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Comment Re:Wasn't the C64 just a BASIC interpreter anyways (Score 1) 85

Anyone remember that wireframe rolling ball demo for GWBASIC (?) that looked tron-esque? It used the 4 graphics pages to give the illusion of rolling.

IIRC the land showed lines getting closer together to simulate distance.

* http://www.abandonia.com/files...

The ball wasn't transparent -- it used hidden line removal IIRC.
* https://s-media-cache-ak0.pini...

Now-a-days we would use a wireframe like this:
* http://eleganthack.com/wp-cont...

Comment Re:They failed (Score 1) 152

/asrcasm "Sorry, your speech has been flagged for being subversive and causing dissent. For blasphemy of original thought, Citizen, you are charged with the Crime of Heresy; you have been re-assigned for Re-Indoctrination of Censorship and Sensitivity Training until you learn to express yourself in only official approved conduct that "We, the powers that be, Deem Fit." Have a nice day."

Translation: We're a bunch of wussies intolerant of other people expressing their opinion and instead want to dictate to others our myopic and idiotic viewpoints because everyone is a special snowflake that is offended by everything and everyone.

Yeah, fuck you Twitter.

Comment Re:What is the significance? (Score 1) 45

> ~~I~~ Clearly all the stuff I was doing was working before.

FTFY. Except maybe a grammar checker. :-)

Anyways, enough being snarky.

Maybe _you_ don't "need" high performance 3D graphics nor anything above say 2D 1024x800 @ 32-bpp resolution either, but as a graphics programmer / game dev I want to be able to target SoC devices without having to worry about a crappy OpenGL drivers that don't expose features or have horrible performance.

It basically means that game / graphic devs targeting cross-platforms such as OSX or Linux have one less barrier of entry to worry about. We can can get get back to writing shaders that just work across a multitude of devices without having to cut/hack out tons of (graphics) features because they are not supported by the driver, or the performance is abysmal.

The importance of a high performance OpenGL ES 2.x+ implementation can not be underestimated. It _enables_ a ton cool graphics features and games.

Submission + - Building better prosthetics with a knee exoskeleton (robohub.org)

Robofenix2 writes: When designing exoskeletons for rehabilitation of patients after spinal cord injury or stroke, creating them to be as natural as possible and allowing them to train the user to rebuild both muscles and neural networks is a constant issue. Stefan Schrade from RELab, Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory, at ETH Zurich and NCCR Robotics, Switzerland, explains how the ETH knee pertubator is training patients to recover from everyday bumps, knocks and stumbles.

Submission + - FY 2017 NASA budget proposal place Obama on collision course with Congress (blastingnews.com)

MarkWhittington writes: The Obama Administration has put forth its FY 2017 NASA budget proposal, according to GeekWire. The overall spending level is $19 billion, an almost $300 million cut from the current fiscal year. Much of the money comes out of the development for the Orion deep space vehicle and the heavy lift Space Launch System, the very basis of the space agency’s plans for exploring deep space beyond low Earth orbit.

Submission + - Jeep/Chrysler's New Gearshift Appears to be Causing Accidents (roadandtrack.com)

bartle writes: The new gearshift design for the Jeep Grand Cherokee appears to be causing rollaway accidents: 121 crashes and 30 injuries so far. The gear shifter is designed to look and feel similar to a traditional automatic gear shift lever but it is meant to cycle through the gears rather than move directly to a certain gear. A driver who is used to placing their vehicle in park by pressing the shifter all the way forward may instead be setting it to neutral before exiting the vehicle. The NHTSA is investigating.

Submission + - Amazon Launches New, Free, High-quality Game Engine: Lumberyard

Dave Knott writes: Amazon has both announced and released a new, free game engine, Lumberyard, which offers deep integration with its Amazon Web Services server infrastructure to empower online play, and also with Twitch, its video game-focused streaming service. Lumberyard is powerful and full-featured enough to develop triple-A current-gen console games, with mobile support is coming down the road. Its core engine technology is based on Crytek's CryEngine. However, Lumberyard represents a branch of that tech, and the company is replacing or upgrading many of CryEngine's systems. Monetization for Lumberyard will come strictly through the use of Amazon Web Services' cloud computing. If you use the engine for your game, you're permitted to roll your own server tech, but if you're using a third-party provider, it has to be Amazon. Integration of Amazon's Twitch video streaming tools at a low level also helps to cement that platform's dominance in the game streaming space. Alongside Lumberyard, the company has also announced and released GameLift, a new managed service for deploying, operating, and scaling server-based online games using AWS. GameLift will be available only to developers who use Lumberyard, though it's an optional add-on. The game engine is in beta, but is freely usable and downloadable today.

Submission + - Raspberry Pi's Raspbian OS Finally Ships With Open-Source OpenGL Support (phoronix.com)

An anonymous reader writes: With this month's Raspbian OS update, the Debian-based operating system for the Raspberry Pi ships experimental OpenGL driver support. This driver has been developed over the past two years by a former Intel developer with having a completely open and mainline DRM kernel driver and Mesa Gallium driver to open up the Pi as a replacement to the proprietary GPU driver.

Submission + - Are roads safer with no central white lines?

Press2ToContinue writes: White lines along the center of roads have been removed in parts of the UK, with some experts saying it encourages motorists to slow down. So is it the beginning of the end for the central road marking?

You are driving along the road when the dotted white line that has been your companion — separating your car from oncoming traffic — suddenly disappears.

One theory is that you will slow down, making the road safer.

What could possibly go wrong?

Submission + - Skylake Breaks 7GHz In Intel Overclocking World Record (hothardware.com)

MojoKid writes: Intel's latest generation of processors built on the Skylake architecture are efficient as well as seriously fast. The flagship, Core i7-6700K, is an interesting chip as it's clocked at a base 4GHz, and can peak at 4.2GHz with Turbo Boost. Of course, as fast as the 6700K is, overclocking can always help take things to the next level, or at least temporarily explore future potential. In Chi-Kui Lam's case, he did just that, and managed to break a world record for Intel processors along the way. Equipped with an ASRock motherboard, G.SKILL memory, and a beefy 1.3KW Antec power supply — not to mention liquid nitrogen — Lam managed to break through the 7GHz barrier to settle in at 7025.66MHz. A CPU-Z screenshot shows us that all cores but one were disabled — something traditionally done to improve the chances of reaching such high clock speeds.

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