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Comment Increase sensitivity! (Score 1) 148

if we were to position our detectors in the wake of one of these hairs – if dark matter behaves as we expect it to — the sensitivity of our dark matter detectors will improve by a factor of one billion, immediately.

No it wouldn't. The sensitivity of the detectors doesn't change at all.

When you walk into a bright room, it's not bright because your eyes have just magically got more sensitive to light.

Comment Re:Crime doesn't pay? LOLOLOLOL (Score 1) 147

Here I've been working and making an honest living all these years when I could have cobbled some 100% bullshit gadget together and sold enough of them to retire to my own tropical island and live in luxury for the rest of my life.

Apart from the bit where you spend 10 years in jail and have the police "pursue your wealth" under the Proceeds of Crime act.

Comment Something simple (Score 1) 491

A simple one for me. The ability to click on a context menu item and have the menu stay open afterwards. RISC OS mice had three buttons, and one of them let you do just that.

Enabling interlacing is a pain in VLC because of this.

Right click->Video->Deinterlace->On->Left click
Right click->Video->Deinterlace mode->Yadif (2x)->Left click

Then if you want post processing, that's another right-click/navigate/navigate/left click.

Be careful when a loop exits to the same place from side and bottom.