reviews in addition to tomshardware, overclock.net.

AMD processors are just simply slower and their fastest can *barely* keep up with an i5 . I know the truth hurts, but there you have it.

Spoken like the brainwashed Intel fanboi you are.

Submission + - How a solar storm two years ago nearly caused a catastrophe on Earth (washingtonpost.com)

schwit1 writes: On July 23, 2012, the sun unleashed two massive clouds of plasma that barely missed a catastrophic encounter with the Earth’s atmosphere. These plasma clouds, known as coronal mass ejections (CMEs), comprised a solar storm thought to be the most powerful in at least 150 years.

“If it had hit, we would still be picking up the pieces,” physicist Daniel Baker of the University of Colorado tells NASA. Fortunately, the blast site of the CMEs was not directed at Earth. Had this event occurred a week earlier when the point of eruption was Earth-facing, a potentially disastrous outcome would have unfolded.

Analysts believe that a direct hit could cause widespread power blackouts, disabling everything that plugs into a wall socket. Most people wouldn’t even be able to flush their toilet because urban water supplies largely rely on electric pumps. . . .

According to a study by the National Academy of Sciences, the total economic impact could exceed $2 trillion or 20 times greater than the costs of a Hurricane Katrina. Multi-ton transformers damaged by such a storm might take years to repair.

CWG’s Steve Tracton put it this way in his frightening overview of the risks of a severe solar storm: “The consequences could be devastating for commerce, transportation, agriculture and food stocks, fuel and water supplies, human health and medical facilities, national security, and daily life in general.”

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