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Comment Not for cold environments (Score 1) 127

I'm tired of seeing these things done by people in the south and sunny California where you don't need good insulation. Lots of BS about outdoor living spaces etc. Lets do the Solar Decathlon in Fargo North Dakota in February and see how these piles of lumber actually stack up. There's already a well defined system of building using SIP panels that provide significant improvement to the insulation value of the house system. They work well in hot and cold climates and are built form CNC cut panels that slot together. Or you can use the styrofoam and concrete building block method. Either method of building is going to give you a better insulated home that will have a lower energy impact on the environment over it's life time than what's been presented in this article. The only potential advantage of this kind of CNC cut panel house is for the DIY builder which could be valuable but it's still sadly lacking compared to other existing processes

Comment 5 year old car with new add ons (Score 1) 373

1. If you can't pay cash for the car you can't afford it so get an older model. Depreciation on any new model is huge and a money looser. 2. Add in your own top end stereo system for the convenience items you want. 3. Modify the dash to use an iPad or Android tablet. You can tie it into the control system if you like. You don't get crash avoidance but if you actually drive like your life depends on it you don't really need it.

Comment Confederates vs GLBTQ (Score 1) 818

So it's apparently fine and everyone is in love with the idea of banning the Confederate Battle Flag but if it were a Rainbow GLBTQ flag they were banning there'd be charges of hate crimes. I support these groups banning these Battle Flag products from their retail systems. If you are going to allow this kind of right of association you also have to let business like photographers and cake decorators choose who they do business. Governments can't be allowed to tell me who I can and can not associate with or do business with.

Comment Paul Ehrlich, always wrong. (Score 1) 294

PaulEhrlich, the author of the Population Bomb! You really don't want to put stock in anything he has to say? This man has been so wrong so many times it's amazing he can keep a job.

From the Population Bomb “The battle to feed all of humanity is over. In the 1970s the world will undergo famines–hundreds of millions of people are going to starve to death in spite of any crash programs embarked upon now.”

Comment Re:Colorless? (Score 1) 20

umm... well... If it reflects all colors then it would be white, so that's not colorless. If it absorbs all colors it'd be black which means it also reflects no color. Reflecting no color would be colorless then. So then it looks like what people think a black hole looks like, and even blacker place in the sky. Yea that's it.

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