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Comment Re: Don't pirate software (Score 2) 93

Actually, you are both right. A lot of companies have a no FOSS software rule due to the GPL and it's based on a total lie spread by salesmen. I have personally seen a Microsoft salesman tell it and I've heard of an Oracle one telling it. They use the GPL as a boogyman to convince clueless C-level personnel to never use free software and to buy their products instead.

Comment Re: Like systemd (Score 1) 461

You know, I've read a lot of anti-systemd rants on here and other boards and there's always one of two angles. One: Rants about how it breaks the Linux culture of development and the "do one thing well" general policy. Two: Rants about how bad things could theoretically be if there is a problem. Not one post on any board has cited an actual problem they have encountered and how it damaged their infrastructure or workflow. I am not for or against systemd but, with the general consensus of the posters, there seems to be few real world problems with it and instead, a lot whining about how systemd breaks "their" precious Linux world view. I'm a casual Linux user with light server work and I went from a non-systemd to a systemd setup. What difference did I notice? A faster boot time. My world didn't end and my computers didn't melt down into a pool of children's tears.

Comment Re:Wrong incumbent (Score 1) 73

The content cartels have been trying to push the bullshit "Intellectual Property" term for quite some time; obfuscating whether a claim is a patent, copyright or trademark. They have been trying to create an umbrella "protection" for content that is as loose on requirements as trademarks, length of copyrights (or longer) and with the legal enforcement powers of patents (or more). Their wet dream is to be able to claim anything as "IP" with an unlimited term and even more enforcement powers than currently allowed with patents because they are trying to get it where they can send the police after you on their word alone without a judge overseeing them with no appeal process. Some of this was rammed into the TPP but, not all of it. They keep using the slow boiling pot method to try and move this through without people fighting it. They tried pushing this stuff through much faster and in larger pieces and it always backfired. Secret negotiations and votes seem to be a common tactic now, bending the laws of a lot of countries to keep them hidden from the public until it is too late. In short, the corporations are trying to create a system where they own everything and you have to pay monopoly rates to them in perpetuity because you have no other choice as no one is ever allowed to compete with them.

Comment Re:Wrong incumbent (Score 5, Informative) 73

The whole point of this is to avoid going after the correct organizations that have laws and lawyers on their side and instead get what you want via a backdoor opened by this law that allows you to go after the smaller fish that don't have the resources to fight your will in court and then, once you have the court judgement, you can use it to browbeat the larger players into submission without ever having to challenge them in court directly as they were never a party to the original claim but, the judgement will apply to them anyway. It's a dirty trick that I'm sure was put in this law by design as large players such as ICANN and Google have been very successful at fighting off claims like this in court. Now they will be able to get court orders against them without ever having to directly face them. No one can believably claim that this is an "accidental" legal loophole provided by the law. It was just obfuscated enough to get it past the general public without much of a fight.

Comment Re:Programs using BitTorrent (Score 4, Interesting) 175

I use it for things such a LibreOffice downloads and ISO images of things such as The Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) and I know World of Warcraft uses it for its update engine. There are also a lot of other non-infringing uses of the protocol. The media companies just want the protocol and anything like it to be declared blanket illegal as it is an effective way to transfer large files which the media companies would like all such ability removed from the internet. They want both control over the content itself as well as any possible method of transferring such content so they can double-dip like they do on cable TV.

Comment Re:Herpes, the love bug, rides again. (Score 1) 76

It's a living organism, there is no such thing as "no chance" of anything. Living organisms mutate and do wildly unpredictable things in rare instances; hell, that's how we're able to discuss this. Now, that being said, the chances of something wildly rare and unpredictable happening with the virus versus the predictable sickness and death with the cancer, I'd take the virus any day but, not all people are that rational (just look at the anti-vaxxers).

Comment Wrong person to piss off (Score 4, Interesting) 56

It sounds like the New York Attorney General's Netflix keeps getting the loading notification and his HD videos don't play back. This, plus Verizon has reneged on its FiOS rollout to all neighborhoods as contractually required. They only installed in the neighborhoods they wanted and told the state to fuck off on the rest.

Comment Re:I can't help but wonder (Score 1) 342

This is for the Silicon Valley and Hollywood elites to go back and forth between San Francisco and Los Angeles. It's currently a 5+ hour car ride in moderate traffic and taking a plane, even a private jet back and forth would take just as long due to traffic and air clearance. I think the project is a huge waste of money as our roads and bridges are backlogged with $21 billion dollars in repairs and maintenance but, the 1% doesn't care what anyone else thinks.

Comment Re:Let me be the first to put this here (Score 2) 168

I wasn't aware of the biotech stock shorting. If he really did this to create an artificial price drop in biotech stocks, that could lead to a nasty SEC investigation. Normally when some rich prick commits a crime, they get a slap on the wrist or off completely. In this case, it sounds like his target was other rich pricks and the companies they represent. They will show him no mercy. Not that I'm going to shed any tears for him while he's "Bubba's" playmate in prison.

Comment Re:You know what's wrong with the world? (Score 2) 162

And now, even the Mac and Windows people have finally realized that you need command-line tools if you're going to be productive on a large scale. I remember the agony of having three redundant deployment applications on Windows just to get to a 97% patch success rate and the joy of having to manually log in to every one of the 3% systems' G.U.I. (out of a 20,000+ station install base) to manually update/change them. I'm not sure how good their numbers are on Powershell now but, it's good to see them going in that direction, at least. Now, if they can only reign in that abortion called the registry; especially with its encrypted registry keys.

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