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+ - Newegg judged to have infringed on TQP Development patent, ordered to pay $2.3m 1

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yoink! (196362) writes "Ars Technica is reporting Newegg has been judged, by a jury of peers, to have infringed upon TQP Development's patent covering "Encrypted data transmission system employing means for randomly altering the encryption keys." Newegg, as is their MO, chose to challenge the patent rather than settle. Whitfield Diffie even took the stand (paid) on their behalf. Newegg will appeal the verdict."

Comment: No (Score 5, Informative) 128

by yoink! (#44187983) Attached to: Boxee Sold To Samsung

FTA: "Boxee has had a hard time adapting to the quickly changing environment where appliances have converged with televisions (morphing into Smart TVs), and I'm sure Samsung is looking to integrate the software in some form or another into their smart TVs."

No. Boxee shunned the very people who championed their product, locking down their previously open software, based on already-open software, and mating it to poor hardware. Boxee abandoned all that made them Boxee to begin with. (I can't seem to find the multi-page comment thread from Boxee's blog when they announced EOL for the still-buggy Boxee-box - maybe someone can get it [FIXED].)

For those who aren't in the loop, a simple (and not yet fully exploited) "hack" was found:

Comment: Re:Priceless (Score 1) 285

by yoink! (#40822309) Attached to: Is TV Over the 'Net Really Cheaper Than Cable?


Cost calculations must factor in time spent watching and/or forwarding through ads amongst other things. There is other time as well, including dealing with said cable company, paying said bills etc. etc. I'm not even arguing that it sways the calculation one way or another, but it must be considered.

I feel like the broken record of my circle of friends but time must be valued at an exceptionally high rate. It is our most limited resource and, if my own calculations are correct, the more of that time is spent simply watching tv, the more limited the resource itself becomes.


+ - Trimble to acquire Google SketchUp->

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yoink! writes "It looks like Google is selling off SketchUp or, conversely, Trimble is acquiring it. Despite several indications there will continue to be a free version of the 3D modelling software, users are unsure about what this will mean for the SketchUp community at large as indicated by the comments on the official Google SketchUp Blog post. They are, however, rejoicing that they will be freed from Groups for SketckUp discussions."
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+ - Which CMS/web-framework to use for University Student Network

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shivams (2248186) writes "We are developing an open student network for our university. Essentially, It'll be a wiki with many more functionalities, e.g. forums, hierarchy in user roles, university map, opinions on courses (professors maybe) etc. As such, we're not familiar with MediaWiki or any other wiki CMS. However, we've worked on Drupal, Wordpress and other CMS. We are also considering Python (Django based CMS, Plone etc.). Kindly give your suggestions what we should go for. Our prime requirement is that it should have wiki like features e.g. versioning, easy linking etc. Then, it should be extensible to watever needs arise. Kindly compare the three options."

Comment: Re:How about... (Score 1) 393

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We use these:

It's like having a proper hard-case for each disk, and although it won't protect them from a fall it makes it easy to line them all up on a bookshelf or in a rack/drawer system and pull them out when needed.

We also read each drive at least once every 6 months to ensure the drive can re-new any weak magnetic sectors/blocks.

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