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Comment Re:I love the idea of connected devices BUT... (Score 2) 33


I could see News like in this ... in 2030s:

"An elder starved to death after his refrigerator got hammered by a DoS (Denial of Service) by hackers and was unable to open the fridge."


"Hackers are wrecking havoc with consumers as they find their refrigerator keeps turning off and are forced to re-buy all their frozen food. Local supermarkets are staying mum for fear of retaliation."

And there is the potential of all the EF spectrum "pollution" as all these stupid IoT devices are constantly broadcasting: .. in 2070:

"Scientists have completed a 30 year study and have found WiFi devices raise the risks of disease statistically significant."

I'm not saying there *is* a problem, just that there -might- be one after we've had long term uses and studies involved.

Comment Re:Well, I read *that* headline wrong (Score 2) 52

That way --> to the Geek Hierarchy chart

Bringing this back on topic: Disappointed with new tech? Welcome to the club. Hardware has become so stagnant in the last 5 years. 28nm. *yawn*. Yet-another-Megaherz or "core". /sarcasm Yay.

When are the GPU OEM's going to move to 22 nm?

When the hell is Knights Corner going to be ready for the masses?

Business as usual. Smaller, Faster, Cheaper.

When is the next (tech) revolution going to happen?

Submission + - The Nations That Will Be Hardest Hit by Water Shortages by 2040

merbs writes: Water access is going to be one of the most pressing issues of the 21st century. As climate change dries out the already dry areas and makes the wet ones wetter, we’re poised to see some radical civilizational shifts. For one, a number of densely populated areas will come under serious water stress—which analysts fear will lead to strife, thirst, and even violent conflict. With that in mind, the World Resource Institute has assembled a new report projecting which nations are most likely to be hardest hit by water stress in coming decades—nations like Bahrain, Israel, Palestine, and Spain lead the pack.

Comment Re:Anyone else having a WTF moment here? (Score 1) 269

Yup, they are complete idiots.

Where the hell is their "backup procedure" ?? Don't they have one??

Likewise their bureaucracy retarded. Buy 5x cheap 1 TB drives and Raid'em (either hardware or software), and if 1 or 2 go bad, you're STILL good to go.

But no, let's overpay 10x for some magical "certification" when the reality is that there are only 3 hard drive manufacturers left in the world.:

* Seagate
* Western Digital
* Toshiba

Everything else is rebranded, rebadged, or relabeled, not an OEM.

Comment Re: subjects in comments are stupid (Score 1) 280

As much as I hated the bloody lens flare every other second, believe it or not JJ Abrams actually apologized for the over-use of the lens flare. But that is Hollywood these days -- form over function.

Bringing this back on topic. This is a retarded law. What's next? Taking a picture of the restaurant's cutlery is illegal?

Submission + - Gamers Are Fans of Games, Not Genres

_xeno_ writes: A recent article on Steam Spy talks about how your target audience doesn't exist — or, more specifically, how there is no such thing as an "FPS gamer" or an "MMO gamer" or a "MOBA gamer." The majority of players tend to be fans of specific games, rather than genres. For example, the wildly popular MMO World of Warcraft managed to reach over 10 million players at its peak. However, these players never became "MMO gamers" — they were simply World of Warcraft gamers. As World of Warcraft's subscriber numbers fall, there's been no corresponding uptick in subscribers of other, competing MMOs. In fact, pretty much ever MMO released since World of Warcraft has been forced to move to a "free-to-play" model simply to survive. The article explains how the majority of gamers concentrate on a very small number of games, rarely trying new games: they're fans of a specific game, not any game that plays like it.

Comment Why? What advantages does this have over ZFS? (Score 4, Insightful) 131

> a modern COW filesystem with checksumming, compression, multiple devices, caching, and eventually snapshots and all kinds of other nifty features

Instead of yet another FS flavor of the month, or year, (Reiserfs, Btrfs, Bcachefs, etc.) and all the man-hours wasted re-solving the same old problems how about just doing it right the first time (ZFS) ?? Because this is what it is turning into. What advantages bachefs have over ZFS??? There is no way in hell I'm going to trust an unproven, buggy, and incomplete FS when we already have one that works.

Fixing the Butr free space shenanigans would have been a step in the right direction: An existing debugged FS.

Reminds me of this xkcd #927: Standards

Submission + - Taking a foodporn picture is now a copyright violation in Germany

xPertCodert writes: According this article in Der Welt (Google translate from German), in Germany if you take a picture of a dish in a restaurant without prior permission, you are violating chef's copyright for his creation and can be liable to pay a hefty fine. If this approach to foodporn will become universal, what will we put in our Instagrams?

Submission + - The Case for Complex Dark Matter-> 2

An anonymous reader writes: About four years ago, James Bullock, a professor of physics and astronomy at the University of California, Irvine, began to wonder whether the standard view of dark matter was failing important empirical tests. “This was the point where I really started thinking hard about alternatives,” he said.

Bullock thinks that dark matter might instead be complex, something that interacts with itself strongly in the way that ordinary matter interacts with itself to form intricate structures like atoms and atomic elements. Such a self-interacting dark matter, Bullock suspects, could exist in a “dark sector,” somewhat parallel to our own light sector, but detectable only through the way it affects gravity.

He and his colleagues have created numerical simulations that predict what the universe would look like if dark matter feels strong interactions. They expected to see the model fail. Instead, they found that it was consistent with what astronomers observe.

Link to Original Source

Comment Re:As much as possible (Score 1) 350

Another game dev here. Running with 32GB and Window's retarded Virtual Memory turned off. You'll love the upgrade!

One note: If you are on Windows 7 you will need Windows 7 Professional (or higher), because Win 7 Starter / Home / Premium versions are crippled to only supporting 16 GB. Microsoft "fixed" this in Windows 8.1+


Having 32GB allows you to spin up a few VMs each with 4GB if needed, and still have plenty of available RAM to keep 30+ tabs of Chrome/Firefox open, MSVC, Gimp/Photoshop, VM's all open all the time.

Real Programs don't use shared text. Otherwise, how can they use functions for scratch space after they are finished calling them?