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Comment DC power (Score 0) 221 221

At last, they're harnessing all that hot air coming out of Washington for something useful.

On a more serious note, what are the benefits/costs of using AC over DC in the home? Would things be more efficient if we continued to receive AC down the wires, converted it to DC in the basement, and fed everything with DC? Seems like plenty of devices really want DC, and come with those lovely hand-warming bricks.

Do modern TVs run on AC, or are they just converting it to DC internally as well?

Despite getting good grades in physics, I've never quite grasped electricity as a concept...

Comment Re:Meredith was totally within his rights (Score 1) 1146 1146

No, he wasn't within his rights. Having your privacy violated doesn't give you the right to, for example, discharge a firearm within city limits.

People have NO RIGHT to fly their drones over private property.

That doesn't automatically grant you EVERY RIGHT to end the violation.

"Facts are stupid things." -- President Ronald Reagan (a blooper from his speeach at the '88 GOP convention)