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Comment: Re:Why is it even a discussion? (Score -1, Troll) 441 441

God! Why are so many Slashdotters so hopelessly naive on this subject?! The Net Neutrality regulations were a major overstep by the FCC and SHOULD have been a law passed by Congress. Therefore, JUST to preserve our own liberty it ought to be struck down by Congress.

however, the regulations as they stand now will HURT innovation. I don't understand why so many of you can't see that?! Did the words "net neutrality' short circuit your reasoning process?

Comment: Re:I used to love X-Files ... (Score 4, Informative) 166 166

The aliens' plan of releasing a sentient virus to, in effect, terraform human bodies into human/alien hybrids whom would have their consciousness downloaded... it got *seriously* disrupted when Mulder injected the antidote into the main colonization ship, at least a decade or two too early.

Now, they would have to traverse the stars, and we have NO idea AT ALL if FTL travel is even possible in the X-Files universe (all of the alien vessels could have been coming from the Antarctic mothership), so maybe it will take them 20 years to get here? maybe 2,000? Maybe they have parked motherships in reserve 30 years away from Earth? who knows? :)

Comment: Re:It is time to get up one way or the other (Score 2) 1089 1089

Seeing how the nation's Founders required voters to OWN LAND, just having a mailing address seems to pale in comparison. If you mismanage your life so much you don't have one, I reckon you have not proven your ability to conscientiously vote. For what it's worth, I would love a return to the landed gentry system.

Comment: Re:Pencils (Score 5, Interesting) 119 119

That's why delivers hardened (they replace the shell with rubber), solar-powered eink Kindles. A single day out in the Sun (where the kids spend a lot of their school day, anyway) and it is good for 30+ days. The kids are trained for 2 weeks (with a "pet egg") on how to properly care for / handle fragile equipment before they are loaned the kindles during school hours. Each kindle comes stocked with over 1,000 educational books. The literacy rate *shoots up* in every area they deliver them, mostly in Central and East Africa. They have a *very* small operational budget, so anything you give them goes a *long* way (compared to most charities).

Comment: Re:Missionaries (Score 2) 119 119

They're doing much more amazing stuff over at! Delivering thousands of hardened, solar-powered Kindle eInk devices filled with 1,000s of books for a complete classical education to children all across Central and Eastern Africa. I believe in them so much I donate 10% of every paycheck to them and have given them $10s of thousands so far. My money went directly to give ~2,000 Ugandans more material than their city has ever known (population 500,000). Check them out.

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