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Comment Vote for Sanders? (Score 1) 174

Sanders opposes and has opposed Citzens United, Corporate Financing of Election, the TPP, and the Iraq war since the beginning. He has never accepted corporate money in his entire career and isn't now that he's running for president.

AFAIK he is the only candidate with a long political record who's speeches are in line with his actions. You could vote for him or, you know, talk about the cynacism of the two party system and how political change is impossible.

I do know one thing. Cynacism is obedience to the plutocracy. Sure, it talks differently, but it functions exactly the same way.

Comment Re:Still have to pay RENT after you buy it (Score 1) 73

We've had Tivo since the Series 2, and we always opted for the lifetime subscription. It is cheaper in the long run, for us at least, given the amount of time we tend to keep them. We were recently discussing upgrading our Prime to a Roamio, but I am leaning more towards waiting to see how the Pro version of this new box stacks up, both cost and feature wise.

And to be fair the membership isn't rent, unless you mean renting a lot of the useful features. It will still function as a dumb DVR if a subscription is expired.

Comment CapitalOne Website Instructions (Score 2) 311

1. Sign in to
2. Click on the 'My Accounts' tab.
3. Click '360 Checking' under the "Checking and Savings" section.
4. Go to the 'Debit Card' tab.
5. Click 'let us know' under the "Travel Plans" section.
6. Enter your Departing Date, Returning Date and locations for international travel.
7. Click 'Submit.'

Comment Even if it isn't some blend (Score 4, Insightful) 554

Most fruit juices have a lot of sugar. Fruit contains a lot of fructose, water, and fiber. So squeeze out the water that contains the fructose, the fiber gets left behind, and you have something that is by volume and weight a tons of sugar.

Apple juice is a good example. If you go and have a look at the Simply Apple stuff at a grocer you can see easily. It really is 100% pure apple juice. They don't add any sweetener or anything else, they just squeeze the juice out of apple and bottle that shit up... and it is as high calorie as soda. 180 calories per 12 oz (355ml). For comparison Pepsi is 150 and Mountain Dew is 170.

I love apple juice, it tastes fantastic, but you can't fool yourself in to thinking that because it is juice it is magically good.

Comment Re:Summary is flat out WRONG (Score 0) 380

Tell that to the many people from California arrested at the border checkpoint in Texas with weed on I-10... These checkpoints are a bad thing, and most Americans live in that border zone. All of the largest cities do. (NYC, LA, Chicago, Houston...)

Comment Re:America (Score 3, Insightful) 380

What is the point of very good karma, if you do not risk it occasionally saying what needs to be said? I do that often. I have a few -1s, and if you read them, thay are just against the popular view. But sometimes, it actually makes it through like your post did. Well said.

Comment Sprint should phased out CDMA (Score 1) 55

Its not helping them. The entire market needs to integrate and using incompatible tech that isn't employed much elsewhere... and doesn't especially offer any benefits is not a fantastic idea.

At the very least, sprint should transition to 100 percent hybrid phones and networks.

I'm not touching any carrier that I can't just use a sim card for at this point. I'm also done with contracts etc.

I'm happy to sign up to pay X per month every month. However, I'm not agreeing to be bound for X years into that contract. Its month to month or no deal.

Comment Money isn't the issue (Score 0) 203

Every government agency pleads poverty when they fail... even when the argument is laughable.

Take education... they spend more on it every year and the test scores drop year after year. You can also point at schools that get much less money that do much better while looking at schools that get lots of money that do very poorly. There's no correlation between funding and success in public education.

And you can find similar patterns in a lot of other government services. Simply throwing money at something is not a reliable means to get quality service. And by the same token, cutting a budget does not mean you get poor service either.

In the case of the EPA, I think we can think of a lot of ways for the EPA to have done a better job here without actually having to spend a dime.

Claiming poverty is merely a dodge. If they had received all the money they wanted... they still could have f'ed it up. Look at the ACA scandal where they spent absolutely absurd amounts of money building a website... and it still failed.

Giant piles of money =/= success or competence.

And there are operations around the US and the world that do all sorts of amazing work on a shoe string.

The US needs to get away from this notion that budgets can be infinite. Belts need to be tightened and institutions that can't cope with that need to have the fat trimmed.

In my experience working with government agencies, there are a LOT of people working for the agency that do almost literally nothing. I mean... in some cases they literally are spending their days using the office internet to search for pornography and then jerking off in their offices. Literally all day every day. What makes this even somewhat work is that you have a small cadre of really dedicated hard working people that carry the water for the whole agency. THOSE people deserve to be paid. The people jerking off in their offices do not.

Saying the EPA couldn't error check some f' up at VW for 10 years because of budget problems is an insult to our intelligence and a condemnation of anyone's intelligence that buys that line of crap.

The EPA f'ed up. Period. No buck passing. No finger pointing. Just accept it.

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