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Comment Re:Overturn States' Rights? (Score 1) 87

So, when will a California resident be able to purchase a non CARB compliant motor vehicle?

Hopefully, approximately the same time it becomes OK for me to crap on your lawn. Your encrypted messages to your wife don't harm me or the state. Your high-pollution vehicles make it harder for me to breathe.

Comment Solar energy Spills (Score 2) 105

Nuclear waste and Accidents remain a problem, perhaps even an increasing one in the days of terrorists and unstable gov't. Sure maybe in the US this is a lower problem, not negligible, but where does a small country park its waste?

When there's a huge solar energy spill it's called "a good day."

Comment Re:Sorry Assholes (Score 1) 320

I disagree. If he came in and took over a low UID for the sake of appearances, I'd personally write off a lot of his messages as PR attempts. But to join in through the same route as everyone else to earn his rep by participating, not by owning a low UID*? I respect that.

* But don't underestimate the importance of that. They give you a Ferrari each year on your anniversary.

Comment Re:Solution: static ads from 1st party (Score 1) 163

It works just fine. I have a friend who streams. He has sponsors who pay him to endorse their product to his small audience. The sponsor watches his viewer numbers and those come into play when they renegotiate. I know of several niche websites that do similar things: instead of just slapping up a Google ad they make deals with relevant sponsors and show their ads.

Web ad services are so successful because a) they're the lazy solution for both advertisers and hosts and b) they give the marketers low effort data so they can say "see, we're all quantitative!"

Comment Re:Advertising Bubble (Score 2) 163

Many studies have shown that much of the financial system is essentially random. It's just that everyone else is making random decisions too, so the pigeons all do their dances. There was one study that actually had monkeys pick stocks. They did as well as professional traders.

Then there are the actual criminals, of course. Such as those who manage IPOs.

Comment Re:Advertising ROI (Score 1) 163

It seems like advertising is backing away a bit, with the notable exception of the web. Ad-supported cable is dying but the no-ads premiums channels like HBO are doing well, and zero-ad subscription services like Netflix are cleaning up. The tech industry does seem to have more than it's share of advertising companies masquerading as something else. And the number of multi-billion dollar acquisitions for things like chat platforms, many that have subsequently been sold at a fraction of their purchase price, is suggestive of a bubble.

Comment Professional or not? (Score 3, Insightful) 110

A truly professional "IT Pro" will learn to forget the things he has seen about his/her colleagues.
We've all had to do things like: check mail spools, check user directories, enable debug-level logging on various systems, etc. and seen embarrassing or personal things. The question is: are you a professional who learns to forget it and stick to the relevant data or are you a shithead who spreads rumours and makes us all look like privacy-invading assholes?

Comment Re:tom (Score 1, Troll) 109


I'm sure the vast majority of nerds are decent human beings - but misogynistic assholes like him make me doubt that some times... must be the significant minority of libertarian-leaning randroids among the nerd community. Nothing guarantees turning into a terrible person quite like thinking Ayn Rand was right about something. Frankly - her belief that smoking is proof of man's superiority over fire and that scientific evidence linking smoking to cancer is a "communist conspiracy" was exactly typical of the level of her insight into anything at all. And I have utterly digressed - I'm sorry, I just really *hope* it's the randroids who breed that part of the community and not representative of a deeper undercurrent of misogyny and lack of respect for women and other marginalized peoples.

The flames are about to start, bring it on. Flaming this opinion - only proves it right. I'm also pretty sure I'll get a flamebait or a troll mod or two - I am just as certain they are not deserved so I'll accept it as the price of integrity. At least it's not off-topic for the specific thread :P

Comment Re:tom (Score 1) 109

Microsoft used to have a proper BASIC interpreter/editor in DOS - which worked well under windows 95. I think it was called MSBasic. I wrote my first post-LOGO programs using MSBasic and the user's manual from a long-discarded commodore-64. Peek and Poke stuff were not useful (completely different memory layout) but the rest was - and there were other ways to do graphics.

Comment Re: Too late (Score 1) 320

Meanwhile, the venture capitalists have realized they can play all these sides in the culture wars just fine. Startup run by a brogrammer? Startup run by a social-justice activist? VC doesn't care either way, probably has both kinds in their portfolio.

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