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Submission + - NHTSA Gives Green Light to Self-Driving Cars

tyme writes: Reuters reports that the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) told Google that it would recognize the artificial intelligence in a self-driving car as the "driver" rather than any of the occupants. The letter also says that NHTSA will write safety rules for self-driving cars in the next six months, paving the way for deployment of self-driving cars in large numbers.

Comment Re:static linking on windows (Score 2) 151

It does leave you permanently vulnerable to any flaws in the particular version of the library you linked against, or such is my understanding. At least with dynamic linking you can blame the user for not keeping up to date!

I still static link though because whenever I upload something (using a video filtering plugin) at least one person won't have the right runtime installed at all.

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