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Submission + - 'Open source' companies need to eat their own dog food->

An anonymous reader writes: It's absolutely possible to go from concept to a deliverable creative product using only open source tools... and it's been that way for a while. However, many people who work for companies with a commitment to open source as part of their missions don't. How can this be?

How can this be?

The knee-jerk response is that open source tools simply aren't as capable as their proprietary counterparts. But where that stance may have held water 10-15 years ago, it's worn pretty thin in a modern context. People might say "Program A is completely unusable because it doesn't have this one feature." More often than not, that statement is merely code for "I don't want to learn a different way of accomplishing the same task."

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Submission + - A Plea For Websites To Stop Blocking Password Managers-> 1 1

An anonymous reader writes: Password managers aren't a security panacea, but experts widely agree that it's better to use one than to have weak (but easy-to-remember) passwords. Just this week, they were listed as a tool non-experts don't use as much as experts do. I use one, and a pet peeve of mine is when a website specifically (or through bad design) interferes with the copying and pasting of a password. Thus, I appreciated this rant about it in Wired: "It’s unacceptable that in an age where our lives are increasingly being played out online, and are sometimes only protected by a password, some sites deliberately stop their users from being as secure as possible, for no really justifiable reason."
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Submission + - Australia copyrights its laws

aberglas writes: A legal company has bought the rights. True! If the Parliaments job is to make money from selling laws it is failing miserably given the cost of running the show. What we need is many more new laws to make the copyright more valuable ... no, wait....

(But we do not yet have the US draconian penalties for infringement, so things get passed around anyway. Until the secret FTA gets implemented ...)

Submission + - Nanostructured Glass Can Switch Between Blocking Heat and Blocking Light->

schwit1 writes: Electrochromic glass essentially uses electric charge to switch a window from allowing sunlight in to blocking it out. Some have estimated that such "smart windows" could cut lighting needs by about 20 percent and the cooling load by 25 percent at peak times.

Now researchers at the University of Texas Austin have found a way to make them even better. They developed a novel nanostructure architecture for electrochromic materials that enables a highly selective cool mode and warm mode-something thought to be impossible a few years back.

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Comment Re:It's the Money, Stupid (Score 1) 90 90

That's a poor commercial, but not for the reasons your thinking ...

* Man makes a big purchase, doesn't communicate to his partner until after the fact; nor get her input on whether they can actually afford it
* Women throws a temper tantrum and disrespects his things by breaking them.

It is a crappy add because both genders were immature and stupid.

The focus should be about the *joys* of the car -- not about the disharmony it "creates."

Comment Re:Drama is coming. (Score 1) 90 90

You misspelt TV.

You really haven't watched the popular unreality crap such as the Having no life with the Kartrashians*, Nude and Drama*, etc. on TV have you ...

* Names intentionally changed to better reflect what they are about ...

Only Cowards Censor

Submission + - VirtualBox 5.0 released

chocobanana writes: VirtualBox 5.0 has been released. This one surprisingly went under the radar for quite a while!

From the official press release page:

The 5.0 release supports the latest guest or host operating systems including: Mac OS X Yosemite, Windows 10, Oracle Linux, Oracle Solaris, other Linux operating systems, and legacy operating systems. New capabilities in Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0:

  • Paravirtualization Support for Windows and Linux Guests: Significantly improves guest OS performance by leveraging built-in virtualization support on operating systems such as Oracle Linux 7 and Microsoft Windows 7 and newer.
  • Improved CPU Utilization: Exposes a broader set of CPU instructions to the guest OS, enabling applications to make use of the latest hardware instruction sets for maximum performance.
  • Support of USB 3.0 Devices: Guest operating systems can directly recognize USB 3.0 devices and operate at full 3.0 speeds. The guest OS can be configured to support USB 1.1, 2.0, and 3.0.
  • Bi-Directional Drag and Drop Support for Windows: On all host platforms, Windows, Linux and Oracle Solaris guests now support “drag and drop” of content between the host and the guest. The drag and drop feature transparently allows copying or opening of files, directories, and more.
  • Disk Image Encryption: Data can be encrypted on virtual hard disk images transparently during runtime, using the industry standard AES algorithm with up to 256 bit data encryption keys (DEK). This helps ensure data is secure and encrypted at all times, whether the VM is sitting unused on a developer's machine or server, or actively in use.

Downloads available in the official downloads page.

Is this still a case for considering Virtualbox's development at a standtill?

Submission + - Fuck Slashdot

EzInKy writes: I tried to reply to a story important to me, namely about how to give input to input resistant systems, only to find that there was no way to give input.
WTF here people.

Submission + - NASA funded study states people could be on the moon by 2021 for $10 billion->

MarkWhittington writes: The Houston Chronicle reported that NextGen Space LLC has released the results of a study that suggests that if the United States were to choose to do space in some new and creative ways, American moon boots could be on the lunar surface by 2021. The cost from the authorization to the first crewed lunar landing would be just $10 billion. The study was partly funded by NASA and was reviewed by the space agency and commercial space experts.
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Submission + - There is no "Next Great Copyright Act", remain calm

Lirodon writes: A YouTube video has gone viral, particularly around the art community (and the subsection of the art community populated by the same type of people who tend to spread these around to begin with), making bold claims that a revision to U.S. copyright law is being considered, with a particular focus on orphan works. Among other things, this video claims that it would require all works to be registered with a for-profit registry to be protected, that unregistered works would be "orphaned" and be usable by "good faith infringers" and allow others to make derivative works that they would own entirely.

Thankfully, this is all just hyperbole proliferated by a misinterpretation of a report on orphan works by the U.S. Copyright Office, as Graphic Policy explains.

Comment Re:Hipster "designers" are the reason. (Score 1) 318 318

Spot on 100% !

Functionality got tossed out for bullshit Form.

i.e. Windows 1 vs Windows 8.1

* http://gaspull.geeksaresexytec...

/sarcasm I mean who would want a consistent Windows Control Panel -- let's fuck with it every version and move shit around because we're too lazy to do it right the first time.

Submission + - Elon Musk offers explanation for loss of Falcon 9 mission

garyisabusyguy writes: This Forbes article provides the best analysis of the loss of the last Falcon 9 mission based on information released by Elon Musk.
1. Sound triangulation led them to identify a strut holding helium tank as root cause where the falling helium tank pinched a line causing overpressure in the LOX tank.
2. The failure occurred at 2,000 pounds of force, and the struts were rated at 10,000 pounds of force. They initially dismissed this as a cause until sounds triangulation pointed back to the strut
3. Further testing of struts in stock found one that failed at 2,000 pounds of force, with further analysis identifying poor grain structure in the metal, which caused weakness
4. It will be months before the next launch while SpaceX goes over procurement and QA processes all struts and bolts, and re-assesses any "near misses" with Air Force and NASA
5. Next launch will include failure mode software, which will allow recovery of the Dragon module during loss of the launch vehicle since they determined that it could have saved the Dragon module in this lost mission

I'm still waiting for them to stick the landing,which could be a way in the future

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