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Comment: Re:Confused Reporter (Score 1) 150

by zerosomething (#48300827) Attached to: SpaceShipTwo's Rocket Engine Did Not Cause Fatal Crash

What the reporter states doesn't make sense.

... Saying it failed because they were going slower than the normal deployment speed just doesn't make sense.

I was first thinking along the same line also but the air density at 15km is much higher than at 100km. Even so I was under the impression that the feather is deployed at a slower speed near the apex of the flight.

Comment: Automation (Score 1) 342

by zerosomething (#48188011) Attached to: An Algorithm to End the Lines for Ice at Burning Man
Automate it. Have fewer people feed bags of ice into the back side of vending machines hanging off the sides of the ice truck. You wouldn't even need much mechanical or electrical. You really only need an automated cash taker, change maker. Post the number of bags the customer wants inside the truck for someone to drop down a hopper. The number resets as bags drop down the chute until the right number is met. Next...

Comment: Re:that was fast (Score 4, Interesting) 174

by zerosomething (#48026499) Attached to: Apple Fixes Shellshock In OS X
Unfortunately Apple knows very few actually run OS X server and Apache through it so the possible compromised systems, in their eyes, was very small. i.e. not a big deal to get this out fast. What they don't realize is that a large number of institutions actually use their server product to manage all the Macs in the institution. If the servers were compromised then all the clients would then be at risk. Think instant Mac bot net! Fortunately this is open source software and you can patch it your self but most Mac servers are run by people that don't know how to do that. Sigh...

Comment: Misleading links (Score 3, Insightful) 323

by zerosomething (#47917799) Attached to: Say Goodbye To That Unwanted U2 Album
Yet another /. article with links that don't actually give you any useful content. When you select the link in the text "tool to make it possible to remove the album from your iTunes library in a single step." wouldn't you expect to see an article about the tool and actually have a link to the tool? Oh no can't have that because you have to prop up what ever favorite news feed you are promoting.

Comment: ASIC is the real innovation (Score 1) 195

by zerosomething (#47583611) Attached to: Inside BitFury's 20 Megawatt Bitcoin Mine
Money (exchangeable value) has always driven innovation. The application-specific integrated circuits made just for Bitcoin math were rapidly developed and produced in mass quantities in multiple variations. All of this if about a 2 year span at most. These the ability to quickly design and produce ASIC chip is real innovation here and actually commodity. It won't be long now before we have ASIC for all kinds of number crunching and specific tasks. It's hardware that's innovating and changing nearly as fast as software. I bet on this as a new wave of tech. Multipurpose CPUs are likely going to become just small components in a much larger system replacing what we know as computers.

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