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Comment Re:I'll bite (Score 2) 160

Solaris was MY first hands-on exposure to Unix. I was born in 1967, and until 1998, I had been programming, much of which for aerospace R & D, where we simply abstracted away both OS and hardware. So, at 31, I was sitting there, looking at the blinking bar in a ksh shell [bash was not available until later versions of Solaris]. I had just sunk more than a month's worth of pay into an HP server with TWO processors - the thing was considered a powerful beast, and trumped by far all machines any of my colleague programmers had at home.

So there I sat, typing away my first awks and seds, learning emacs and vi. I could bring up Solaris' baked-in firewall with a single command. The feeling of raw power at my fingertips was... amazing.

Nowadays, I use Linux. The only GUI I need is the one on the laptop I use for internet access. There are six other computers here at home, where I work. They run a Jenkins compile / build farm, and an OpenStack private cloud.

All configured and brought up and maintained by command line.

The love story goes on, and on, and on !

Comment Re:Spaghetti sort (Score 1) 81

Your method doesn't "sort" the spaghetti. It aligns their ends against the same reference ( the table top ), which has nothing to do with sorting. They will still be, in your hand, in haphazard "order", i.e. there will be no order at all, as the shortest may very well end up immediately next to the longest.

Comment Here is an idea to play with: Gödel notation (Score 2) 81

Strings T ( the "text" ) and P ( the "pattern" ) both use an alphabet A of N symbols.
Index each of A's symbols with a distinct odd prime number p1...pN. [ only odd primes as I personally don't like 2, the "oddest prime of them all" ;-)  ]
String T has length M.
Raise each prime index in T to the power of its location <= M in T, multiply them all, yielding a number sigT ( for signature of T ). [ begin counting locations with 1, not with 0, in which case you'll lose the information about T's first symbol... ]

Do the same thing for P, yielding a number sigP.

if sigT mod sigP yields zero, T contains P.

Example: T = "ABRE". A -> 3, B-> 5, R->67 (the 18th odd prime), E->13
so sigT = 3^1 * 5^2 * 67^3 * 13^4 = 644256903225

P = "BR". B->5, R->67
so sigP = 5^1 * 67^2 = 22445

644256903225 mod 22445 = 0, so T contains P.

Computational complexity: depends on complexity of the 2 multiplication steps. sigT will by definition be the largest number ( humongous, actually, for genome sequences ). So you'll need a very efficient multiplication algorithm; the best one I know is Sch&#246;nhage-Strassen with complexity O(log n log( log n ) ).

Just slurps enormous amounts of memory :-)

Submission Retro Computers Run in your Browser->

An anonymous reader writes: If you ever wanted to program an Altair, an Apple I, or a COSMAC ELF you may think you either have to buy one (expensive now) or load and configure simulation software. However, there's a slew of browser-based emulators for everything from a PDP-11 to Windows 1.0 out there. Some use Java, but many use Javascript and many perform better on a modern PC then they did in their original. If you want to learn some history or just want to finally play with the computers you saw in the magazines 35 years ago, these are great fun and slightly addictive.
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Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 131

Mod parent up into the sky!!

This huhcorp site is one of the funniest I've seen in recent times.

Just for the record, and entirely coincidentally: this morning I was called by a recruiter, asking if I'm interested in being interviewed for a position of "Senior IT and Enterprise Architect". Tomorrow. I thought "yeah, why not". So I said I'll go.  I'm wondering what kind of birdshit-buzzwords are going to fall on my head tomorrow. Can't wait.

Submission Telefónica and China Unicom to share data center capacity->

An anonymous reader writes: Global telecom giants Telefónica and China Unicom have signed an accord to share their international data center capacity and applications for cloud clients across Europe, The Americas and Asia. The initial stage of the agreement covers three major data center facilities from each company, and provides a foundation for what the two operators hope will be a wide-ranging cloud services partnership.
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Comment Use Gödel numbering (Score 4, Funny) 86

Use one series of primes for major.
Use a second series of primes for minor.
Use a third series of primes for patches/micro/bug fixing.

The three sets of primes should be disjoint.

For each release, multiply major with minor with micro. That is your unique version number.

You may add some sugar by adding powers of these primes for various locales, database compatibility etc. etc.

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