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+ - Singer in grocery store ordered to pay royalties->

Submitted by yog
yog (19073) writes "An assistant at a grocery store in Clackmannanshire, Scotland, was ordered by the Performing Right Society (PRS) to obtain a performer's license and to pay royalties because she was informally singing popular songs while stocking groceries. The PRS later backed down and apologized. This after the same store had turned off the radio after a warning from the PRS. We have entered an era where music is no longer an art for all to enjoy, but rather a form of private property that must be regulated and taxed like alcohol. "Music to the ears" has become "dollars in the bank"."
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+ - Free viagra - could it mean the end of spam?

Submitted by yog
yog (19073) writes "Pfizer is offering free viagra and other drugs to the unemployed. Could this be an underhanded way to eliminate spam? Why would that 0.001% of the population click on another v1agra "rock hard all night" type of spam email, when they can obtain these coveted substances for free? I think Pfizer has unwittingly stumbled on a definitive solution to the spam problem, currently said to account for 94% of all email traffic. Maybe if this works, they could try legalizing cocaine and marijuana. The mind boggles at the possibilities."

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