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Comment: Re:They already do this... (Score 0) 134

Sure they do. If someone wanted to know where to get more information about the referenced item and buy it, that's added value.

It's only not added value if that's not something you want to do. Just as if, if you are not interested in the stock or its performance, it adds no value for you.

The argument here is not about whether it adds value - it does. The argument is over the type of value it adds, the cost of that value, and whether the added value is worth the cost - which is considerable.

Comment: LibreSSL... yeah. (Score 1) 293

by JustShootMe (#47043101) Attached to: Linux Sucks (Video)

I stopped listening while he was talking about LibreSSL. This guy is utterly ignorant of why LibreSSL was forked (because the OpenSSL maintainers were not responsive to bug reports and were actively working around memory issue detection), of who was forking it (OpenBSD, Linux has nothing at all to do with it), and what is hoped to be accomplished by the fork.

I just can't pay attention when someone is blabbing about something he has no idea about. Sigh.

Comment: Re:Not Uncommon for Portland (Score 1) 332

by JustShootMe (#46801619) Attached to: Why Portland Should Have Kept Its Water, Urine and All

I think there are some rare cases where public opinion is wrong, and this would be one of them. I also think this is a horribly passive-aggressive way of doing it. If you feel that strongly, just set in motion the process of capping them, and if it fails, well, you tried.

I keep thinking of places down south who need all the water they can get, and we're just wasting a whole reservoir full. That saddens me.

(I live in Portland, but I'm in the Tualatin Valley water district, so it doesn't affect me much.)

Comment: Someone doesn't understand devops. (Score 5, Interesting) 226

by JustShootMe (#46763507) Attached to: How 'DevOps' Is Killing the Developer

The point of devops is not to take jobs away from developers. The point of devops is to provide an interface between system administration and development. Development and system administration have always been at odds with each other - system administrators not really understanding or caring how the application works, and developers treating the systems as an infinite resource pool with no real rules or resources past "does my code run?"

The sole purpose of devops is to ensure efficient operation of the infrastructure in a way that allows for repeatable deployments and controlled versioning, and that also includes system software such as operating systems (sysadmins benefit too because they no longer have to do one off deployments of OSes).

This criticism strikes me as woefully underinformed as to what devops actually does, and I'm wondering if the author of this is a developer who is upset because devops is forcing them to actually use the software lifecycle properly rather than just doing cowboy deployments and hoping they work.

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