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Comment Re:The science is not settled (Score 1) 555

The Flat Earth Society is not a scientific organization.... they are not taking observations or performing any experiments that could be used to prove their own society wrong or revise their beliefs to make them more accurate. If they do prove themselves wrong, they are not prepared to listen to the result. Their organization should have dissolved itself by now if they were scientific

Likewise climate "skeptics".

Comment Re:What else would you have them do? (Score 1) 555

It depends where you want to spend your money. The cost of adaptation is greater where there is large uncertainty. You need to prepare for the worse case. If you can narrow uncertainty you can typically eliminate many of the worst case scenarios. Australians have a choice to either pay more for adaptation or further reduce uncertainty. Of course further research could potentially identify an unknown unknown that you wouldn't otherwise have prepared for.

Comment Re:That was pretty stupid. (Score 1) 252

Bad news so far. UAH Ver 6 beta shows January temperatures were up by 0.09C over December to 0.54C, and a full 0.27C over January last year. To put this in perspective, the IPCC has projected about 0.2C warming / decade. We'll have to wait a few days for the UAH5.6 results. RSS-MSU was up from 0.543 in December to 0.663C in January. Just one month, but not a good start.

Comment Re:That was pretty stupid. (Score 1) 252

What's all this? Either it is or it's not. If it is, I'm sure it'll be all over the news.

Well, you've confused US temperatures with global temperatures above. Maybe it is a good idea to be specific. UAH is developed by contrarians Roy Spencer and John Christy. I would have thought you would prefer it, but it sounds like you are suspicious of the good folks from Alabama. It seems you are suspicious of RSS as well. We could use land reconstructions from NASA, CRU, JMO, or another, but I understand that you are suspicious of surface station reconstructions. That leaves ocean temperatures which are a great measure of accumulated energy, but from the above it sounds like you are suspicious of ocean temperatures. What does that leave?

If it is all the same to you let's just stay with the bet as specified.

understand that even if there is an increase, a year doesn't prove the point

I suspect that no amount of evidence would be persuasive, but perhaps if you do lose it may be an opportunity to reflect? Temperatures have never been higher. How could you lose?

Comment Re:That was pretty stupid. (Score 2) 252

So what's the bet? That 2016 will be warmer than 2015, is that your assertion? I'd like to make it clear it's not mine. I'm betting 2016 will not be warmer than 2015.

Great. We will use the UAH version 5.6 since you do not trust the surface station record. (6.x is currently in beta and changing too often to make any predictions with). The data can be found here: - see the "Globe" column. In the event that UAH5.6 is no longer available we will need to defer to the RSS satellite reconstruction. The data for rss can be found here:

You either have no clue what you're doing (one might say you drank too much of the cool aid) or I have a feeling you think you know something I don't.

I think I have an advantage in that you appear to get your science reporting from conspiracy websites. I could be wrong, but based on previous comments I believe it to be the case.

To me there's almost no question. The safe bet is 2016 will not be warmer than 2015.

Time will tell :)

Submission + - France to build 1000km of road with solar panels (

An anonymous reader writes: France is planning on a project to build 1000 kilometers of road with specially designed solar panels. This project will supply 5 million people in France with electricity if it is successful. Though many solar experts are skeptical of this project, the french government has given the go ahead to this venture.

  According to France’s minister of ecology and energy, Ségolène Royal, the tender for this project is already issued under the “Positive Energy” initiative and the test for the solar panels will begin by this spring.The photo voltaic solar panels called "Wattway" which will be used in the project is jointly developed by the French infrastructure firm "Colas" and the National Institute for Solar Energy. The specialty of "Wattway" is that its very sturdy and can let heavy trucks pass through it, also offering a good grip to avoid an accident. Interestingly, this project will not remove road surfaces but instead, the solar panels will be glued to the existing pavement.

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