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Submission + - Puzzle in xkcd book finally cracked (

An anonymous reader writes: After a little over five months of pondering, xkcd fans have cracked a puzzle hidden inside Randall Munroe's recent book xkcd: volume 0. The thread on the xkcd forums starts here; the post revealing the final message (a latitude and longitude plus a date and time) is here.
Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - Adobe's CTO on plans for Flash on Macs (

xandroid writes: "Earlier in the week, Adobe's CTO Kevin Lynch wrote a blog post addressing (the lack of) Flash on the iPad, and in the comments talks about the state of Flash performance on Macs in general. John Nack (Photoshop's Principal Product Manager) highlights some good news for Mac users:

...Flash Player on Windows has historically been faster than the Mac.... We have and continue to invest significant effort to make Mac OS optimizations to close this gap, and Apple has been helpful in working with us on this. Vector graphics rendering in Flash Player 10 now runs almost exactly the same in terms of CPU usage across Mac and Windows, which is due to this work. In Flash Player 10.1 we are moving to Core Animation, which will further reduce CPU usage and we believe will get us to the point where Mac will be faster than Windows for graphics rendering. Video rendering is an area we are focusing more attention on — for example, today a 480p video on a 1.8 Ghz Mac Mini in Safari uses about 34% of CPU on Mac versus 16% on Windows (running in BootCamp on same hardware). With Flash Player 10.1, we are optimizing video rendering further on the Mac and expect to reduce CPU usage by half, bringing Mac and Windows closer to parity for video.


Submission + - Designing the computer UIs in movies (

xandroid writes: "NPR talks to Mark Coleran, who "designs the fancy-but-fake graphics that flash across computers in the movies. He has worked on a laundry list of blockbusters: The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Ultimatum, Children of Men, Mission Impossible III and many more. He says a lot of the inspiration for computer screens comes from video games.""

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