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Comment Re:Promotion of the useful arts (Score 1) 109

No, it doesn't make sense. Name any other fields other than books, music and movies that you can create one work and potentially not have to work again the rest of your life and the same for your kids and grandkids and possibly even great grandkids because checks keep rolling in from your ancient creation.

Comment Re:This is a big bitchslap to Mozilla (Score 2) 229

Yea, Chrome gets a bad rap for how much resources it uses but, it actually has a good reason and, as you pointed out, if it starts hitting your system's ceiling, it starts scaling back. Personally, I'm torn between Chrome and Firefox as there's things I like on each, except on mobile where Firefox wins due to plugins.

Comment Re:systemd has done more harm to Linux than SCO di (Score 1) 218

So basically, you're saying you like the way the old system failed instead of how the new system fails. Gotcha. How about something more productive than whining about the change? Help out and push for better output, error control and reporting in the new system. It's new and needs the rough edges worked out, help out if you don't like it as is.

Comment Re: Solution! (Score 1) 409

I'm sorry but, when you come to electronic components, mostly everything is "commodity" as the manufacture process is nearly identical for all vendors with just little tweaks and changes for each of the major brands. No major brand uses a component that is the same as another. This is true whether it's desktops, laptops, phones or tablets. The cost of any custom tweaks is minimal for virtually everything except parts that only you use that require specialized fabrication (ie: if Apple had went ahead with having sapphire screens on their iPhones). Apple uses the same general batch of manufacturers that most of the industry does to manufacture their equipment so, I hate to break it to you, but their equipment is not of any higher quality than Samsung, HP, Lenovo, etc.; you just pay a lot more for it.

Apple during those desktop days still played a lot of dirty tricks such as not allowing non-certified hard drive as the boot drive. The difference between a standard PC hard drive and the "Apple Certified" hard drive? It said it was "Apple Certified" in the firmware variables yet cost 2-5X as much. Modern iPhones should be the cheapest to manufacture of all the premium phones on the market as they have the largest single-design unit orders of any manufacturer and tend to use a lot of technologies and processes that are slightly out of date and thus not used by the other premium brands. Though the manufacturers don't release their costs, the iPhone, according to most standard market economics, should be quite a bit cheaper to manufacture than a Samsung Galaxy of the same generation. Apple has just been in the position, envied by their rivals, of being able to get their customers to pay a high-price premium for equipment that is either equal or inferior to their competition.

Comment Re: Solution! (Score 1) 409

At the time I worked there, ~2008-2010, Apple was using crappy Taiwanese manufacturers mostly, including one Dell had dropped due to quality issues. The rest were the exact same companies that Dell, HP and IBM were using at the time. The only difference was the small modifications Apple was doing so the commodity parts could not be used to repair systems. There were a handful of actual different designs, such as the iMac motherboards at the time (with their GLOD issue; which Apple knew was a design flaw with the capacitors and hid it until the warranty ran out) and the whole G4 Cube was was interesting but an final design clusterfuck (ANY product with a 37% DOA rate is a complete failure and should be recalled).

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