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Comment: Re:Misfeatures (Score 1) 126

by wonkey_monkey (#47511039) Attached to: Firefox 31 Released

If you really want to do something about malware, disable javascript by default.

What if you want to do something about malware, but don't want the hassle of re-enabling javascript when you actually want it to work (because, contrary to popular belief, it can actually be employed usefully)? What if you're too lazy to install another piece of software, or just don't want to install another piece of software? What if, god forbid, someone has different an idea on what to do about malware to you?

"Automatic handling of pdf and ogg files" - I have a pdf reader already. I dont need another one

Well, good news! Because as you carefully omitted to quote, "...if no other software is available to do so." So it'll be just like you don't have another PDF reader.

TL:DR; this isn't how I use computers, therefore this isn't how anyone should use computers

Comment: Re:My favorite test (Score 1) 145

by wonkey_monkey (#47494063) Attached to: Can the Multiverse Be Tested Scientifically?

Seems no different to flipping a coin until you get heads. When you flip heads, stop.

Not quite sure how it provide evidence of anything, though. Someone who flips 10 tails in a row either a) has found themselves in a 10-tail universe with a probability of 1/1024 or b) happens to have flipped 10 tails in a row in the one universe which exists, also with a probability of 1/1024.

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until a better way to correct that outcome is implemented

Yes, if only there was a way to bring attention to words which are not correctly spelled. Perhaps they could be checked against a list of some kind, a "dictionary," if you will. This system could highlight said words so that someone could "edit" the mistake. One could even call these people "editors" and pay them money to do a half-decent job.

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by tyme (#47487455) Attached to: Appeals Court Affirms Old Polaroid Patent Invalid

What patent were you reading? There is not a single mention of conversion of vector images to raster images!

The patent describes a set of recorded data that corrects for color and "spatial" distortion of an image by an input our output device. All the claims pertain to various features of that data set, or of the process of applying the corrections to an image.

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