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Comment Dash Computers are Suboptimal (Score 1) 232

In 10 years, it will still be a fine car but the dash computer will be an antique. My car has bluetooth and a phone jack, and that will allow me to hook up the latest equipment to navigate and entertain me, for a long time, and replace it on my own schedule.

Comment Let's presume you're being honest for a moment (Score 1) 10

The burden is on anyone who proposes adding new laws to the many that already exist to show why they would be any more effective than the laws already in place.

By that logic, we can then say that leaving the laws alone is guaranteed recipe for failure as they are not working. For that matter, by that logic our country - "The Great Experiment" - should have never started as there was no precedent for a democracy of this size and style to have ever worked for long.

Even if we set aside the failures of your "logic", the reality is that the most common reform suggestion is to require meaningful background checks for all gun purchases. No person with the ability to actually bring up a bill in government has suggested anything more intrusive than that in the past decade. And what is the actual cost of this? It slows down purchases by a very small amount. I own firearms myself and I know a lot of people who do as well. I have never been in a situation where I have had an urgent need to purchase one, nor has anyone I know. Even if the purchase took another 24 hours for the background check, what's the big deal? Right now background checks usually take a couple minutes at the most, but what's the hurry?

Comment Who is forcing them to watch? (Score 0) 346

There are likely very few people who can't find something on TV that they find unwatchable. For me, it would mostly be the "ultimate fighting" - or from my experience better called "ultimate grandstanding" - shows. But nobody forces me to watch them. I can choose to watch other shows or to just turn off the TV completely. I'm pretty sure these people who are claiming such offense at the Big Bang Theory have the same option.

Comment Re:Tech circles vs slashdot (Score 1) 269

Of course they do. The Libertarian Party is just where Ron Paullowers go to find out who they should vote for. Unsurprisingly the answer is always "whoever is on the GOP ticket".

More to the point though, the poster claimed that slashdot users have "liberal social values", which they simply do not.

Comment Re:Tech circles vs slashdot (Score 1) 269

If anything Slashdot is Libertarian.

Only in that a large number of slashdot members are paullowers, who like to call themselves "libertarian".

Pro Liberal social policies

You're joking, right? We routinely see front page articles telling us that we should all own more guns. We routinely see discussions dominated by people shouting fact-free nonsense about abortion. We often see front page articles about how evil public schools are.

pro conservative fiscal policies

That part I agree with.

with a fair amount of independent thought.

10-15 years ago there was plenty of independent thought here. Now thought itself has become rare.

Comment Re:Tech circles vs slashdot (Score 1) 269

The fact is, the whole (D) good (R) bad (Or visa versa) is really getting old. And do not pretend the (D) don't do the very same thing. Blindly following your party is for Sheeple.

I never claimed that the democrats are better in any meaningful way. In fact, if you look at my comment and JE history here you'll find I criticize Obama quite regularly.

Rather, my point is that slashdot is overwhelmingly conservative. Anyone who does not adhere to the conservative agenda is labelled a "socialist" (generally by people who have no clue what socialism actually entails). I haven't decided yet if I like the TPP or not - particularly as we haven't know the full details of the deal yet - but most slashdot members decided long ago simply because they heard it was something that Obama wanted.

Comment Tech circles vs slashdot (Score 0) 269

Sure, in tech circles the TPP is criticized for technical reasons. Here on slashdot, however, the main argument boils down to "Obama supports TPP, and Obama is evil, so TPP is evil". It could be a bill to give flags to orphans and it would still be unpopular here if Obama was supporting it.

Comment Re:It's the Smitty Time Machine! (Score 1) 40

For example, when supporters of Bush claim to be "conservatives", you claim that they are not, because you like conservatives.

And yet you cheerfully claim Obama is a conservative, too (?).

And in support of my previous argument, you claim that he is not, because you don't like him but you like conservatives. What happened to the "big tent party" and all that?

Comment Re:It's the Smitty Time Machine! (Score 1) 40

As you wander further away from the topic, it is worthwhile to get back to where we were before...

I'm curious to know who you think you are referring to now. I understand you yearn to redefine communist and a large number of terms that you want to relate to it. But really, are you expecting to get away with redefining fascist as well?

For "look at the historical wreckage in the wake of self-identifying Communists" values of "redefine".

What you just said is another fascinating case of you applying vastly different realities to people you don't like than you apply to those who you do. For example, when supporters of Bush claim to be "conservatives", you claim that they are not, because you like conservatives. However, when people you don't like - particularly those who have been dead for decades and left with no way to defend themselves - are somehow described as having called themselves something that vaguely resembles "communist", you are more than happy to treat that label as 1,000,000 percent credible.

However your gelatinous definition - and vacuous (to be generous) understanding - of communism is not the point. The real point here is that you just accused someone - particularly the person named in this JE who you so dearly love to hate - of being a fascist. I asked you how on earth you think you can possibly support that claim and you responded by instead reminding me that you don't know shit about communism.

I didn't need to be reminded about that. If you want to surprise me, say something that is factually accurate about communism - I don't recall a time yet when you have done that.

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